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What happens to latex if used improperly?

From greasy emulsions to vibrant nail polishes, proper storage and washing are key factors in ensuring your cosmetics remain pristine. Sunlight can degrade ingredients while overly, harsh detergents may strip away delicate pigments. Choose both wisely to ensure a lasting shine! Similarly, temperatures beyond either extreme could compromise the potency of products: find an ideal balanced setting for best results.

What is the best way to clean larex clothing?

If you want your latex catsuit to stay in perfect condition, it is essential that you take proper care of it. For the best results and prolonged durability, always apply a thin layer of either powder or care to the outside surface - except if using chlorinated fabric. When applied properly with a lint-free cloth, silicone oil will give great shine while also protecting and caring for your skin at the same time; however too much can break down and weaken latex fabrics over time. During washing cycles try adding some silicone oil into water as this further enhances glossiness whilst providing additional care benefits!

How can stains be removed from latex?

To keep your latex clothing in pristine condition, you should consider blow-drying them from a safe distance. The Chlorination is also excellent for preventing possible damage or Prevent discoloration of bright colors. When unfortunate spots such as nicotine fingers and remnants of belt buckles on dark ones Latex garments occur, acetone can occur with gentle rubbing can be used to remove them.
While stronger spots require a dipping method instead. could. Copper and alloys can be detrimental to your Latex clothing affect and cause discoloration. Be special be careful if you use metal parts such as accessories, costume jewelry or shoes Wear. You could possibly tear the fabric too! Even coins or belt buckles can be used in contact with the skin via a cause large-scale stains for a longer period of time. If you are a smoker , then note that bright colors such as white are due to Nicotine residues turn yellow permanently.

What is the best way to store larex clothing?

Latex clothing should be carefully stored and looked after to ensure it stays looking pristine. Sweat residue, water or skin care products can easily damage latex - leaving milky stains that may not disappear after drying alone. For this reason, never use oil-based products such as baby oil and lubricant gel on your item; deodorants sprays are also a big no-no! Make sure you store latex near dark places without any heat sources: shipping cartons for small items or wide plastic hangers with garment bags for larger items will help retain optimal condition over time.

How do I handle the wearing of jewelry on latex clothing?

Copper and alloys can have a detrimental effect on your latex clothing, causing discoloration. Take special care when wearing metal parts such as accessories, costume jewelry or shoes. They could potentially tear the fabric too! Even coins or belt buckles may cause large area staining if in contact with skin over an extended period of time. If you are a smoker then be aware light colors like white will become permanently yellow due to nicotine residue. To maximize its lifetime it is recommended that latex clothing should always be washed gently by hand using lukewarm water and detergent before being carefully dried off afterwards using sponge or towel techniques for optimum results.

Why is chlorinated latex good?

To keep your latex clothing in pristine condition, you may want to consider blow-drying it from a safe distance. Chlorination is also great for preventing any potential damage or discoloration of light colors. If unfortunate stains such as nicotine fingers and remnants from belt buckles occur on dark colored latex garments, acetone can be used with gentle rubbing in order to remove them - while heavier staining might require an immersion method instead.


How can allergy sufferers wear latex?

Allergy sufferers can wear wet look or vinyl very well, as these materials also nestle skin-tight to the body contours. Another alternative could be to put another piece of clothing under the latex piece. Shapewear, which is also available at, is ideal for this, for example. This would work very well with a latex skirt. With gloves, on the other hand, it would be more difficult because the latex could then no longer be covered. We would be happy to advise you on this!

What things should you definitely know before you start wearing latex fashion?

- Never wear lotion or perfume together with latex! Both stimulate the material to change colour.
- Never pull on the latex with your fingernails to put it on. This also applies to artificial fingernails. It is best to wear cotton gloves when putting them on.- Only clean latex by hand and always powder it for storage! This way there is no damage to the material.
- Take enough time to put on your latex parts. The larger the fabric surface, the longer it will take you to get dressed. Be sure to take this time! - Use hairspray to avoid charging your hair!
- If you get too hot in the latex, spray your face with a refreshing spray. These sprays consist of water and light care ingredients that will cool you down quickly.

Do you ship to packing stations and DHL parcel shops? Do I have to pay attention to something?

Yes, we are happy to send your orders to packing stations and parcel shops. For delivery to packing stations, it is important that you enter a postal number. The post number is a unique identifier that is assigned to you by Deutsche Post and is used to identify your packing station. Please ensure that you use the following information when providing your shipping address:

[Customers' Name]
Packstation [Packstation number]
[post number]
[Postcode & City]

Entering the correct post number ensures that your package can be successfully delivered to your packing station. As soon as the package has arrived at the Packstation, you will receive a notification with the pickup information. When delivering to a parcel shop, on the other hand, no postal number is required.

We understand that many customers find it convenient to have their packages sent to an alternative delivery address. When you place your order, you have the option of specifying the desired packing station or parcel shop as the delivery address. Please ensure the address provided is correct and complete to ensure smooth delivery. As soon as your parcel has been delivered to the Packstation or parcel shop, you will receive a notification with the collection information.

If I pay by PayPal or bank, what does the payment receipt say?

If you pay via Paypal, the transaction number, the name of the shop and a detailed list of the items purchased will be displayed on the payment receipt. This includes information such as the item name, quantity and total amount of your order.

For all other payment methods, such as bank transfer, the name will appear on the payment receipt

"SP Rohde Vertriebs GMB"

as payee. This name represents our company.

The corresponding telephone number is also given on the receipt.

We value transparency and ensure that only required information is displayed on the payment receipt to ensure clear and traceable documentation of your transaction.

