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Latexgeschichte - Mann trägt Frauenkleider von Domina

Latex story - man wears women's clothes by Domina

A young slave secretly wears the women's latex clothes of his mature landlady

As a young student in my mid-20s, I found accommodation in the picturesque outskirts. I lived with an attractive widow in her early 40s who wanted to improve her financial situation by subletting me. Her late husband used to travel extensively and she always reminded me of his adventurous life. After a long acquaintance, we built our relationship into a fair construct of friendly reciprocity: She enriched my everyday life with her tasty recipe ideas and I was responsible for keeping the outside area of ​​the bungalow in good condition and for doing necessary repairs on the house. Our relationship was pleasantly varied and doubly profitable!

With a mischievous smile, my landlady recalled the many souvenirs her late husband brought home from his late husband's business trips. He brought each member of the family something beautiful from all over the world. When we met, it was particularly fascinating to see how beautifully all the pieces harmonized with each other. Interesting accessories consistently adorned every corner of the room. But the tiny solar windmills on the window sill in particular caught my eye: Consisting of glass balls with a rotating cross shape inside, each accompanied by 4 square sails in black and gold or silver camouflage scheme. As the first rays of the sun flooded the small plot, it suddenly began to pulsate, and a phenomenon revealed itself before my eyes - something completely new.

In the extension to the bungalow I had found the happiness to be able to live in the middle of pure luxury. I felt much better here than my fellow students in their accommodation. The entrance on the terrace floor and an almost dazzling window view of the green called for exploration! My mature landlady, Angelika, offered me her extension in a classified ad - and so I was the proud tenant of the apartment. It was surrounded by tall bushes and trees and protected from prying eyes by a secure fence. In front of the garage there was also the lockable door as access to my special idyll. On a warm spring to autumn day, I liked to use the bench set up in the garden for quiet reading; Pleasantly covered with a view of the countryside, despite the rain.

Men wearing women's clothing from Domina

Angelika was a true queen of elegance and courtesy. Her presence alone inspired great awe in me when I first saw her bedroom window; located only 2 meters away from my bench at a 90° angle. From upscale boutiques to hotels on shopping sprees with her husband - each location spoke volumes about Angelika's world of luxury. To me, these glamorous locations represented dream images, but equally enriching conversation pieces to listen to! Angelika's dominant charisma stimulated my submissive tendencies. Although she had never consciously come out as a dominatrix, I felt instinctively that she was a dominant being. With her high heels, she towered over me by a full 10 centimeters. In addition, her strict gaze, which only tolerated absolute obedience on my part. It so happened that one day while I was gardening, she held out her boot and raised an eyebrow, signaling that I should lick the dirt off the tops of the boots. I did it instantly, cock hard in my pants. After that, my strict Angelika examined my work and allowed me to relieve myself after gardening. Since that day I was Angelika's slave, who also cleaned her house and did her shopping.

As I sat reading on my bench on a warm summer evening, something unexpected caught my eye: the blinds in Angelika's bedroom - which she normally kept closed - were down, but not all the way down. A narrow beam of warm yellow light filtered through the slits of the slats. So bright it surprised me. The sight reminded me of obedience and discipline - although from the outside everything seemed calm. As I looked out the window I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing! There Angelika stood in an unbelievable skin-tight outfit made of latex and almost had something unearthly about her. The stiletto patent leather pumps gave her an irresistible, sexual charisma, which made me erect almost immediately. She wore semi-transparent, smoky gray stockings with black seams and black edges, as well as matching accessories such as a black mini dress and upper-arm-length latex gloves, which gave the elegance of the whole thing the finishing touch.

The rest was unspeakably sexy: a high-gloss, red thong that just covered her dominatrix cleft - just enough to make my body tremble with arousal. She moved seductively in front of the mirror, smoothed her latex and accompanied the sight with a sheen of oil. She crowned her breasts with a shimmering waist corsage over the dress. With passionate strength, she tightened the laces and wrapped them masterfully around shiny gloves. I stared through the window slit, starved, but it would never have occurred to me to approach her. She was a cool and aloof mistress, whom I was worthy of worshiping only from afar.

