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Natursektgeschichten: Sexspiele mit Urin

Pee stories: sex games with urine

Golden shower stories - FSK 18 - Facesitting Golden shower, Slave pissing and golden shower toilet

I developed a preference for playing with bodily fluids when I met my first Dom in the context of BDS. encounter with my first Dom in the context of BDSM. Today I know, that golden shower and caviar games do not necessarily have to be in the context of BDSM. with BDSM. Sensual sex has always appealed to me. I have always liked to know that all sensual levels are addressed during sex. Whether it's the whether it's the smell and taste of the person I'm with or the materials or or natural elements, it doesn't really matter. The main thing is that all the senses are addressed.

Natursekt is a formulation for the body's own urine. The nice thing about is that one's own urine is often naturally available to one, without any without the need for much prior preparation. Our own urine is a gift from nature that we can use quite easily. uncomplicated way. Mutual health is of course a prerequisite, of course, because diseases can be transmitted through urine. can be transmitted through urine. Complete respect for the health of my playing partner should be a matter of course. be a matter of course and does not imply any leeway or interpretation. Urine comes out of our bodies warm and is initially relatively odourless. odourless. Only with time does the intense odour develop through contamination in the air and typical biological reactions. and typical biological reactions, the intense odour develops. The taste of urine depends very much on what we have eaten and whether we have drunk a lot or little has been drunk. The less one has drunk, the tastier and more strikingly coloured the urine will be.

Golden shower games in natursekt dating and yellow urine

My first Dom was in his fifties and in the middle of life. We watched porn together from time to time. While we were at it, we also watched golden shower games, which inspired us a lot. So it happened that the Dom emptied his bladder on my body to humiliate me. emptied his bladder on my body. I felt the warm, tangy stream on my on my breasts and belly down to my toes. When the Dom had rubbed and worked my nipples sore, they were red and swollen, then he would piss on them to finish them off. the pain was intensified by the uric acid in my urine. the uric acid in the urine. Afterwards he would often order me to lick the tips of my breasts. lick the tips of my breasts. When he wanted to educate me, he would order me to pee in a bowl or he would pee in a bowl. into a bowl or he would pee in it himself for me. I was then I was then his slave and was allowed to drink his urine or my urine and completely empty the bowl. completely empty.

When he felt like it, he would demand that I masturbate with my own masturbate in front of him with my own urine. It also happened that I was allowed to myself while he stood over me and pissed on my cunt. pissed. Sometimes there was also the use of a speculum and a funnel during lovemaking. funnel. Once, with the help of a speculum, the Dom stretched my vagina wide open. wide open. When it was wide open, he stood in front of me and pissed pissed directly into my cunt. A horny, wet and breathtaking feeling! breathtaking feeling!

The funnel was used more often. It was inserted either vaginally or anally. So the Dom could fill me with his urine or excrement at will. with his urine or excrement. Some days I acted as a human toilet. toilet. My mouth was wide open when the Dom squatted over my face and my face and did his urine business in my mouth. This I found this form of humiliation extremely arousing, especially as any interaction in the facial area should be very intimate and trusting. trusting. In this way, the bodily fluids can no longer be avoided and it "has" to be done. the body fluids can no longer be avoided and it is a "must" to take in the ingest.

Urine sample and urine smell in golden shower from source

The guy also often ordered me to rub my urine on myself. with my urine. I was allowed to pee into a container in front of him and then pour the golden liquid over my body and rub it in thoroughly. and rub it in thoroughly. As I began to smell unpleasant over time, he ordered me to smell, the Dom ordered me to sit down in a corner and remain there until he had until he allowed me to take a shower. Sometimes I was also allowed to the same humiliating procedure again and satisfy myself, because he myself, because he wanted nothing to do with me in this state. with me in this state. This playing was highly arousing and very satisfying and fulfilling at the same time. and fulfilling at the same time. To fully enjoy breaking this taboo to do something indecent, which was not proper, added enormously to the excitement.

The guy also managed to control himself physically so that he could pee despite an erection. to pee despite his erection, which not all men seem to be able to do. So he shoved the full length of his magnificent schwa** down my throat to to order me to keep my mouth open so that he could pee into it. so that he could pee in it. I then had to drink all his urine. urine. I had to concentrate very hard not to choke, because he demanded that I not to swallow, because he was constantly demanding me. With his penis as far as it would go in his mouth, he would release his urine. I had to swallow with his penis in my mouth. swallow with his penis in my mouth. Peeing on my face and hair was also a consensual act. was a consensual act by both of us. Once I was even allowed to wash my hair with my own urine. I was even allowed to wash my hair with my own urine.

golden shower pictures Outdoor, golden shower shot and drink golden shower

Golden shower games also lend themselves very well to online tasks for education in - of course consensual - BDSM togetherness. The Dom used to give me tasks in this regard when he couldn't be with me. with me. Bladder control was also a popular tool in his education. education. I was first allowed to ask for permission to go to the toilet. If I was given permission, I was told at what intervals I could pee. I was allowed to pee. I had to take pauses between urinating to urine in order to train my body sensation and to gain better control over my control over my bodily functions.

Often I would record audios for the Dom so that he could check if I was following his precise instructions. This variation of the game was time-consuming and not always easy to implement due to daily commitments. to do it all the time because of everyday commitments. But if you like it, it is worth trying out these types of play is always worthwhile. The pleasure gained for both sides is enormously enriching. Urine is always available, whether at home or on the or on the road. The master also incorporated elements of the demonstration into his education. his education. For example, I was once allowed to urinate outdoors on a I was allowed to urinate outdoors. I had to wear a skirt without panties and film myself inconspicuously. film myself inconspicuously. This was one of my biggest challenges one of my greatest challenges, because it challenged my sense of shame even though the location was deserted. Once this hurdle hurdle is overcome, there is a great feeling of happiness afterwards. fears and ideas of shame and to have overcome them. and overcome them. I am still grateful to the Dom today for all these precious and wonderful and wonderful experiences we were able to share together!

Note: The play situations described were mutually consensual and did not happen neither under coercion nor in the context of any kind of violence. exercise of violence. BDSM is not violence. Everything happened with my with my consent and at my request.

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