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Kurzgeschichte: Mein erstes Mal mit einem Fußfetischisten

Short Story: My first time with a foot fetishist

My first time with a foot fetishist

He was a sportsman and successful in his profession, but never told me what he really did for a living. But I guessed from his clothes and jewellery that he must be in the upper middle class. Surprisingly, he was single. He had never had a steady relationship that lasted for a long period of time. When asked why his relationships all fell apart at some point, he said that none of the women could live with his fetish. He, on the other hand, did not want any secrecy alongside an existing relationship, and he could not suppress his fetish for too long. I encountered this problem of fetish with compatibility of partnership and everyday life very often when I talked to the men. He could have sex without his desire, but this did not give him the same fulfilment. He was a foot fetishist.

To date, I had encountered the fetish more in connection with worn shoes and socks or extravagant heels. His request was characterised by the fact that his partner's feet were used on an equal footing with his hands and were included in the sexual interaction. Interestingly, I knew I would never fall in love with this man. He would not appeal to me as a potential steady partner. I would not want to date him. And yet he had a certain attraction for me. There was a certain sexual crackle between us. And so I experienced really good sex without love for the first time and realised for myself that sexuality doesn't necessarily need love. On the contrary, sometimes love is rather counterproductive in terms of satisfying sex. But sympathy is a must. This existed between us in a weird and somehow very unique way.

So we got into conversation. He told me a lot about his fetish in general and that many followers of it would be ashamed, whether it was already quite well-known and whether there was a certain tolerance towards it in society. He said to me: "I have never seen a person who openly admits that he likes to sniff worn sneakers and masturbate."

I felt sorry for these sufferers. Why is this actually so with such a beautiful and versatile fetish as the foot fetish? I like everything that appeals to the senses, even during sex. And to smell, don't we usually like to do that too? Is there really this difference whether I like to smell my partner's neck or feet? The term foot fetish includes a whole lot of subgroups, a great and lively world!

So one afternoon we were sitting together watching films. And as it happens, one thing led to another. We fumbled a bit at first, then he asked me if he could smell my feet and if he could take them in his hands. It was unusual at first to spend time with a man who turns his attention almost exclusively to one part of his body. It's hard to find words for it. But I can urge every woman not to be shy about it. A fetishist who worships a certain body part will help you to see your own body with completely different eyes. A fetishist notices every little thing about you and pays homage to it! It is, quite simply, a wonderful experience!

But again, our fetishism is a wonderful experience.

But back to our exciting sex: he knelt at my feet, but this moment had nothing to do with submission. I learned that kneeling meant homage in itself between equal partners. Very gently, he removed my socks. He pressed my socks against his nose for quite a while, breathing deeply in and out. I was fascinated and horrified at the same time. Normally everyone puts their worn socks in the laundry straight away, don't they? Later he told me that I could have smelled his feet even more intensely, because he can't get enough of it. What repels one person stimulates another.

I offered him my feet, leaned back relaxed and just let him do it. Tensely I watched him. His warm hands now encircled my feet. He lifted them and smelled the soles of my feet. It always smells intense there, he said once afterwards. And suddenly he licked my toes. He ran his tongue into the spaces between the toes while gently massaging the rest of the foot with his hands.

You dear women, you only know what a great foot massage is once you have enjoyed it with a foot fetishist. Then you will experience perfection! It was very pleasant, this wet and warm feeling of his tongue on my skin. Suddenly he sucked on my toes, pulling one after the other into his mouth. Starting with the little toes and finishing with the big toe. How wonderfully arousing that was! This toe-sucking instantly sent pleasant shivers down my belly, straight into my pleasure centre. I became very wet between my thighs and instinctively put my hand on myself. I began to rub and tug my pearl between my fingers while he continued to suck my toes. Then he kissed the soles of my feet, and he was naked while he did it. I saw his hard erection rising, what a magnificent dick he had! At the same time, he didn't seem to notice me at all, so absorbed was he in his activity.

We left the sofa and went into the bedroom. I sat down on the bed. He suddenly knelt again, this time with his head between my legs. Heavens, this man knew how to use his tongue! He chose the right amount of pressure, sucked my pearl at the right strength, warm and wet, mixed with my juice. Then he said I tasted heavenly, and I came. I squirted directly on his face and was a little unsure about it at first. I hadn't seen such a violent orgasm coming and was a little concerned. But he picked up my juice with his hands and gently wiped it onto my feet. He then licked it off my feet with relish. His member became visibly plumper.

After a while I asked him to sit on the bed. He had given me a wonderful orgasm so far, and now I wanted to give him the same honour. I asked him if he would like it if I satisfied his phallus with my feet. At my question, he began to glow from the inside out, making him look years younger. And so I took his dick between my feet and drove rhythmically up and down, squeezing every now and then and rubbing from bottom to top.

It's unusual and takes a bit of practice to do a footjob. By the way, it's a great workout, because it requires a certain amount of stamina, and the abdominal muscles are constantly tensed and trained in the meantime. But I could spontaneously get enthusiastic about it. "Can I splash on your feet?" I spontaneously replied, "Yes." His orgasm came shortly after my permission, and he poured out onto both my feet with a heavy moan. I enjoyed the feeling and the sight of the warm liquid on them. Spontaneously, I took a picture of my feet with his juice.

I gave him the snapshot and thought to myself in the heat of the moment that I would do this sexual play thing again. This foot fetishist just horny! Even now I like to go back to this world of play, which I was allowed to get to know at the time and which I remembered so well that I took it over into my sexual experience. Less as a fetish, however, and more as a way of enriching my love life and making it lively and varied. A special preference does not always have to develop into a fetish. I think the most important thing is to always be open to varied experiences and to try out new things. Every game can be stopped if you don't like it, but a missed opportunity often doesn't come back in this form in life and is regretted more in retrospect.

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