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Beziehungsratgeber - Quickie und erster One Night Stand in Beziehung

Relationship Guide - Quickie and first one night stand in relationship

Quickie? How to get a woman excited about quick sex and how to make it sensational!

It can be difficult to know how to approach a quickie or one-night stand in a relationship. Rubberfashion gives you expert advice to make the experience enjoyable for both partners.

It doesn't always have to be the long foreplay, even though this is known to have its advantages. But women also like to get down to business quickly once in a while if they like a man. Admittedly, a cautious approach can be advantageous, because your object of desire should not be frightened of you. But when the air vibrates between you, what's the best way to convince her to do a quick sex act? Jessy from Rubberfashion is a life coach and flirt coach and gives you the best tips for a satisfying quickie sex act for both of you!

Quickie equals solo number?

A quickie is not a one-man show either! It's quite clear, of course, that no egoists are addressed here. If you're looking for sex as a reaction and don't feel like getting involved with the other person or can't do it mentally because your head is full, then you'd better leave the quickie alone, because it's not going to be a hot number for anyone under these conditions. In that case, don't be an asshole and be honest with yourself and the other person and just do it yourself with some hot porn. Be responsible!

Can a one night date be satisfying?

Definitely yes! Quick sex can give a kinky kick and be just as satisfying as an erotic interaction with longer foreplay. No one needs to have a guilty conscience if they feel like doing the quick number. The important thing is to always pay attention to the other person and not just be with yourself. Moreover, it can sometimes be better realised than prolonged sex. So if the opportunity presents itself, don't wait too long, because the chances of being caught having sex are lower than when you're together for a while.

First One Night Stand - How to Start Sex?

Since a quickie doesn't have a long lead-in as usual, it's a good idea to warm up by sexting. Sexting means writing hot text messages or sending erotic pictures to get each other hot. This is a great way to heat up your lust and get down to business right away when you meet.

The moment you meet - One Nights Date

Sometimes they both just know they want each other. The opportunity is right, the moment is right. Women sense this instinctively and send you signals that they want you. For example, she laughs brightly or seeks physical contact with you in seemingly insignificant gestures. She may also tease you and challenge you. She may also throw back her hair and look deeply into your eyes. Women usually act more subtly than men, but just as passionately. Test your chance by taking her hand and gently approaching her face. If she doesn't pull away and allows you to be physically close, run your fingers over her cheek and read her eyes. Generally, we only let someone else into our personal face zone if we are fond of them. It can also be that she has no feelings for you and doesn't want tenderness with you, but pure sex. Yes, we women also want that from time to time. In that case, make an effort to kiss her. In the meantime, always pay attention to her reaction, because you don't want to commit a sexual assault! If she responds to your advances, snuggles up to you and kisses you, she's ready for more!

Just insert the penis during the quickie and that's it?

Not quite, even though your glans may already be bumping. The important thing is that you touch each other during the quickie, all over your body. At best, don't limit yourself to your orifices, but caress each other everywhere. This activates all your senses and you'll have even more fun. The cool thing is to enjoy kissing to the fullest, with everything you feel like.

Lubricating gel, a condom and suitable clothing are valuable helpers!

Make it easy on yourself and wear clothes that can help you achieve your goal of union quickly. For women, a skirt is the classic - without underwear. For men, trousers that open well - also without underwear. This saves the plucking and lets the hard-on sink into the hot cleft. If she's not quite wet yet, just laugh it off and use lube. That takes the pressure of expectation off both sides. So relax and switch to total enjoyment! Don't forget: Be sure to use a condom, even if she's on the pill. There are enough disgusting sexually transmitted diseases that no one really needs. Not even a fungal infection. So put on a condom and practice safety for everyone, despite quick horniness.

Try out an unusual place and time!

It becomes especially exciting when quick sex takes place outside rather than within the usual four walls. Unusual sex times, such as the lunch break, also increase the appeal of a quickie. Anything that doesn't correspond to the daily routine. There are no limits to your imagination. However, please be careful not to cause a public nuisance, because that is a criminal offence. Seek the thrill, but not mindlessly. If you get caught, you can expect to be reported to the police and fined. You really don't need this aftermath, do you? And quite clearly: look for places where children are not present. Sex is not for children's eyes. Full stop!

A different sex position than usual

The missionary position or the riding position are hot, no question. But with a quickie, there's room to try something new or do something unusual. Standing is hot because you're using completely different muscle groups. Sex on a table or pressed against a wall is also exciting and enormously kicking! Dare to experiment and try it out! It will be the hottest quickie or one-night stand you've ever had for both of you! Promise.

Use of Latex Sex Toys

Sex toys and a quick number don't go together? Far from it, because some toys can be included in a quickie in a wonderful and tinglingly seductive way. Have you ever tried an anal plug while you penetrated her? It gives her the feeling of being completely and doubly filled, which can give her the highest pleasure. A plug has the advantage over a dildo that it doesn't slip out during your thrusts. A vibrator pressed against her clitoris during intercourse can also give her multiple orgasms. And for the man, wearing an anal plug during the act can be just as wonderfully intoxicating. Especially when standing up, the man's prostate is stimulated in this way. Be brave and open to latex toys during your quickie. Little insider tip: She keeps a slim latex, vinyl or wetlook thong on during sex, which he can push to the side. The fabric will additionally rub against his shaft and drive him crazy. You'll experience quickies like never before!

Fancy some kinky role play?

Erotic role-playing takes time to get right, you think? Certainly, with a suitable time frame, role play can be more detailed, but no less immersive than a short tryst. Have you ever put on a latex mask and only then taken it without her seeing your face or only parts of it? Do you want to be the executioner who scares her and takes possession of her? Or stretch Catwoman's bottom with your member while she stretches her sweet ass towards you? What if your mouse were to wear a sharp and ultra-short latex minidress, which you only have to lift, hidden under a thick winter coat? As you can see, there are many opportunities for play. Of course, such playful interactions require good prior consultation so that the quickie doesn't backfire. But there are numerous ways to freshen up your love life. With us you will find everything you need for a successful, exciting quick sex - in top quality! We'd love to be there for your next sex adventure!

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