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Cum Control

Orgasm Control - Meet the BDSM Practice!

Experience more pleasure and control with Cum Control or Edging. The submissive partner is taken to the brink of orgasm without being allowed to cum until the moment his dominant counterpart desires - and then finally allowing a powerful climax during this tantalizing practice.

Learn the art of sperm control, a BDSM practice related to Gay Tribe. Master your body and discover how far you can go with this glorious exploration of pleasure - from your own bedroom or at fetish meetings under the guidance of an experienced Dominus. Get tips on how to improve control over these unplanned ejaculations and take control back into your hands!

Orgasm Control - Gay Tribe

Before we look for ways to delay orgasm, it's important to recognize the signs that climax is imminent.

Both partners may experience changes in breathing and increased tension throughout the body as they approach an unstoppable state of pleasure. The penis may even twitch as a sign of impending release - this feeling can often be felt through physical contact or during oral stimulation. Now let's get into some tips to prolong the ecstasy and master your sperm control!

Maximize control and your pleasure with the start-stop method of endurance training.

Start by stimulating yourself or allowing yourself to be stimulated in some way, e.g. B. through hands, mouth, toys or sexual intercourse - until you are close to climax. Pause to allow sensation to return and resume stimulation if desired.

In those moments when it's too late to stop short of orgasmic bliss, but there's still time before you're done, you can find an option in pinching your testicles, which generally helps achieve maximum Delay intensity!

Orgasm control in men / orgasm control in women

To intensify pleasure, sperm control is an erotic practice that includes the element of surprise. The dominant partner only stimulates until the arousal peaks and stops, causing frustration, while the submissive still remains aroused. Through this stimulation-denial cycle, a man's sexual satisfaction can be taken to new levels without causing physical pain or harm.

Controlling your climax can be a difficult task, but it is not without risk. While the reward of potentially intense orgasms may seem inviting to some partners, others aren't so keen on completely suppressing their pleasurable climax. So where do you stand when it comes to edging or cum control? Let us know in the comments!

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