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Schöne Männerhände - Warum ist der Fetisch Hand heiß?

Beautiful men's hands - Why is the hands fetish so hot?

Fetish man hands - a fetishist tells why she has the fetish hand

Such a man is already a wonderful creature! His thinking, his determination in action, his presence. And his body. Oh yes, the beautiful body of a man! At this point I would like to write about my personal preferences and attitudes. No one should please feel hurt by this, that would not be my intention. Each of us has our subjective feelings, and that's fine.

There are certain areas of a man's body that particularly appeal to me because they tell me his story. These include his wonderful and magnificent cock, his sweet ass, his expressive eyes, his hairy arms, his appealing lips. But one of the most appealing to me are a man's hands.

Why the fetish hand of all things?

Well, his hands not only speak to me, they speak to me. If he wears calluses on his palms, for example, he could be doing physical work or grooming as a hobby. Also, I made the experience so far in my life that (perhaps coincidentally) there is a connection between the size and stature of the body and the size and stature of the hand.

What attraction do well-groomed men's hands exert?

A man's hands can evoke strong emotions in a woman. Again, I can only speak of my personal feelings: When I like a man, I pay attention to his hands. I imagine how it would feel if he touched me with those hands. A calloused hand arouses different sensations than a soft hand. Long fingers feel different from short fingers. And I also perceive his fingernails.

Groomed men's hands are beautiful men's hands

Once I was writing with a man. We were in the process of getting to know each other, and he sent me a picture in which he was waving at me. A lovely and sympathetic gesture - which unfortunately missed its mark. Why? He had rather long nails for my taste, and there was a dark edge of dirt under the nails.

Don't worry, I wouldn't call myself a conceited and superficial chick, but that was not very appealing to me personally. I approached him lightly, as is my way. Maybe he had been working in the garden and hadn't had a chance to clean his hands. His reaction was that he didn't understand why I found it disturbing, because his hands were always like that, he was a man after all. If I wanted sissies, he wouldn't be the right man.

Well, I imagine those hands grabbing me, holding me, caressing me, massaging the tips of my breasts. How I suck on them, sliding them into my cunt and ass and lifting my hair together while I suck his hard-on. How I hold this hand while walking, while going through life together.

Also the back of a hand with veins showing, hairy and edgy, sets my imagination ablaze. A man's hand is pure sex. At this point my fetish goes even further, because if the hand is convincing in itself, what does it look like wrapped in gloves?

Leather gloves, latex gloves and men's hands

When the man tightens his hand in a tight-fitting glove, the knuckles stand out strongly and strikingly - for me an extremely erotic sight and pure moment of pleasure! Well, dear ones, what wonderful and erotic games there are in our big and colourful fetish world. Have you ever tried latex gloves? A sensual material that clings to your body like a second skin. Similar to wet look or lacquer. Leather is also exciting to experience, to smell. Just try it out and playfully expand your personal wealth of experience.

Summary Fetish Men Hands

Never underestimate the effect of your hands, no matter if man or woman! Please remain open-minded and free of prejudice towards those who think differently and fetish lovers. And: experiment with materials like latex for pure moments of pleasure!

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