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Fetisch Kurzgeschichte - Der Po Fetischismus

Fetish Short Story - The Butt Fetishism

The butt fetish - fetish dating with warm oil

“What does your butt look like?” Big, small, lush, narrow? A round or oval buttocks?” Already in the questions I noticed that this Part of the body is extremely attractive to him. If the “rest” looks good, It's a nice addition, but it's not important. The absolute core His interest is the butt. Not my butt either, but some butt. I was aware from the start that it was an object would. An object for a fetish. It really appealed to me. I wanted Try it out and agreed to meet up.

He was an eloquent and attractive man in mid-life and had perfect manners. Extremely courteous and helpful. From the From the first moment we met I noticed his looks. Always again he looked intently at my butt. He tried a bit to conceal, but his looks spoke volumes. That's how we got to it sexual part. I was excited and tense and already felt one emerging excitement. My pussy got wet. be an object, your own present body. I took off my clothes and he helped me. Interestingly, he touched me completely differently than I was used to. He complimented me and caressed my face, my arms, mine Bosom. Then he said, “How beautiful you are.”

Butt fetishism with the fetish partner

I saw it in his eyes. He didn't really dare to be to verbalize the actual desire - the butt. I enjoyed the feeling as I turned away from him and presented my ass to him. Now could I didn't see him anymore, but I heard him pull in sharply the air. Then a rough, deep moan. The man was as if he had been changed. He asked carefully: “May I touch you?” I answered with a breath: “Yes, you can.” His warm, large manly hands wrapped around mine both buttocks gently and carefully, as if they were fragile. He began massaging my soft flesh. First with light pressure, then The touches became more demanding until he suddenly grabbed hard. He then asked very sensitively: “Am I hurting you?”

I am an object right now, but in a very respectful and wondrous way. The situation was very pure and innocent. His ability to commit to one Being able to dedicate exclusively to the body part was admirable. It felt feels extremely good, this adoration and homage to me. To the object Being chosen doesn't have to be negative, I realized in that moment. The next moment I felt warm oil dripping onto my buttocks. What a pleasant and wonderful feeling. He had me before asked if he could do it that way, the process was clearly described as to how it would work had to be him. What feeds and defines his fetish so that I and could get to know his world. I could have stopped at any time, I had complete confidence. So I was able to let myself go completely be completely in the moment. Groaning, he rubbed the warm oil on my bottom. Lots of oil, lots of it. I could hear the slipping sounds of his strong hands that are full of respect and regard for me acted.

The buttocks - fetish clothing and panties fetish

The massage excited me more and more. I've been hit on the bottom several times massaged, but the way he did it, with this appreciation and this devotion, I've never been able to experience it like that before. This exclusive focus on this one moment. Here the massage was not a means to an end Foreplay, but rather the oily rubbing was the focus. My butt was celebrated. Thanks to his concentration, I was also able to focus on this incredibly intense feeling of pleasure. He asked me every now and then whether I liked it involved me. The Fetish didn't pass over me, it happened to me. "May I rub my swan* between your butt cheeks? And then can I open? make your butt squirt when you come?”

“Use my ass!” I said my absolution for him with a groan out of. His swan* was a beautiful and magnificent specimen. Bulging Glans and heavy scrotum. He squeezed my cheeks tightly and pushed in between at the same time. He fucks my ass, but open it a completely new and unknown way to me. Be extremely careful Urging and his thrusting, up and down the slippery and oily flesh. There I couldn't take it anymore, so I rubbed my clitoris at the same time. Included I stimulated my pearl between my thumb and index finger. It needed It doesn't take long before a huge orgasm hits me.

“I’m coming!” A loud scream from me. “Enjoy it, beautiful!” He gasped out the words before escaping him with a loud groan also came. I felt a warm load of cum on my butt landed and slowly ran down. How beautiful this sex was. Fortunately I found the courage to try it out.

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    Danke, sehr schöne anregende Geschichte über Po Fetisch. Ich bin 65 verh. Und wünschte mir eine Frau die sich gerne von meiner Zunge in Ihrem Poloch verwöhnen lässt.
    Mein spezieller Fetisch ist, dass ich von einer Frauen Hand gefistet werde. Erst langsam einen Finger nach dem anderen und dann wenn ich aufgedehnt bin, die ganze Hand…
    Gibt es hier so eine Frau die Lust darauf hätte? Bitte melde Dich, Danke dein peter


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