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Kurzgeschichte: Katheder Sex, Petplay und Einreiben mit Erde

Short Story: Catheter sex, pet play and rubbing with soil

Clinic sex and white eroticism with my (loved?) Dom

What a wonderful evening it was. A clear night sky peppered with a multitude of more or less strongly sparkling stars accompanied our magical togetherness the entire time. One A refreshing breeze ran under my slightly swinging skirt and lifted me this discreetly. A slight shudder was my answer female-soft body responds to this surprising sensual stimulus. The lived one Time between two already quite warm spring days, leading to a very long and very intense night. My Lord was at my side. We drove together through the night. His right hand was almost completely at rest Ride over calmly and possessively on my left thigh. My God, how much I loved him. We had been there for about a year three quarters together. Initially our connection started as Online relationship that becomes extremely intense and intense after just a short time hearts went. After about six months we met for the first time in personal contact. Luckily ours harmonized Meeting and we found each other as people and then as Sub and Dom. I always had the feeling that he had me in view, recognized my moods and interpreted my reactions coherently and individually. Previously the gentleman had dressed me in a very elegant and high quality restaurant. We did all sorts of forbidden things Kinky, enjoyed playing with and in public supposedly knew nothing about any of this. Above all, none of that placed catheter, which ended in a bag, which was at your discretion and To the best of the Lord's knowledge and conscience, it will be emptied by him at some point would and was attached in and on me. The gentleman had a medical training and always paid great attention to my health. So I could this fetish of mine, clinic sex, trustingly and completely enjoy relaxed.

Petplay in a purple latex catsuit

After the very exclusive ambience of the dinner, the gentleman pampered us an outdoor session in which I became his “mangy bitch”. How much I wanted to be a bitch in a purple latex catsuit every now and then to be allowed to “eat” naked on all fours from bowls. During the Session he took me for a walk on the leather leash and asked me to to retrieve a thrown stick. That evening he seemed somewhat more closed than usual and more silent in his entire demeanor. His commands were a touch sharper, his posture stiffer and a little more aloof than usual. He was up to something, I sensed that instinctively. Our mental connection was extraordinary, both guessed we often share our thoughts at the same time. Sometimes it almost was It's scary how much we complemented each other. The fear of all this could break at some point, that our paths might cross paths one day could separate again was oversized and surreal, which is why we chose this one We pushed terrible thoughts far away from us in shared conversations lived very much in the moment. My master's full-bodied voice ripped apart once the silence of my thoughts: “You will now deal with the wet earth rub the tits!” Obedient, excited and completely wet between I obeyed my legs, enjoyed and feared this humiliating experience feeling equally. We had previously communicated that I was taking precautionary measures no soil on my vagina because of the possible risk of infection could come, also and above all, as long as a catheter was in place. So The gentleman “forced” me to stand on this little one with my legs apart Meadow area, adjacent to a lake, moist, cool earth on mine to rub breasts. The earth smelled bitter and elemental, the heavy and At the same time, the sensual scent spoke to my closeness to nature and my desire breaking taboos. The ground quickly took on my body heat and clung to my feminine, full curves, slid over mine large areolas that were crowned with red, thick nipples. No For a second the gentleman took his eyes off me, on the contrary. Nearly Already staring bitingly, he followed my every move with his own blue, unfathomable depths. “He has something today!” it occurred to me came to mind again, but then I allowed myself to be completely mine Add sensations while playing with the mud. But the Lord was relentless. “You dirty bitch in heat will now be your dirty ones Flaunting breasts. We have your latex catsuit with mask not there, but that's what you horny piece of trash deserves, nothing otherwise! Come on, move!” Oh God! Playing with mud and dirt excited and repulsed me in equal measure, but with the caused Crawling around pollution on my skin, consciously showing it off, It always took a lot of effort for me. Of course I knew that the Lord. It wasn't his insults that were the height of humiliation, whether he knew that these affected me sensitively and not always me excited, but also made me very embarrassed, since I was a woman, who always chose her words carefully and otherwise didn't use gutter language used. No, that seemed to be enough for him today Elements of humiliation are not. I should as dirty bitch go around...

