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Fetisch Kurzgeschichte: Leder Finger und Hassliebe

Fetish Short Story: Leather Fingers and Love-Hate

The Leather Bad Boy and the Good Young Coed

It had not been so easy. Hour after hour she sat at her old mahogany desk, an heirloom from her "crazy" aunt, as she always affectionately called this fun-loving lady. The piece of furniture radiated calm and aplomb, grounding her in many a tedious hour of study.

Disciplined she had to be, in the most beautiful sunshine she pulled herself together and internalised Sigmund Freud's theses about being human and its peculiarities instead of going swimming or eating an ice cream.

Not all her friends practised moderation as she did. On the contrary, they all enjoyed their lives and shifted priorities quite differently from her. Lea managed to graduate from high school with honours in this way. Even today, memories come up proudly in her mind when she graduated at the top of her class and even received a small award.

Lea had promised her beloved aunt. She had been denied it, but she wanted to make it to university and study psychology. She went about it with the utmost diligence and a prudent ambition that those around her almost had no understanding for it and gave her the nickname "nerd".

Comic fetishes, fetish chat and declaration of love

But this didn't really bother Lea. Many of those who condescendingly called her an overachiever could not look back on a CV as good as hers. This recognition, this affirmation was her elixir of life, gave her encouragement and the security to fill a certain inner void that she skilfully suppressed, only guessing at its existence at the rarest of moments.

Once, when she was actually dead tired, she got lost in a fetish forum and read about weird fetishes and the most colourful fetish ads. In the process, she unexpectedly got into a fetish chat with a man who talked about his numerous fetishes and expressed his affection to Lea in the form of an opulent declaration of love just a few hours later. This aloof approach frightened Lea more than it impressed her. No, she could well imagine how confused these guys were at times. Fortunately, she was free from the thoughts of getting excited by the smell of a certain material or wanting to have sex with its participation. She couldn't be bothered with these fetishists!

Not for nothing did she study psychology. In this way, she could perfectly apply the learned rules of conduct and didactic background of human behaviour to herself. And she was proud of having herself under control at all times and not being dominated by powerful urges that could possibly take over at some point.

So she was accepted to university with top grades, which she was very happy about. But it didn't stop her studying, instead it became even more time-consuming. So Lisa lived for her studies, ate and slept, only to continue in the same rut again the next day. She didn't need anything else for her happiness, certainly not a man. She had no desire whatsoever to be bossed around and taken in too much by a new man. No man had ever managed that, and it should stay that way, she summed up in her mind. Exaggerated love letters and promises could only end in a love-hate relationship, she was sure of that. Or fill the love horoscope of a cheap booklet.

The Stranger and the Love of Leather

After a quick breakfast, she hastily made her way to the university. Lea had almost totally overslept, which didn't help her mood. There, a free parking space on the university grounds where she usually likes to stand! She quickly pulled up, only to be immediately thwarted by another vehicle. "What an impertinence!" she exclaims from the window, which she promptly lowered.

A dashing, black and sportily cut car calmly pulled into the parking bay. And suddenly Lisa held her breath. A tall, defined male body emerged. Green sneakers, tight-fitting leather trousers, three-day beard, black leather jacket, blond and short, very stylishly cut hair. "A really handsome man," she suddenly gasped. His outfit made her frown, all leather the way he was dressed. Was this one of the fetish birds who hung around in the fetish chat in question? But there was something intriguing about him - and the leather.

Scared by the immediate tingling in her body, she was about to start up again and continue her search for a parking space, when this insanely attractive-looking man actually approached her. Her breath caught, she could hear her pulse pounding in her ears. A violent, almost painful yearning suddenly announced itself between her legs, the tips of her breasts instinctively hardened. Unconsciously she moistened her lips and tossed her dark curly mane over her shoulders. Restlessly, she rubbed her round buttocks back and forth on the seat.

Angrily, green-grey eyes, framed by dark lashes combined with blonde hair, locked directly into her brown ones. Sweat began to trickle between her breasts. Lea's body reacted with a fierceness to this man in leather that almost threw her off her feet. He casually rolled up the arms of his leather jacket and leaned against her car with his strong and hairy forearm.

"Hi. My name is Alex. And in future you're going to make way for me straight away without shouting 'impertinence', got it?" Lea was completely caught off guard at the discrepancy of appearance and demeanour. Finally, in disbelief, she managed to say, "Excuse me?"

"So again for the obtuse among us. I'm the boss around here. When I come, you have to make room. You think you're better than me? Got that, you little nerd?"

Lea's mouth fell open. Never had a man behaved so disrespectfully towards her. Surely she couldn't let that stand! Outraged, she pushed open the door, pushing him aside and got out. She immediately stood up in front of him, wanting to demonstrate her physical size, but that didn't help much, because Alex was a good head taller than her and Lea wasn't exactly short. "How dare you! I've been studying here for a long time and I've got my regular parking space that no one has given me yet."

A kiss and the smell of leather

That was all she got to. The strong man called Alex suddenly grabbed the mane at the back of her head, pressed her against her car with his angular pelvis and forced his tongue into her mouth. Lea barely managed to catch her breath before she felt his greedy, urgent wetness. The kiss was an example of power. Alex was not really being gentle. No, not in any way. Roughly, he pushed her decisively against the cold car, took possession of her tender mouth as a matter of course and pushed his powerful thigh between her legs. The fact that she was wearing a dress today, although jeans usually adorned her contours, was a coincidence that Alex exploited mercilessly. His knee rubbed provocatively against her vulva. The feeling as the leather grazed her skin, plus the unique smell of the material, coupled with Alex's dominance, completely confused Lea. What was wrong with her? Where was her composure? She felt naked and helpless, at the mercy of her lust.

