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Kurzgeschichte Nylon Fetischismus - Sex Fetisch

Short Story Nylon Fetishism - Sex Fetish

The Nylon Fetish - When the soft material covers the glans

Widespread in the exciting and colourful fetish world is the desire and craving for a certain material. I once had an extremely erotic encounter with a lover of nylon. At first I thought a nylon fetishist would exclusively like to see pantyhose or suspenders on legs, but far from it. Admittedly, seeing

Seeing is also part of the pleasure, but this form of fetish also involves feeling, smelling and tasting the material.

He was a good-looking man of forty. His body was well-toned and defined, presenting a truly exquisite sight. Dark blond, green eyes, full hair, white teeth, very well groomed, somewhat tattooed and a stubbly chin. From a purely visual point of view, he would have had no problems whatsoever finding women for sex. But apparently it is not so easy to get to know a woman when there is a fetish preference, he also confirmed once in the common conversation. Does fetish seem to deter somehow?

Does mentioning his special desires to a woman make a man a freak or an oddball? This supposed difficulty of a fetishist to find a suitable partner for himself who will go along with him lustfully and of his own accord. That's probably how many fetishists feel.

I struck up a conversation with this beautiful man. He had once before done a repair job on me with his company, and that's how we got to know each other. As I remember, I was wearing tights and a skirt on the day he did the repair. I noticed how he stared unobtrusively at my legs almost constantly.

Somehow his gazes were more intense and penetrating than those of other men. The legs seemed to be the only thing that interested him.

Fishnet tights and fine pantyhose during sex

"Do you like my tights?", I had asked him pointedly, as the staring was getting on my nerves. After all, the man was there to concentrate on making a repair. He had looked at me sincerely and seriously in response to my question. Respectfully, he apologised to me and said that it had not been his intention in any way to stalk me or to harass me with his stares. He can't always control it. Nylons would magically attract him. Then he said that he had then expected me to throw him out, but he felt that he could tell me so openly. He said it was not easy for him, however, because many women in his life had already laughed at him because of it.

The man fascinated me from the beginning. Of course he was very attractive, but it was not that alone. I can also find a certain car model great, but I wouldn't buy a car because of it. I know this comparison can seem a bit sexist and crude, but metaphorically it is quite accurate. Despite his beauty and although he was very likeable, it could never have become serious between us. Nevertheless, from the beginning we were like friends who had known each other for a long time. We talked at length and I got a desire for him and a desire to try out this fetish.

At some point he invited me to his place, had lovingly set the table and cooked fine food. He was a very attentive man, a good match for any woman looking for a sincere man. As we ate, I realised that he was not only handsome on the outside, but had many wonderful inner values. Moreover, he was well-read and expressed himself in educated language, so we never ran out of things to talk about. Suddenly I felt inside that I was now ready for him and our special sex.

The Pantyhose at Nylon Fetishism

I stood up, walked over to him and pushed the skirt of my dress up a little so he could get a good look at my tights. I wasn't wearing any panties and by now I had soaked the tights well. His eyes began to shine. From then on, he hardly noticed me because all his concentration was on that nylon. I put one leg up next to him on the chair he was sitting on. Then I took his head between my hands and guided it towards my crotch. Even I myself could smell myself from my middle, because the synthetic fibre of nylon transports odours quite well.

He took a few deep breaths in and out, literally inhaling my scent. Then he began to press his tongue against the pantyhose and licked me through the thin fabric. Somehow, despite the barrier, he also managed to suck and nibble on my clit. I had never experienced such licking. It felt so very different from what it usually does when there is no fabric between the tongue and the clit. He did it with such abandon that I came quickly. I poured my nectar into the pantyhose. Normally I would have been kind of ashamed, my handling of bodily fluids was not yet as open and natural as it was today.

But he took away any shyness, stroked my belly and breasts and started rubbing my nipples. I had told him beforehand that this excited me a lot and that he was also welcome to rub vigorously until the nipples became red and swollen. Since it also stimulates me from time to time to film myself masturbating or sex, I held my mobile phone out to us. He had given his permission beforehand and agreed, because filming another person against their will or secretly is a criminal offence.

Black tights or crotchless tights?

My nipples gradually turned red and a slight pain set in. I asked him to rub and squeeze harder if he could. In response, he just grinned at me from below. He was not a BDSM lover himself, but he liked giving me satisfaction. So we combined our two fetishes in an exciting and wonderful way. All of a sudden I came again with a violent orgasm, more intense and powerful than the first time.

I let him drink my nectar again. Then I helped him up and led him to the sofa. I indicated that he should please lie down. All of a sudden I had taken over the leadership he had held before. Instinctively I acted in my lust and imagined what he might like, how I could give him such beautiful feelings as he had just given me before. I sat down on his face, the pantyhose still on. He had told me in the preliminary conversation that he also wanted to drink golden showers from the fountain, whether I would be open to it. Since we were both healthy, I was more than open to it, because I am also a big fan of golden shower games. Since we were on the sofa, I very carefully let my urine run.

Because I already had experience with golden showers, it was possible for me to control this physically. It takes a bit of practice, but with regular training you get better and better at letting your own urine run in a controlled way. Drop by drop he drank my golden shower, which dripped from my nylon. I felt very naughty about it, because somehow it is a taboo to pee in clothed clothing.

White pantyhose or sexy nylons full of urine and pussy juice?

By the way, not only did he have an attractive face and a muscular body, he also had a heavenly cock. This man is already blessed, I thought to myself. When I finished my pee, I got off his face again and let him slip down my tights. Gently and mindfully he performed his every move. Then I slipped a nylon leg over my hand up to my upper arm. With my nylon hand I then stroked him all over his body, gently and intensely, so that he could feel his beloved material extensively against his skin.

Finally I arrived back at his cock and stroked his scrotum. Twitching and bobbing, he answered me. This gave me a good idea of what he liked and which movements particularly stimulated him. Giving pleasure to an unknown phallus is not as easy as one might think. Every cock is just as unique as its owner. Every cock has its individual characteristics, just like its owner. They often look like their owners too, in stature, size and hairstyle.

This tail was so friendly and sweet to me and very communicative, just like its owner. I could almost hear his member saying, "Finally nylon again, how long have I missed this feeling!" I provided waves of pleasure to his magnificent cock. Meanwhile, I put the pantyhose over his penis like a condom. I tied the legs of the pantyhose around the shaft and lightly and carefully around the scrotum. Knowing he wasn't looking for or wanting any pain, I only tightened lightly. I joined the two ends together and saw before me a male genital completely wrapped in nylon. So that he could derive pleasure from our experience later in life, in addition to the memories, I quickly took a few more pictures of this special and arousing sight.

Then I rubbed up and down on this great member with gentle but firm pressure, squeezing his glans and balls alternately. With a loud cry, it came to him soon after. I don't think I could have given this wonderful man a better gift at that moment!

Note : The tying of private parts, even if only lightly, requires a very prudent approach and should be tried beforehand. The well-being and health of the other person always come first! And: Only by mutual agreement!

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