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Dear reader! Do you like Julia's stories? We're very happy about that, because we can assure you that she has a lot of fun writing them for you and perhaps giving you some wonderful imagination. Would you like to read more from Julia?

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Let's start with something classic: my name is Nina and my fetish stage name is Missboobtex. Why is that my name, you might ask? Well, it's easy to explain. I love latex and I love breasts and that's how my name came about

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My name is Tara and you can find me on Instagram as latexandrubbergirl_1. I love latex, rubber boots and rainwear. Years ago, as a very young woman, I came into contact with fetish clothing in the gothic scene

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Mister Latex Demon

My name is Mister Latex daemon and I love latex on and especially in me. When I've been with my little sex mouse or had fun with myself, I'll tell you about it too.

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Fetish babe Lana

Hi, I'm Lana and I absolutely love living out my fetishism! I also love writing short stories and living out my fantasies in them. If you like them, I'm happy!

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Podcaster Jessy

I'm the new one at and I'm very happy to offer my podcast here on this hip website. My name is Jessy. In my job, I work in life coaching and love supporting a wide variety of people in life crises and with problems and questions.

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