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Podcast Folge #5 X-Dresser-Artikel nur für Männer? Nein! Jessy gibt aufregende Tipps für Frauen

Podcast Episode #5 X-Dresser Article For Men Only? No! Jessy gives exciting tips for women

X-dresser items just for men? No! Jessy gives hot tips - plus head cinema!

It's that time again! In her new podcast, our podcaster and life coach Jessy asked herself whether the products in the X-Dresser category tended to be more for men. For the great crossdressers and transgenders, the rubber suit and the silicone breast may be helpful to vary with their own gender. Transsexuals also want our transvestite shop and buy crossdresser silicone breasts and latex rubber suits. But what about the women? Wouldn't a rubber suit for women be a great erotic sex toy for couples? Caress a silicone panty and suck on the silicone breast?

Perm your long hair or dye your hair blonde?

Women often ask themselves "What hair color suits me?" Jessy knows the answer: It doesn't matter whether you have brown hair with strands, red hair or blonde hair. Change your optical type and awaken the bitch in you. A wig can transform any woman into a completely different woman. She can show her wild side and surprise her loved one with an exciting silicone suit. Then a sexy body or wicked panties made of latex, patent leather, leather or wet look and the femme fatale is complete.

Hair tint or hair dye as a punishment?

Does your husband like long hairstyles or crossdresser breasts? Surprise him, go buy a rubber suit and experience how you drive him crazy as a vamp with crossdresser silicone body and silicone body. And you, dear man, have you ever considered how seductive your darling would shine in a rubber suit for women? You, dear woman, can also buy a horny silicone breast or a rubber suit for men and throw him completely off the hook.

Erotic sex toys for couples and means for the best tit fuck

Whether you like BDSM, are pregnant or have a "normal" vanilla relationship - Jessy will show you in erotic words how you can revitalize your love life with X-Dresser products and thus improve it. You absolutely have to listen to this, her FSK 18 podcast has once again become so great. Feel free to share Jessy and her podcasts with your friends on social networks.

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