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Fetischismus Kurzgeschichte - Lederhandschuh Leder Liebe

Fetishism Short Story - Leather Glove Leather Love

Leather gloves in me - extreme fisting and a deep blowjob

I hear my breathing getting faster with excitement and excitement will, feel my chest, the rise and fall, feel the soft Carpet under the soles of my feet. Feel an urgent, aching throbbing between my legs and wetness wets my crotch, my insides the thigh. I sense his presence before I can see him. He come to me and stand behind me.

I smell him and his distinctive essence. I also smell leather, one warm, tart and intense fragrance. Involuntarily I open my legs a little further. He strokes my shoulders and my hair and pushes my head back slightly. I can look into his eyes green depths with gray speckles and framed by dark lashes. depth and strong emotions are reflected in it. Say without saying a word we already everything.

The leather glove and sex life

His strong male hands are in dark, tight leather gloves and encircle them, give an idea of ​​the strength of the bearer of them. he guides me put a thumb in your mouth. I instinctively hug him and notice how good the leather tastes! Then he walks around me and sits down next to me, he puts several fingers in my mouth and grabs then after my tongue, massages it and pulls it out a bit. I start drooling, my saliva dripping onto my boobs and mine Belly. We keep eye contact the whole time. He puts his hand in my bosom and hugs it, presses lightly at first, and then more and more firmly to become. Suddenly he presses even harder and kneads carefully my bosom to bestow pain, but not seriously injure. He rubs the nipples, which are already stiff and erect and twists them between his fingers, pinches and pulls and pinches finally in.

Leather work gloves for a fulfilling sex life?

Gradually, the nipples become more and more red and swollen and sweet pain sets in. Doesn't stop and works the breast tips incessantly. Small cracks appear and send me a comforting pull my abdomen, which increases my wetness. I see him pleading and pleadingly, and he then nods imperceptibly. This is his Signs of having just allowed myself to have an orgasm. I allow the orgasm. He breaks down on me violently and carries me henceforth to my heavens of salvation. I black out for a moment Eyes, briefly I was somewhere else. When I come to, there are two his fingers in my cunt. I look down at myself and see everywhere Wet and hear his fingers smacking. A heavy, sweet scent envelops the room. Beads of sweat on my forehead draw my violent emotions and waves of pleasure.

He bends slightly forward and pushes me at the same time rear. I lean my back relaxed while his hand always pushing against my pelvis, demanding, this in me record. Two fingers are followed by three and finally four fingers. One He waits a while for me to get used to the strain, because my muscles in the cunt are stretched to the extreme. Now he's writhing his thumb to the rest of his fingers, clenching his hand into a fist undeterred and presses his entire hand in the middle.

Leather love and long leather gloves

A loud scream of pleasure escapes me, my vagina throbs and hurts, but it is stretched to the limit. As my body expands to which Faust has become accustomed, he moves it very cautiously in me. Slow he pushes his fist a bit deeper into me before he does it again carefully pulls out a little. Just before my hand would leave the column, he pushes it back in upwards. while there he French kisses me long and passionately, so he's not just mine Pussy fiercely takes possession, but also my mouth. The stretching Feeling of tension gradually gives way to an ever-growing wave of pleasure, that keeps coming towards me. I look back at his beautiful eyes and silently asking permission to come again
may. Another imperceptible nod of his head, and it breaks again a huge orgasm over me. After the decay of this breathtaking feeling, he very carefully executes his hand my center and holds them out to me so that I can take them from my own release and lick juice. Obediently I lick off drop by drop and enjoy my own taste of pleasure.
Suddenly he grabs my neck and orders me between his raised legs. I now kneel in front of him and keep my eyes devoted lowered. He lifts my chin and leads me to his erect one Tail.

i love to suck I start enjoying his wonderful and to explore heavily swollen cock extensively with my tongue, going up and down while massaging and closing his member rhythmically milking. Then I feel his muscles tense and a twitch passes through his body. listen softly
I make him moan and notice his breathing quickening. He embraces grabs my head with both hands and suddenly squeezes me completely on his great cock, so I'm forced to see him in full length take it deep in my throat and he's well hung.

Red leather gloves, sexual fetishism and culture

He pushes me down powerfully and begins to thrust lightly and to take possession of my throat. His breathing gets faster and faster. Short then I perceive how he twitches warmly and moans loudly poured right down my throat. How much I love this cumshot in my Enjoy your mouth, combined with the incomparable taste of his masculine aroma.

I was allowed to enjoy my desires, namely, among other things the material leather, blow and fisting and could live my fetish indulge. I also combine many different sexual preferences in me and I need it from time to time for the well-being of my soul, these sides of me in one to live out appreciative coexistence. It takes it
not necessarily love for me. But mutual respect, mutual Respect and absolute trust in mutual agreement, whose it requires. And adult gaming can begin!

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