Mature German Mistress, Mature German Dominatrix

The outburst of her passion could be felt in every breath. How exciting the sight of her perfection was to me, little peeping-eyed! My dominatrix was still relaxed and put the finishing touches: A playful ribbon on the hem sealed the work of art. Her wicked beauty shone with a splendor never seen before. The tight-fitting latex clothing emphasized her décolleté and the compactly laced waist, which made her build up much more plump than usual - there can be no question of a lustful effect anymore, she was so hot! With the garters pulled up, Angelika had something almost hypnotic about her. When I saw the bed, I already knew in advance where this adventure was going to lead: It too was covered with a vinyl sheet.

With a little effort, she sat down on the edge of the bed, took a seat and completely opened those same legs. Immediately, I literally sank into her wicked reflection, stifling a gasp of pleasure. I was amazed by what I saw - a wave of pleasure flooded my brain like never before. It felt almost surreal. Although I didn't act at all myself, the show alone had sufficient power to make a powerful impression and an incredible excitement in me. The performer put all her talent into developing the expression of open desire with each subsequent movement. Wet latex fingers caressed the glittering silver vibrator, while high heels pressed carefully into the black sheets. It was clearly a terrific highlight!

I was fascinated by the spectacular sight of the latex outfit, the meticulous design of her lace breasts and waist. The shine on her legs couldn't let me go! As she opened the nightstand drawer, I realized what she was looking for. A black, shiny latex dildo with a curved end was the highlight of the evening. Angelika experienced ecstatic excitement. Every muscle in her body was gripped by wild desire. Her latex-resistant dildo seemed to make her throw her head back in time with the rhythmic movements and push her lower lip forward between her teeth to varying degrees. The smooth surface of the latex reflected light on her legs: pure tension! With both hands she held what began with the darkness, as something sensual but soon exploded over everything.

Man wears women's clothes made of latex

Both of us were motionless and silent for a few minutes after our encounter that night. Finally Angelika went back into the bathroom, I quickly disappeared through the door of my apartment. When I awoke from sleep on Saturday morning I already heard a knock on my door! Hell, it all suddenly came back to me: I should have put up the curtain rod in the living room before mowing the lawn! I quickly jumped into sweatpants and a shirt to open the door. Angelika stood there with her smile: "I still have a hairdresser's appointment today, after that I'll meet up with friends to go shopping." She said she left the terrace door open from the inside and that I should do everything to her satisfaction. Alas, the curtains weren't hanging when she would be back.

When she left, I got ready as best I could. My morning was marked by an ulterior motive. While I ate breakfast and mowed the lawn in record time, my rapid drilling work on the curtain rod tried to bury any doubt: I wanted to complete whatever challenge came to mind in my slave brain!

Drawn from sweat and time pressure, I spontaneously left the patio door open, because it seemed hopeless for intruders to get so high above the garden fence. The night before I asked myself an exciting question: How could it be that Angelika was so aroused in such a sensual material alone? It had certainly been the beauty of the shiny fabric, but what had triggered her? Has she had previous experience with latex or has all of this revealed and unleashed deeply buried fantasies? Ultimately, there was still plenty of room for intimate speculation. There is no doubt that latex lust is unconditionally attractive! His cool mistress was fascinating in many ways, which made her seductive allure.

LGBTQ community and mature mistress and her young slave

Following a horny impulse, I reached Angelika's bedroom. The locked door of the tall cupboard made my heart beat faster and when I finally found the hidden key, the discovery of a precious secret began. Inside were unusual latex clothes, glittering high heels and overknee boots - probably gifts from her husband's previous marriage. I was stunned to realize that she was probably a lot more familiar with fetish than I thought. Usually, my mature dominatrix wore long skirts and flat shoes or boots in everyday life. However, I never suspected anything of such extravagant things. Angelika was really always good for a surprise.

I knew she would never have allowed me to rummage through her personal belongings. Admittedly, I was so tempted to break this taboo. My latte was already up against the waistband again, so that I was close to cumming because the rubber band was massaging my glans*. I couldn't help it. My fingers glided over the latex things. They felt cold but comfortable at the same time. Researching further, I found that the inside was lightly covered in powder. The smooth surface shimmered suspiciously - I knew immediately: silicone oil is at work. Now I remembered the eve moment of my encounter with Angelika when she rubbed silicone oil on her latex forms. In a mixture of fear and excitement I grabbed the latex parts from the closet that my mistress wore yesterday. Things smelled a lot like liquorice and Angelina. In order not to soil the bed linen and leave suspicious traces, I pulled the vinyl sheet over the bed and lowered the blinds in Angelika's bedroom. I thought about what I would do next.

