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Fetischgeschichte: Die strenge Lehrerin in der Berufsfachschule

Fetish story: The strict teacher in the vocational school

Ms. König was the teacher at the vocational school class for metal construction. She had a reputation as a strict and unforgiving teacher who did not tolerate mistakes. The students were afraid of her and avoided looking her in the eye.

One day the class had an important exam in the workshop. The students were nervous and tense. Frau König entered the workshop and looked around. She immediately noticed that one of the students, Jan, was not wearing his goggles.

"Jan, where are your goggles?" she asked in a sharp tone.

"I misplaced them," Jan replied.

"Then look for her, kindly!" ordered Mrs. König.

Jan started looking but couldn't find her. Frau König stepped closer to him and said, "If you can't find her, you'll have to take the test without goggles. You know what that means."

No rescue bell for breaks if the teaching material is missing

Jan knew exactly what it meant. He couldn't take the exam without safety goggles and therefore didn't pass it. He got nervous and started searching even more intensely.

Suddenly he felt Frau König put something over his shoulder. It was his goggles. "I kept them in my bag the whole time," she said. "But you have to understand, Jan. Safety is the most important thing here. If you lose your goggles, you are a risk to yourself and your colleagues."

Jan nodded and put on his glasses. He was happy to have her back and could finally take the exam with peace of mind.

Although Frau König was considered strict, she had brought an important lesson to Jan's attention. Safety was the most important thing in the workshop. Jan understood it and would never forget it again.

A very special social learning from the tutor for the student

When he sorted out his school bag in the afternoon and was still very moved by the events of the morning, a piece of paper fell into his hands. He felt hot and cold at the same time, because he immediately recognized the handwriting of his teacher from the vocational school class.

Strange, this much more mature woman triggered something in him. He had just turned 20, still green behind the ears, although he had already had sexual experiences with women. But Frau König stood above all. She could almost be described as an attractive milf, he grinned to himself. Her tight-fitting pencil skirts, her high heels and her hair pulled back into a tight bun touched his innermost being. As if he wanted to experience a much more intensive lesson with her.

Damn, his cock got hard. But what was on the note? Nervously, he unfolded the small piece of paper that smelled of her perfume.

The strict teacher calls for the hot start of school

"Jan, you were very inattentive today. That needs a special kind of one-on-one lesson. I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget. Come to my house tonight. There I have set up my basement as a classroom for students who are more slow-witted and need intensive support. Just like you. You will show up for class at 8 p.m. sharp. Showered, of course."

Jan didn't know what Frau König was up to. Why should he come shower? Of course, he always went to vocational school in a well-groomed manner, but why did she emphasize it explicitly? And why the hell at her house? At evening? Alone. Just her and him. In her basement. For specific instruction.

His glans throbbed violently and wet with lust. He looked at the clock. Three more hours, then he would show up for class at her house. As she wished. No. As she commanded.

And yes, he was sure that he would never forget this lesson!

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