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Fetisch Kurzgeschichte: Natursekt Oralverkehr zwischen Dom Sub

Fetish short story: pee oral sex between dom sub

Video shoot with pee and caviar and urine oral sex in the shower

I discovered my personal preference for wet pleasure and this sexual play with my second master. Our togetherness developed a certain dynamic of its own, so that he never demanded anything, but I developed these ideas myself to please my master. So I developed a preference to "prove" tasks or punishments with film and image material. I found that filming myself, especially in full close-up, got me immensely aroused. For example when playing with toys, going to the toilet or masturbating. I once made a video for the gentleman in which I slapped myself in the middle with a wooden spoon while masturbating. When I watched the video afterwards, I noticed the mons pubis getting redder and redder. That is one of the great possibilities in the documentation of sexual acts, namely the "evaluation" afterwards. The video shows exactly which touches and which interactions caused the body to react, be it with excitement, rejection or even indifference.

If I am involved in the interaction myself, it is not so noticeable, especially when it comes to small and fine nuances. Of course, a portion of self-love and exhibitionism is also required to really enjoy being on display. But there is also a punitive effect that is supposed to humiliate in a playful way, whereby every punishment and every "humiliation" always takes place in mutual agreement. Once the Lord ordered me to do detention. I had to bathe naked in a quarry pond where naked bathing was allowed. What sounds rather harmless in itself needs a little effort, especially if it's the first time and unfamiliar. At that time I didn't dare to bathe without panties, although bathing naked has nothing to do with eroticism.

Latex dominatrix bdsmpics with urine sample and masturbation

When staying in nature, it is always important that no public nuisance is caused and that all regulations and laws are observed. The ultimate enjoyment of excursions into nature is above all through the sensory experiences. This is a completely different experience than in the bathtub at home. Connecting with nature and consulting with it can be a real sensory explosion. Of course it's different, but even trying it out yourself will give you insights that can later be very helpful to the Lord in his session preparations.

Applied to the breast tip and the inside of the thighs, this is an extremely pleasurable experience. Capturing these impressions and reactions on the skin with groaning images and film material can create wonderful experiences.

When I get home, I take a shower first. While I'm lathering my body, the shower curtain suddenly pulls back and strong man's hands clasp my full breasts from behind. They massage the soft meat and knead it firmly. Pleasant shivers run down my spine. I tilt my head back and moan in pleasure. A man in his manly and handsome splendor enters the shower. His member is already steep, his glans is already swollen. We kiss deeply and possessively.

Oral sex dom sub with pee drinking and urine smell

I take some of the shower gel and lather his strong body with it. The fragrant foam partially covers our bodies and runs down again and again, causing a tingling feeling on the skin. His calloused hands are now pressing gently and at the same time firmly on my shoulders, implying a command to get on my knees. Kneeling in front of him, I see his magnificent penis towering in front of me, which twitches and shakes with pleasure. He cups my head with both hands and gently inserts his swollen head into my mouth. I suck it greedily, I love it passionately, totally giving myself over to blowing. He thrusts a few times, moaning, before unexpectedly withdrawing his penis from my mouth. From below, I look into his blue eyes in surprise. He smiles lewdly and brings his magnificent pole close to my mouth, nudging my lips lightly. I see what he's about and what he intends to do.

I smile and open my mouth. I greedily rub my breasts with it. Apparently he's not finished yet, because he asks me to lie down in the tub and spread my legs in front of him to continue pampering me.

Homemadebdsm between dom and sub with pee active and urine test oral sex

I happily get into position, let his gaze wander to my innermost being and patiently greedily feel it. He must have had a lot to drink beforehand, because he starts again and directs the jet directly at my middle. Since I'm very impressed, I pull my labia apart and receive his beam in my vagina. The urge of the urine stream feels extremely lust-enhancing and immediately gives me a violent orgasm, so that my whole body trembles.

When he had finished peeing and I had recovered a bit from the orgasm, he gave me his hand and helped me back to my feet. Then he turned me around, my back to him. His strong, hairy hands grabbed my waist again and brought me close to his hard erection. I opened my leg position a little so that he could penetrate well from behind. With a single thrust he slid into me and immediately took possession of me with violent and deep thrusts.

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