Do you ship discreetly? What is on the package and can you see the contents from the outside?

Yes, we attach great importance to discreet shipping. All our packages are sent with the sender "Rohde Vertriebs GmbH" without any reference to the content or our shop name. Customs information is also anonymized to protect your privacy.

Furthermore, our packages are packed opaquely so that the contents cannot be seen from the outside. We do not use clear or transparent packaging materials. So you can be sure that your order will reach you discreetly and confidentially. We also use neutral packaging tape.

However, inside the package, on each product box, there is a permanent sticker stating what's inside with the size and color of the product. This serves to identify you and makes it easier to check your order.

Our primary goal is to protect your privacy and offer you a discreet and trustworthy shopping experience.

Do you offer customization for your products?

No, unfortunately we do not currently offer customization for our products. We understand that every customer has unique needs and body measurements, and we want to ensure our products fit the best and meet the highest quality standards.

For this reason we focus on the development and production of standard sizes in order to offer a wide choice for our customers. We therefore recommend that you carefully check our size charts and select the size that best suits you. If you have additional questions about sizing or fit, our customer service representatives are available to help you choose the right product and size.

How long does it take for you to send the goods and get them to me?

We strive to ensure fast shipping of our products. On a working day from Monday to Saturday, we ship all orders received by 07:30 in the morning on the same day. Yes, you read that right, we even ship on Saturdays. We offer Monday to Saturday shipping to ensure your order gets to you as quickly as possible.

Domestic shipping time can vary greatly depending on destination. As a rule, you can expect delivery on the next working day. However, it may take up to 4 days, especially in remote areas or during busy periods such as Christmas. We work closely with our shipping service providers to ensure reliable delivery, but please note that there may also be factors beyond our control.

For international orders, the shipping time varies depending on the destination country. It usually takes between 4-40 business days depending on the distance and customs clearances in each countries.

Please note that the delivery times given are only guidelines and delays may occur in rare cases.

The shipment information comes with the shipment number not found or it only says that the shipment information has been transmitted. Should I be worried?

Yes, that is perfectly fine. It may take 24-48 hours for the tracking information to be updated and for you to see the exact status of your shipment. If you receive a shipping notification from us, you can be sure that the shipment has actually been sent.

In the first hours or days after the shipping notification, the information in the tracking system may not yet be updated. This is because the shipment may not yet have been scanned by the shipping service provider or may still be in the process of being processed. Please be patient as tracking information updates depend on various factors.

Once the shipment has been added to the delivery network and is scanned, the tracking information will be updated and you will be able to see the exact location and estimated delivery date of your shipment. However, if there is still no update after 72 hours or you have further questions about your shipment, we are always at your disposal.

Wenn ich etwas zurück schicke, wie versende ich es am besten und was ist zu beachten?

Wir stellen keinen speziellen Retoureschein zur Verfügung. Wenn du etwas zurücksenden möchtest, achte bitte darauf, die Sendung gut zu verpacken, damit sie unbeschädigt bei uns ankommt. Viele unserer Kunden entscheiden sich für den Versand als Großbrief oder Bücher- und Warensendung (BüWa). Diese Versandoptionen sind kostengünstig und für den Rückversand von kleineren Artikeln geeignet.


Rohde Vertriebs GmbH
Oberer Weg 18
39291 Lostau

Wichtig ist, dass du die Bücher- und Warensendung über der Anschrift deutlich durch die Abkürzung "BÜWA" als solche kennzeichnen. Außerdem dürfen damit lediglich Waren verschickt werden. Briefliche Mitteilungen sind vom Versand ausgeschlossen. Eine Ausnahme hiervon bilden jedoch Rechnungen oder Lieferscheine, die der Ware beiliegen.

Beim Versand solltest du unbedingt die von der Deutschen Post vorgegebenen Maße von maximal 35,3 cm Länge, 25 cm Breite und 5 cm Höhe einhalten. Hierauf achtet die Deutsche Post sehr genau.

Mit der Bücher- und Warensendung kannst du Waren bis zu einem Gewicht von 1000 Gramm verschicken. Liegt das Gewicht der versendeten Waren sogar unter 500 Gramm, wird ein Preis von 1,95 € fällig. Bei einem Warengewicht von bis zu 1000 Gramm kostet der Versand 2,25 €. Höhere Gewichte verlangen den Paketversand der Deutschen Post.

Die Sendungen können verschlossen abgegeben werden. Die Mitarbeiter der Deutschen Post haben allerdings die Befugnis, die Sendung zu kontrollieren, um sicherzustellen, dass die tariflichen Voraussetzungen eingehalten werden.

Bücher- und Warensendungen kannst du in jedem Briefkasten, sowie in allen Filialen der Deutschen Post einliefern. Zugestellt werden sie in der Regel innerhalb von 2–4 Werktagen beim Empfänger oder der angegebenen Packstation.

Bitte beachte, dass Bücher- und Warensendungen nicht versichert sind und keinen Trackingcode erhalten. In der Regel die Versandart Großbrief oder Bücher- und Warensendung diese Versandart völlig aus.

Für den Umtausch in einen anderen Artikel oder eine andere Größe übernehmen wir die Versandkosten zurück zu dir. Bitte lege der Rücksendung eine kurze Nachricht bei, in der du uns mitteilst, was mit den zurückgeschickten Artikeln geschehen soll. Zum Beispiel, ob du einen Umtausch wünschst oder eine Rückerstattung bevorzugst.

Bitte beachte, dass du für die Rücksendung verantwortlich bist, bis die Sendung bei uns eintrifft.

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