Clinic sex in the outdoor BDSM session

For a brief moment I was tempted to object, but one look inside His dark blue eyes immediately gave me the right answer. One A clear warning, a tad sharper than usual, was unmistakable these beautiful eyes, framed by dark blonde eyelashes, that almost me seemed to be drilled open. So I decided more on instinct out following his instructions, for the Lord was leading everything always ends well. I trusted him in this regard completely. Following this strong humiliation of mine demanded me the Lord asked me to cleanse me with water that he had brought with him Laundry supplies. In this regard, he always cared for me lovingly, cared for me up, helped me carefully with the washing, had no fear of contact included. This was a stark contrast to the enormous humiliation previously experienced Not always easy for me to process mentally. Sometimes I could almost not accepting his caresses afterwards; the switching It was still not easy for me to get between these extremes. "What has he “Just today?”, that thought in my head again. Somehow made me his silent manner nervous and restless. Sitting a little nervously and excitedly So I sat next to him in the car after this outdoor session. This resting, demonstratively laid down, angular and hairy male hand my tender, soft and feminine flesh of the thigh memorable, strong image that presented itself to me while driving. A little the catheter pressed into my urethra. I shifted discreetly my body weight a little backwards. I didn't want the Lord noticed this, he had made such an effort to do it professionally to place the catheter. I knew it wasn't actually right and aimed against our agreements, because he always wanted me to do it Openness at all times regarding my physical and emotional feelings Constitution. I glanced slightly furtively in his direction. Be His striking, male profile was consistent with the road ahead of him He steered the stylish vehicle in a directed, safe and confident manner. He was always been a good and passionate driver. “Lean back. Lift your skirt!” I acted as if controlled by someone else, lifted the light, flowery and innocent-looking material of my skirt and closed my eyes for a few moments. I briefly lost that Sense of time and space. The darkness that surrounded us lulled me blessed one. Being so lost in my thoughts, I hadn't even noticed that the gentleman had pulled up to a fast food joint and was just his
had the window pane of the driver's door lowered to get one to place order. A scratchy male voice asked desired order. Completely frightened, I followed the occupied sound the voice and looked through the open driver's window into two deep black, fat eyes, which on the one hand look at me greedily eyes almost devoured, on the other hand so hatefully fixed, that it sent both hot and cold shivers down my spine. The The stocky and stocky man's thin lips twisted contemptuously looking down, his eyes were now more slits from which he glared at me. A predator about to pounce.

Embarrassing doctor games

I got a very unpleasant feeling about this threat acting man and suddenly became exposed and completely mine He was conscious of his exposed leg position, showing everything, and threw hastily my skirt and at the same time quickly raising it over my middle. A sharp pinch in my urethra reminded me of the laid one Catheter, which is caused by the abruptly realigned body position against the Tissue pressed. I almost completely turned my upper body away from it open driver's window, because I endured this devouring, no longer the judging look of this man, who was a complete stranger to me seemed to be silently shouting “Hur*” the whole time. The Lord remained the completely uninvolved the whole time during my moment of shock. Quiet he remained in his position and calmly gave an order. The The employee's cash register beeped and the men exchanged notes quietly out of. My God, how long could this moment last? I felt Bitter tears well up in me, which I initially wanted to repress I didn't succeed. I just felt completely ignored. This The quiet ordering process was in stark contrast to the raging hellfire inside me, which raged more and more in my heart. He noticed Lord, nothing about my torment? Finally I heard a rustling, that Food was served in the car. Even though I was the fast food employee I no longer looked directly at him, I constantly felt his punishing gaze me, as if I had just done something very bad and highly immoral did. This man, who I didn't know, made up his mind within seconds formed about me, the content of which I am very aware of. Although it I wasn't supposed to care, it still made me feel worse, because I wasn't a depraved or low-class woman. This Man did me wrong, just like my master just did. Yes, just like mine Mister. I suddenly had the feeling that someone was becoming complete next to me strange man sitting. He calmly steered the car into a path secluded parking bay, took out a portion of fries and asked me if I wouldn't be hungry. When I didn't react immediately, he started to eat alone once. I glanced at him furtively. He behaved as always and seemed completely relaxed, but he would have liked me in this one couldn't be stranger at the moment. Deep hurt spread through me Emotional life spilled out powerfully like the waves of the tides foaming over me, washing away all the magic and intimacy, all the loving and the tender, all the intimacy and the mental Connection gone all at once. I had to get out of this immediately car out. Suddenly I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore. I usually always asked him for permission to leave was allowed, but that was just very far away, like someone else's experience People. I abruptly left the car, which probably upset the gentleman a little surprised. The first time he showed a noticeable reaction that the seemed appropriate to the situation. Hoping he wouldn't follow me, I went back towards the fast food joint. Before I entered this, I threw a look back over my shoulder. My concern was unfounded - mine Gentleman had not followed me. The side mirror had a dim floodlight part of his free. The cutout showed him eating in peace. “Who is this man?” I asked myself, at the same time strong mental pain took possession of me. Without any longer I entered the fast food restaurant and immediately left to the medical rooms. Luckily there was hardly any public traffic, which is what I was talking about was very happy at that moment. My face must have swollen terribly and my makeup looked unsightly because of the tears ran continuously down my cheeks. The Lord had my crying apparently not even noticed. The catheter pinched unpleasantly again. All my excitement and the magic of the magical moment - both were evaporated. I quickly looked for a toilet because I suddenly felt overwhelmed I had an unexpectedly strong urge to get rid of this chair want.