Lea could no longer think clearly. Thousands of novel sensations suddenly trickled through her body, making her vibrate like an instrument about to be played by the master. That warm tongue kept thrusting, almost "raping" her mouth. She tasted this man with his rough and uncouth behaviour, smelled his masculine essence, his musk, the fascinating leather. Her senses went completely crazy.

Suddenly his hand was on her middle. Lea flinched briefly, for she had not seen it coming. A quick breath of air on her legs, Alex brazenly lifted the skirt of her dress and made his way to her sanctuary. She should kick him between the legs now and give him a resounding slap! Actually. God, what was wrong with her? Lea almost let this ruffian take her in the street in front of everyone!

Involuntarily, she squeezed her thighs together, but he wouldn't let her. By shifting his body weight a little, Alex again gave her no chance of resistance. He was simply too present, too assertive in his behaviour. But did Lea really want to fight back? Was Alex overpowering her for real right now? No, if she was honest with herself. The stranger was shaking her awake, upsetting her whole world, but he was definitely not doing violence to her. On the contrary. Alex seemed to instinctively sense what she seemed to need deep inside her at that very moment. As if Lea had been asleep for a long time and had finally been kissed awake. And not only her and her lust, but also her sexual fetishism. Leather, what a cuddly, fragrant, living material. She wanted to taste and enjoy much more of it!

Affection with penetrating fingers

Alex's pronounced fingers grasped her outer labia with a firm grip, pulled spiritedly and began to part the labia and rub her clit incessantly. Between thumb and forefinger he rubbed her pearl with unrelenting yet gentle pressure, teasing it further and further. What would these movements feel like with fingers in leather gloves? Lea hardly dared to continue this intoxicating thought. There was too much of a feeling that the world had stopped. Her mind's cinema circled inexorably. She had not been able to come to clear conclusions for a long time. Their lovemaking happened in the open street. She would never have thought such a thing possible in the morning. Was it really her? The dear, striving Lea, who lives only for learning and her studies, who pulls herself together in a disciplined way? Since when did she give herself up quickly to strange guys in leather outfits?

Alex could probably guess her train of thought. Along with the thrusts of his tongue, he suddenly inserted two of his thick fingers into Lea. Rhythmically, he slid them from the outside to the inside and back again. He penetrated her by now dripping wet triangle with his fingers. A slight smacking sound could be heard. In response, Lea opened her legs even wider. Instinctively, Alex slid another finger behind her. A moan escaped Lea, caught by his mouth. Briefly he released it, allowing her to catch her breath.

With her head held high, Lea noticed that they seemed to be unobserved, their spot being slightly off the main car park. He skilfully concealed them under his leather jacket, franking them off protectively from prying eyes, hiding their fetish play from the outside world. Lea liked the fact that Alex, despite all his passion, respected her privacy and didn't selfishly flaunt her following his urges without asking. It really wasn't an assault, more like an incredibly intense and mindful mutual enjoyment.

"I didn't give you permission to do that to me, Alex!", Lea hissed at him, panting heavily and overcome with fierce emotion. Grinning audaciously, Alex looked down at Lea. Like a pirate from distant times, nonchalantly taking possession. Flawless white teeth flashed at her. Sensually he licked his full lips. Lea didn't want to, but involuntarily followed his every move. Suddenly Alex leaned closer to her again and murmured in her ear:

"Have you forgotten already? I'm the boss here. And you, little nerd, are enjoying every fucking moment of me possessing you right now. Your sweet nerdy crack is soaking wet." After a little pause, he added, "How beautiful you would look in a leather skirt. Or ravishingly seductive in a leather catsuit."

A violent orgasm and true love

Shame overcame Lea at her own lust, which came over her completely unexpectedly, shared with this strange fiend who probably couldn't count good manners among his character traits. She was standing here in a car park, her crotch overflowing with lust juice, her lips swollen like an easy girl. Did this stranger think she was easy then?

Alex must have sensed her sensations. Where the incredibly intense familiarity and attraction came from, neither could explain. Sinking deeply into her eyes, he brushed a strand of hair from her flushed face and whispered caressing words, "Little, adorable nerd, never be ashamed of your lust. That's why you'll never be corrupted, you know? You are so pure and innocent... And I am so raw and dirty. Still trust me, I mean well with you. Let yourself go. I'll show you the whole world of fetish. You won't believe what there is to discover, besides the leather."

Thereupon he lowered his mouth to hers again. This time he waited, pausing pleadingly before her lips, gaining her permission. No sooner did Lea open her lips with a short, yearning moan than he parted them tempestuously with his tongue. Briefly, the thought occurred to Lea that at that moment she was missing her lecture, which had long since begun. This had never happened to her before. An hour ago she would have been ashamed of this circumstance. But now, sheltered in the stranger's arms, Lea felt more alive than she had in ages. Had she ever known this feeling before? Barely aware of the ground beneath her feet, seemingly floating with happiness.

His hand groped for her. The soft and swollen flesh readily accepted his fingers. This time they slid fully into her, thrusting gently at first, then harder and harder, protected from the prying eyes of outsiders. With each thrust, Lea moaned more. Suddenly her eyes almost went black. A tremendous rush of unimagined feelings of arousal and desire overcame Lea. Dragging her along, making her fly to distant worlds whose existence could only be rudimentarily guessed at. "Fly, wicked nerd!", Lea thought she heard Alex say in the distance...

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