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Fetisch Kurzgeschichte: Domina Date mit Adult-Baby

Fetish Short Story: Domina Date with Adult-Baby

The dominatrix and the adult baby

He approached me very shyly. His supposed shame was closed sense. Only very slowly and hesitantly did he confide in me. He was a extremely successful businessman within a boardroom, very mature and married. But his wife, he says, he could never tell tell his secret passion. She would laugh at him first and subsequently divorce him. I asked him directly that one passion. The facade of the businessman vanished, and suddenly one appeared much younger Man with a mischievous smile. he trusted me that's why he told me about it. Because he knew I would never laugh at.

So he told me in calm sentences that he loves it like a Adult-Baby to be treated. He, a grown man, wanted diapers dress and be fed with porridge. Now he wanted to go to the loving and caring hands of a woman who will im Role play should mother. It would be his wish, this woman would wear vinyl lingerie - mostly red with some black - and especially white, long leather heels. I was his dominatrix and thanked him him for trusting me to share in his desire permit. for me it was understandable that the fetish of the Adult-Babies has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia. adult people take care of each other in a role play. It's primarily about that absolute letting go, the unconditional trust and the uncompromising Putting your well-being in someone else's hands.

The Adult-Baby can and must completely relinquish responsibility for itself no longer have control over the situation and the plot. Included it is discussed in advance what which part likes, what the taboos are and what is built into the role play and what is not. Within of this fetish form there are different forms of interpretation, as in many other fetish areas too. Beautiful, colorful fetish world! All Those involved in such a role-playing game are grown up and loving Adult. This fetish enjoys due to certain misunderstandings and Prejudice doesn't always have a reputation, but there's something innocent about it and Pure in itself, one encounters the practitioners of Ageplay.

Domina Date with Adult Windel and the Fetish Ageplay

It appealed to me to experience this fetish personally. So I slipped into the role of the stepmother who takes care of the Adult baby cares. I think a thousand stones fell from his heart when I wanted to engage in his fetish. He never would have found a woman willing to try it out, he said me almost in tears. What a burden a fetish is for you people can be, I thought to myself
once, plus his status and being in the public eye. I can well imagine why he kept his secret to himself.

We arranged to meet some time later. He brought a large suitcase to our appointment and soon opened it. came to light different vinyl lingerie, a glass of porridge, a spoon, a bib, a Adult diaper, powder, wipes, a latex duvet cover, a Strapon dildo, lube and condoms. I was a little excited. How should I behave, as a played stepmother of a grown man?

After looking in the suitcase I decided on white, long leather heels, long, red patent leather gloves and a sexy red patent leather apron. paint it's such an exciting material, I think. The alien Material felt comfortable against the skin, more comfortable than man might accept. When I was dressed, he came out of the naked Bath. Very excited he stood in front of me and looked at me expectantly. I decided to stop thinking so much or stick to any concept to hold, but intuitively and spontaneously to the fetish dynamics to let in

I took him by the hand and praised him for being a good boy and for me glad to see him. That's when I noticed that much of the process was about the Rhetoric is transported is an important part. A few moments later I ushered him to the bed and asked him to sit up lay down Then I explained to him that he now had a fresh adult diaper needed. Said and done. I slipped the adult diaper under him his butt and sprinkled powder on his erect cock* and did then close the diaper. Now I asked him if he was hungry, what he nodded. I fed him the porridge spoon after spoon. It was kinda a bizarre scenery, very different from the previous sexuality, the I knew. But somehow it excited me to get involved, and so I continued to take care of him. After dinner I sang him a song and rocked his head on my bosom. He timidly grabbed me and squeezed discreetly my breasts. I then put a nipple to his mouth and asked him if he was thirsty. He nodded, opened his mouth and began sucking and sucking on my breasts. I caressed meanwhile over his head and talked to him soothingly.

Roleplay Ageplay: Fetish Domina wraps Adult Baby

Somehow I wanted him. I told him he should please lie down. I pushed the adult diaper down a bit and laid his stiff swan* free. Then I put on a condom and sat down on him. I leaned over and let him suck on my nipples, while I rode him calmly. He was very quiet about it. I noticed nonetheless interestingly enough that I was soaking wet. The unfamiliar gave me that special kick. There is something attractive about this extraordinary fetish.

Suddenly I got off and carefully turned him on his stomach and lifted his butt lightly. He was absolutely passive and left me completely free act. I enjoyed my lust and yet I was with him every second, for his to see and interpret reactions. We had previously agreed that he would like to feel a strapon. I put on the strap of the toy my hips and adjusted the dildo. It has to be a good fit rule out the risk of injury to my opponent. I placed myself behind him and lifted his pelvis. Then I put lube on his Anu*. Now I place the dildo right in front of his rosette* and started it to widen carefully and cautiously. Using a strapon is not at all so easy, especially when there is no routine involved. The angle at Insertion should be hit well, which is not so easy, because after all, I have no feeling in the dildo. With that should always be prudent be taken to avoid injuring others. The Mutual health is always the most important thing.

And so I took him softer, then harder and told him he should masturbate while doing it. He came with a violent moan. Short That's what happened to me, which I didn't really expect. I was looking forward to trying out this fetish, but I would have didn't think it could arouse me that much. Just try it getting involved with things without prejudice, completely innocent. In this way, each of us collects great experiences! It was in retrospect an exciting and extravagant experience, this Role playing game. In terms of content, it has not become my fetish, but who knows, maybe I'll come across Ageplay sometime in the future once again.

Afterwards he was very grateful to me that I had the courage to ask myself to accept this variant of the game. This gratitude in the men who have a fetish desire, I've encountered again and again. In doing so, he became social pressure that is supposedly on the shoulders of the men weighed. How hard it must be to carry such a burden every day wearing and having to be mindful of appearances to supposed exclusion or possibly worse consequences out of the way to go.

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