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Fetischismus Kurzgeschichte: Latex Dating mit Oldtimer

Fetishism Short Story: Latex Dating with Vintage Cars

Sexual latex fetishism with a classic car - fetish love car destroy

Fetish cannot be lived out exclusively in real contact. Once I had an online friend who had a very special fetish. I had never heard of this preference before. He was in his thirties. He had a preference for the smell of latex and leather, in combination with sweat. But the most unusual thing was that he asked me to dirty and scratch the leather seats of his car. At first I thought he was joking, that's how new this request sounded to me, but he was very serious. He owned a vintage car, which was intended exclusively for living out his fetish. The vintage car had beautiful black leather seats. It excited him insanely to "have" to watch a woman in latex clothes and high heels first dirty the leather seats, then scratch them, and then drive a dent into his car.

Car Fashion Show Latex - Latex Rubber Fashion

In his imagination, he was "forced" not to be able to intervene and to watch "helplessly". This whole scenario was the content of his fetish. He said he had so far only been able to get professional sex workers to live out his fantasy, but even escort agencies often refused him their women, because the fetish was apparently just too bizarre. I understood that he had great difficulty finding a woman as a partner for it. I myself was also frightened by the idea of actively performing property damage on such a wonderful car, topped by his watching it, albeit at his request. Still, there was a certain appeal for me. I'm a sucker for niche fetish, as long as it's legal and all adult participants are of free mind and will, acting in mutual consent.

Having foot fetishism and whimsical fetishes

He told me a lot about his preferences and how much it excited him to think up various scenarios, all of which amounted to the old-timer ending up with considerable damage. By talking to him, I found some access to his thoughts. Actively, I would not have agreed to these actions, but since I like to try things out and experiment, I agreed to an online session that was purely of the imagination and fantasy. I thought about situations and a certain plot, almost like a novel, how I worked on leather seats and "accidentally" touched a post. Imaginatively, I packed these actions into a vivid story that was probably unique in its content. Since it is my passion to write, I succeeded quite well in the end. He was then able to contribute his own ideas and additions to the flow of this short story. This created a very unique interaction between us.

He kept asking me during the time of our friendship if we could meet to make my made-up story real and live out his fetish in reality. The story would be so beautiful and correspond exactly to how he wanted to live out his fetish satisfactorily in reality. But in every interaction it is important to remain true to oneself and not to let oneself be persuaded to do anything that is not felt as pleasurable from within oneself. Whether in fetish meetings or in any other form of human and sexual interaction.

Selling a car? Leather fetishism and vintage latex dating

He did not let up and asked me incessantly for a real-life implementation. At some point he started to annoy me in this way, so much so that I broke off contact. I know he was desperate in some way, because finding a partner for this preference I imagine is still very difficult today. But despite everything, the attitudes of the other person must be accepted and respected, and that without exception. There are no alternatives, that is the law, which everyone has to respect, for themselves and for the good of the other person!

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