Clinic sex toy removal on the toilet

It suddenly felt wrong to have him out there for this man Car to carry. It just felt wrong. On the toilet When I arrived I picked up my handbag that I had previously had taken it with presence of mind. I dug out a small tube Disinfectant gel out. I had my hands beforehand when I arrived already washed thoroughly. Since I am as part of my online education I had also dealt with it myself as I had a catheter on myself If I can put it on and remove it, I was able to recover it quite well get rid of. Pulling it out didn't hurt and somehow worked very liberating. If only every trouble were so easy to remove... Dripping sarcasm welled up in me, coupled with a certain amount defiance and infinitely deep emotional pain. Somewhere out there had my Lord lost me, our strong spiritual connection became cut. This demonstration right now - it was previously discussed by the Lord not communicated. All evening I suspected that he was something Planned certain things. But in my opinion this demonstration happened over me away. The worst thing about it for me, however, was that my Lord my Discomfort, not noticing my suffering and torment seemed. He would have me protected from these shameless and accusatory looks to protect the other man. Instead he gave me this completely knowingly and from what I perceived as unaccompanied. I had me completely in these moments of public display of him felt left alone. In my opinion, he had me in this one Seconds and minutes not caught. Now suddenly there was one dividing wall between us and something that is very difficult to close again healing is: I had lost my basic trust in my Lord. When I just put the used catheter and bag into it When I threw in a trash can on the side, my smartphone vibrated due to an incoming call. It was the Lord. I answered the call. His deep, angry voice, thick with anger, immediately resonated with me counter: “What are you actually allowing yourself to do, just do it without being asked remove? The Lord is very angry with you.” Silence. I took a deep breath while trying to control my turbulent emotions receive. Another intensive breath in, then my answer to him followed: “That doesn’t matter anymore.” His voice changed suddenly: “What’s wrong, sub?”

No more latex catsuit with mask

My eyes closed in disappointment. Maybe I had too much in seen him. Or was I just judging too harshly and too quickly without him to have listened to it? I also hadn't explained myself to him like we did have always maintained a mutual exchange. So far he hasn't had any You will be given the opportunity to comment on the screening. So should I didn't want to act in relation to the dominant part probably aware. But the claim that he had my feelings at that moment of the demonstration itself should have recognized that he had read me and the should perceive the unprepared attack on me as such as he did everything else he did and was able to do before - this expectation of him as my Dom stood in the room and dominated everyone else at the moment emotions. Simply put, he had fallen in my eyes, mine Cathedral. Was he still my Dom for me? “I'll get a taxi call. Have a nice evening, sir.” With this statement I ended the phone call and hung up. About half an hour left I passed before I left the women's toilets again and the Output controlled. Was he still waiting outside? I looked straining against the darkness through those reflecting the light Window facing the parking bay in which he had parked. There was no car to see more. This realization gave me a sharp pang heart and immediately made me feel sick. A bitter one Taste followed and spread across my tongue. Almost stumbled I over my own feet as I left the fast food restaurant and re-entered the parking lot, which was bathed in dim lantern light. Mine Burning eyes searched the entire area, almost pleadingly, but his dark blue car could no longer be found. Almost deserted, lackluster and the parking lot now seemed deserted. Leave. The gentleman was gone. Suddenly I was overcome by a great and leaden tiredness. I just wanted to still go home and sleep. The ever-increasing nausea and that I studiously ignored the pangs in my heart. On a cool wall Leaning, I grabbed my smartphone again and pulled it out of mine Purse. Just then I got a message from him sent: “All the best, Sub.” I quickly closed it again Message menu and searched the Internet for a suitable taxi provider. During my online searches, I stupidly kept getting confused tears coming out.

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