It was a risky game to start with my domina Angelikas lingerie. Was it really wise? Would she catch me trying on? Luckily I was able to enjoy their trust. Finally there was still time before returning from the hairdressing session. I gave in to the temptation to wear lingerie and clothing from my boss. Actually, one almost had the impression that Angi herself was suddenly standing in front of the mirror - the latex garment fit me so well, even though our body shape is not identical! As a student, I didn't have the opportunity to buy expensive clothes. Nevertheless, I suddenly stood in front of her bed and tried with difficulty to put on the same clothes that she had worn in her wild high phases. Notwithstanding the voice from the bottom of my soul telling me to leave everything as it was.

Latex thong, fetish clothing and fetishism on a domina date

Giving in to the urge, I pulled a string attractively over my buttocks. After that, even the bra had to be buttoned and adjusted with effort in order to fit properly. Then the straps lay gently over your shoulders - an adventure began! Despite social conventions, I let the feeling of freedom overwhelm me as I pulled the tight, smooth, stretchy latex over my strong body. I was aware of how attractive the effects of the black material can be for a man too. The supple fabric stretched tightly around every curve and offered me the ultimate in erotic pleasure. The semi-transparent stockings were followed by the mini dress with a zipper right under the armpits. It took effort, but it was worth it! Despite all the discomfort, I felt a kind of rush that made everything else irrelevant. I respectfully looked at this precious fetish outfit in the mirror, turned and examined myself from all sides.

When you're part of the LGBTQ community, dressing up in lingerie can be liberating. What a wonderful feeling! So I experienced the thrill of leaving my usual everyday world behind me and finding myself in an imaginative erotic world. I slipped into the latex stockings, the patent leather pumps with 10 cm high heels - the dream of every high heels lover - and smoothed the upper-arm-length latex gloves. How graceful I looked in the mirror now: with my buttocks automatically tight, stretched legs and aesthetic breast lifting as the ultimate culmination of the sight! How exciting and dirty it is at the same time to feel breasts as a man.

In my new latex outfit and high heels I felt like I was wearing a second skin. Just as if Angelika had shared her experience with me. My body was hugged by the tight-fitting clothing. The tightly strapped thighs even made me think that this must have been the case with Angie's first attempt. With every movement, indescribable sensations flowed through my body - tingling tension and electrifying joy accompanied every step. When I had tightened the clasps of my latex dress and purposefully pulled the cords, my waist shrank again with every inhalation. I strove for the impressive femininity of my mistress and tightened again vigorously for the perfect result before I finally saw myself in the mirror as if in a trance. This sight was unreal, elegantly playful and extremely tempting. The unfamiliar pressure interferes with my breathing rhythm. But in return I was allowed to see with satisfaction what careful corset art was able to do!

Latex catsuit, latex gloves and stiletto high heels BDSM fetish

The attraction of the latex on my skin made me incredibly aroused. With every step and every movement I made, the material gently massaged my sweaty skin. A new feeling of pleasure. I went down the stairs to the party cellar to fully enjoy this sensual experience. Equally fearful as eager I understood: If Angelika could be here now? A feeling of indescribable excitement flooded through my body as I crept into the bedroom, still groggy. My skin tingled and vibrated with every movement of the latex around me - a deeply satisfying experience! Even if Angelika was not physically there, my senses felt her intimate presence very intensely at that moment.

After a while I gathered all my strength and washed the things thoroughly. Then I powdered them again from the inside and sprayed them with the silicone oil - ready for the next use! In the meantime I had experienced six exciting hours full of tingling energy and pure passion. I left Angelika's house visibly exhausted and unlocked my apartment door again when I became aware of the almost brief encounter with Angelika - just in time! My god, what would my dominatrix have done to me if she had come home earlier and surprised me. With the last of my strength, I made my way into my own apartment to the curtain rod to show her the latest addition to the room. It was time to meet dreamland and finally give your head a rest. Fantasy and sensuality combine to create an unforgettable experience when I dream of a life together with my loved one. Attractively dressed in aesthetic latex, sensations of a special kind awaken: The exquisitely felt touch through the wafer-thin fabric makes every moment full of fascination. Of course, it's even nicer to share it.

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