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Fetisch Kurzgeschichte - Der Po Fetischismus

Fetish Short Story - The Butt Fetishism

The butt fetish - fetish dating with warm oil

"How does yours look butt off? Big, small, lush, narrow? A round or oval buttocks?” Already in the questions I realized that this body part is extremely attractive to him. If the "rest" looks good, which is a nice addition, but has not importance. The absolute core of his interest is the butt. Neither my butt, but some butt. I was aware from the start that a object would be. An object for a fetish. It excited me immensely. I wanted to try it and told one Meet at.

He was an eloquent one and attractive man in the middle of his life and had perfect manners. Extremely courteous and helpful. From the first moment from our meeting I realized his looks. Keep looking he me intensely on my butt. He tried to hide it but his looks spoke volumes. So we got to the sexual part. Me was excited and tense and already felt a rising excitement. My cunt got wet. Be an object, present your own body. I undressed and he helped me. Interestingly, he summed it up very different from what I was used to. He complimented me and caressed my face, my arms, my breasts. Then he said, "How beautiful you are."

Butt fetishism with the fetish partner

I saw it in his Eyes. He didn't really dare to verbalize his real desire - the butt. I enjoyed the feeling as I turned away from him and his butt presented. Now I could no longer see him, but heard his sharp drawing in the air. Then a harsh, deep moan. The man was like exchanged. He asked gently, "May I touch you?" Breathing I answered: "Yes, you can." His warm, big manly hands gently encircled my two buttocks and mindful as if they were fragile. He started my soft to massage meat. Only with slight pressure, then they became Touches more demanding, until he grabbed at once vigorously. He asked then very empathetically: "Am I hurting you?"

I'm just object but in a very respectful and wondrous way. The situation was very pure and innocent. Its ability to become a body part being able to dedicate exclusively was admirable. It felt extremely well received, this worship and homage of my. to the object being chosen doesn't have to be negative, I realized in this one Moment. The next moment I felt warm oil dripping onto my buttocks. What a pleasant and wonderful feeling. He had previously asked me if he would do it that way allowed, clearly described the process as it had to be for him. What nurtures and constitutes his fetish, so that I can him and his world could get to know. I could have stopped at any time, I had full trust. So I could let myself go completely and be completely in the moment. Groaning, he rubbed the warm oil on mine Butt. Lots of oil, lots of it. I could hear the slipping sounds hear his strong hands that are full of respect and respect for me acted.

The buttocks - fetish clothing and panties fetish

The massage excited me increasingly. I've often had my butt massaged, but like him did, with this appreciation and this devotion, I was never allowed to do it like this experience. This exclusive focus on this one moment. Here the massage was not a means to an end and not foreplay, but the focus was on the oily rubbing. My butt was celebrated. Because of his concentration, I was also able to focus on this incredibly intense feeling of pleasure. From time to time he would ask me if I liked it me with one. The fetish didn't go over me, it happened with me. "May I rub my cock* between your buttocks? And can I cum on your butt when you cum?"

"Use mine Ass!” I said my absolution for him with a groan. his swan* was a beautiful and magnificent specimen. Bulging the glans and heavy the scrotum. He squeezed my cheeks tightly and pushed himself at the same time in between. He fucks my ass, but on a me completely new and unknown way. Extremely gentle his urging and his pounding, up and down the slippery and oily flesh. Since I do I couldn't stand it anymore, I rubbed my clitoris at the same time. Included I stimulated my pearl between thumb and forefinger. It needed not long, and a tremendous orgasm erupts in over me

"I'm coming!" A loud scream on my part. "Enjoy it, beautiful!" He gasped the words out before he came too with a loud groan. I felt a warm load of cum land on my butt and slowly ran down. How nice this sex was. Luckily I had found the courage to try it.

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