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Latex Geschichte - Karin, Anna und der schwarze Latexslip

Latex Story - Karin, Anna and the black latex panties

Latex story - Karin, Anna and the black latex panties

It was a beautiful, mild summer evening in an unusually warm August. We had chosen the time of our trip wisely - it was the time immediately before dusk, when the heat of the day subsided a little and gave mercy, but no penetrating mosquitoes were yet buzzing around and bothering the calves.

Karin and I just took a spontaneous trip to a nearby quarry lake, equipped with a picnic basket full of all sorts of goodies and a few blankets and a parasol. Since a heat sting is definitely not something to be trifled with, we opted for the safe option in this regard.

Luckily Karin was here with me in this wonderful piece of earth because she had a hands-on nature and a practical streak, so that in no time the parasol was spread out over us and provided pleasant shade. Her nimble fingers also prepared a magical little menu in no time, which she artfully spread out on a small checkered blanket. I want her sense of aesthetics.

However, few people who met her for the first time suspected this to be behind her. Karin was chubby, had a somewhat strong upper body, but wonderful, milky-white breasts that were full and heavy against her purple shirt. This impressive attribute of femininity belied her somewhat harsher appearance and her face, which appeared a bit too masculine, but was framed by blonde, full-bodied curls. This abundance of hair gave her something special.

In contrast to her soft figure, I was very petite with very small breasts and hardly any feminine curves. I would have loved to have had more butt or fuller thighs; That's why I seemed almost boyish. I also didn't have such a beautiful, long mane like Karin, because I had dark brown hair and a chin-length bob. I was very proud of my green-blue “cat eyes”. Many people told me that it made me look incredibly sexy and seductive, like a delicate elf.

Karin and I couldn't have been more different in appearance, but we were best friends and had no secrets from each other. She basically knew about all of my men's stories and all of my missteps, because I always trusted very quickly, perhaps too quickly, which unfortunately often led me to the "wrong" men.

Karin must have guessed my thoughts because she gave me an encouraging smile and handed me a few grapes. She winked at me: "I've always told you that if you ever need a little distraction from all your men's stories, turn to me, I can help you a lot!"

How she managed to make me blush once again. I immediately felt a hot flush rise within me that wasn't caused by the summer sun. Embarrassed, I nibbled on my grapes. I glanced up at her furtively, remembering the stories of her adventures that she occasionally shared with me. Her stories were also filled with drama, and she also had relationship stress from time to time, but the big difference was that Karin was a lesbian and preferred women as partners and for her sex life.

Somehow the mood between us suddenly changed noticeably. Looking back, I can't say exactly what caused this change, but there was suddenly a certain tingling sensation and a slightly erotic tension in the air. Karin apparently recognized this immediately. Courageous as she was, she suddenly stood up and took off her denim hot pants. I couldn't help but stare at her. Her ass was voluptuous yet accentuated, a beautiful Rubenesque body that was very appealing to me.

This feeling suddenly confused me a lot. What was wrong with me? Karin was a woman, not a man. Why did she give me these strange sensations? But what kind of panties was she wearing? Black and shiny, the material hugged her curves like a second skin. Karin seemed to enjoy my gaze and stayed in her standing position longer than necessary to let me get my fill of the sight of her in peace.

Latex love at first sight?

Suddenly she walked towards me. Oh God, what was she planning to do? She stopped right in front of me, leaned her privates almost into my face and casually asked me how I liked her new panties. I must have looked up at her with wide eyes, because she gave me another encouraging smile and said: “That’s latex, Anna. This is a very special material. It fits like a second skin, but doesn’t allow it to breathe, so I sweat under the latex.”

Again I looked at Karin's mons pubis, elegantly and stylishly packaged, as I felt. Latex... I had already heard and read about it, but so far I have only seen it in special clubs. “You are welcome to touch me down there Anna to find out what latex feels like. Maybe you’ll like it.”

My curiosity was indeed piqued to explore both this novel material and Karin herself. A slight shiver came over me because I just had the feeling that I was doing something forbidden. Should I really touch Karin there?

I was a little relieved when she seemed to make this decision for me, grabbing my hand and placing it on her privates. She pressed herself against it and moaned audibly. That couldn't be possible, but I felt myself getting wet between my legs and excitement overcoming me as I gently massaged Karin's mons pubis.

As a woman myself, I instinctively knew which areas were particularly sensitive to touch and guided my fingers accordingly. I no longer noticed the surroundings around me, I let myself go so much and enjoyed our erotic pampering.

Sexual fetishism of lesbians

Anyone passing by could have seen us! In addition to the stimulating and new impressions, I really liked the nature of the latex material. Her labia were visible underneath, a crack ran through the front half. Add to that the velvety and smooth quality – the sensuality of the material captivated me. The smell of rubber mixed with Karin's musk also had a very inspiring effect on me.

