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BDSM Geschichte - Die Sklavin Ella und ihre sexy Gefangenschaft

BDSM Story - The slave girl Ella and her sexy captivity

The slave Ella and her sexy captivity

The auctioneer's voice echoed through the room as he announced lot number 5 - a woman whose fate was sealed. She should be sold into slavery and the punishment for her crimes should be severe. The crowd of bidders stunned when they saw what awaited them: hanging from the ceiling, hooks pierced her nipples, and a spiked cock cage pierced her throat. Her body was fixed with a bondage belt that held two dildos tightly in her pussy and ass, and over it all lay an insidious magic vibrator that rested heavily on the poor girl's clitoris. In short, she had been made permanently horny with no hope of redemption or relief other than forced orgasm. Despite this seemingly unbearable ordeal, the girl kept her composure and gazed stoically at the potential buyers, who stared hungrily at her exposed flesh, imagining themselves mastering such a submissive creature. As the bids soared, one bidder stood out who seemed determined not to give that price to anyone else.

When it became clear that there could only be one winner in this lottery of lustful depravity, the buyer stepped forward - revealing himself to be none other than Lord Chaste himself! After confirming his purchase to thunderous applause from those present (and perhaps a little envy), he declared that he would take full responsibility for disciplining his new slave to his strict standards. Ella was a slave who had been sold to Lord Chaste and her fate was sealed. She didn't know what to expect in his castle, but she knew it was going to be tough. With a heavy heart she entered the great hall of the prince's palace, for she did not know how long she would have to serve him and whether there was any hope of escaping at all.

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The prince received Ella with cruel words and, without asking, ordered her to obey all his commands. He forbade her to leave the castle without his permission and required her to oblige him sexually whenever he wished. The humiliation was even greater when Ella found out that she also had to share with other slaves for his perverse entertainment in front of his eyes.

Lord Chaste enjoyed displaying Ella like an animal, either chaining her or tying her to a table while entertaining his guests at dinner parties. At these gatherings, Ella had no choice but to eat and drink from a bowl while chained before being passed around for the amusement and enjoyment of the guests - which was even more painful as there was no privacy or dignity for her as human gave. Over time, however, Ella found solace in this awful situation by learning to cope despite the unbearable circumstances of her enslavement - she found little moments where she could still feel joy amidst the despair, such as the birds caught between the sexual Encounters flew freely out through the tiny windows, and she reminded herself that there was still freedom beyond those walls, even if it was denied to her at the moment. One day Lord Chaste noticed that one of his friends was interested in Ella. His friend's name was Jacob and he wanted to buy her from Lord Chaste so they could be together without her being seen as a slave. But Lord Chaste refused to let her go because he saw great potential in her and wanted her to keep working for him.

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But Jacob didn't give up easily; he loved Ella with all his heart and would do anything to be with her. He came up with the idea of ​​challenging Lord Chaste to a duel. If Jacob won, he would get Ella as a prize, if not, she would remain in the Lord's possession forever. Lord Chaste initially agreed out of curiosity, but soon grew more serious when he realized what was at stake: losing this fight meant potentially losing something dear to him - Ella. Winning meant being around someone special that he already held in high esteem. So both prepared for the fight!

Finally the day came when they faced each other on the battlefield. In one corner stood Lord Chaste with his sword, in the other Jacob armed with nothing but courage and determination! The two men engaged in a fierce battle from which Jacob ultimately emerged victorious after delivering several powerful blows to his opponent's armor. That ended their duel, and Jacob gained ownership of Ella - ending her time as a slave once and for all! Shortly thereafter, they got married to everyone's delight! And from then on they lived happily ever after as husband and wife.

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