The moans got louder and louder and Karin looked down at me with her shimmering, blue-grey eyes. Suddenly she pulled the black latex panties down a little, almost completely exposing her shaved pussy. She also took off her purple shirt so that she stood in front of me only scantily dressed.

“Would you like to insert one or two fingers into me Anna? I'm so excited for you, beautiful woman." I flinched a little, but was so carried away by this fascinating and exciting moment that I implemented her suggestion and inserted my index finger into her. An incredible wetness and soft, warm firmness surrounded my finger and reacted with a slight twitch as I added another and moved it rhythmically back and forth.

Her nectar had collected in the latex panties and stood out whitish-clear against the black background. It was unusual to explore another woman's genitals, but at the same time it felt very natural and right.

The orgasm and the black latex panties

In the middle of this wonderful nature, Karin moaned loudly, twitched a few times and then poured herself onto my fingers. “Can women do that too?” I thought to myself, completely surprised, and kept my hand in this position. Karin rubbed it a little more, then moved her pelvis backwards, pulled the black latex panties back up and knelt down in front of me.

“Lick your fingers and taste me, Anna! Taste what you have triggered in me, become aware of your femininity!”

Somehow my fingers found their way into my mouth and implemented Karin's suggestions again. How strange and arousing this indecent gesture was. I felt very wicked and at the same time completely liberated and alive. Farin seemed to recognize my emotions exactly because she leaned forward and began massaging the tips of my breasts with circular movements of her hands. Sometimes she would pinch it lightly and then take it into her mouth and slowly suck on it.

Violent waves of emotion flowed through me and made me tremble; I was happy to sit. Karin suddenly pushed me backwards, slightly but firmly, so that I was sprawled out in front of her. I almost knocked over the food. The warm evening sun caressed both of our bodies and bathed us in a warm light that made us shine gently and perfectly captured the mood of the moment.

As if by magic, I was suddenly without a skirt or panties. Karin must have taken off my pink cotton panties in a moment that went unnoticed by me. She held it up to her nose and sniffed it with pleasure.

“How fine and delicious you smell Anna, like a mild, sweet peach. Can I taste your peach juice?” Completely perplexed by these erotic impressions, I couldn’t answer her because I couldn’t find any more words. As always, she masterfully controlled the situation, sensitively pushed my thighs apart and completely exposed my private parts.

Instinctively I wanted to close my legs again, but Karin was already between them and was admiring me. Nobody had ever looked at me so intensely between my legs. Today I wasn't shaved either, but had pubic hair, unlike Karin, who was completely shaved.

Pubic hair and oral sex of the bisexual girlfriends

“I wonder if my pubic hair bothered her?” it occurred to me. My concern was unfounded, however, as her soft hair brushed against the insides of my thighs, causing me to spontaneously shiver. I immediately felt her warm, wet tongue on my labia, which first stroked them gently until she finally plunged more demandingly into my soft flesh and nudged my opening.

My God, how incredibly excited this excited me. Instinctively, I pressed her head harder against my lap and enjoyed every movement of her tongue as it worked on my love pearl. Her urging became more and more insistent, her licking more and more determined, like an unspoken journey to a distant paradise.

Suddenly I saw little stars in front of my eyes, the outside scenery blurred in my mind's eye, all thoughts were suddenly far away. I was able to let myself fall completely detached and experienced an incredibly intense orgasm that shook my entire body. I had never experienced it so intensely with a man; what was wrong with me?

I was a little embarrassed because I felt myself squirting out my nectar when I came. That had to have landed right in Karin's face. But it didn't really seem to affect her because she calmly licked all my juice out of me and cleaned me so thoroughly.

When I had somewhat caught my breath, Karin was already lying next to me, holding me tightly in her arms. She still had her black latex panties on. It just felt very right and very peaceful, like this should have happened a long time ago.

Horny ecstasy with latex clothing

“Would you like to put my black latex panties on, Anna?” Her question completely tore me out of my pleasurable aftermath. Before I could reply, Karin was already taking off her latex panties and slipping them down my legs. It was a very sublime and very horny feeling to feel latex on my skin for the first time and I really enjoyed this moment. Some of Karin's wetness was still on her panties, but that didn't bother me. On the contrary, it stimulated me in a strange way because it felt so outrageously naughty and dirty.

Although Karin was fuller than me, the latex material hugged my curves relatively closely. I used to struggle with my boyish curves and was ashamed of my petiteness, but this black latex on my skin just gave me a strong feeling of self-confidence and attractiveness! I suddenly felt very feminine and extremely seductive, as if I could seduce any man or woman in the world. An unimaginable feeling of power flooded through me.

What latex clothing can do. “Karin, do you think we could do this with a man next time? So you, me and one of my friends? It was so beautiful... And to be pampered by a man and to feel him inside me at the same time would be the greatest happiness!”

“Oh, darling, anytime, I’m glad that it was so fulfilling for you and that there’s a next time for you to be together.” She handed us both a sandwich and we enjoyed our meal in the evening silence of nature.

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