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SM Fetisch Kurzgeschichte: Toiletten Fetisch und KV Fetische

SM Fetish Short Story: Toilet Fetish and KV Fetishes

CV Fetish Games Between Dom and Sub

Have you ever thought of playing with your excrement aka caviar or someone else's caviar? Have you ever had any fantasies to that effect? No? Or yes? Years ago I would have answered "yes", combined with a high red head and only thinking secretly. But do we at some point allow our fantasies to become real experiences? I probably would not have taken action myself. The shame of tackling this social taboo was too great. Only to be found in supposedly weird porn, eking out a marginal existence.

Well, as fate would have it, I met a Dom. He was a slightly more mature man and had written to me in response to a personal ad. On a platform for dating and getting to know each other, not on a platform for seeking sex. But that's how fate took its course.

SM fetish contacts in the fetish forum

From the beginning we had a very good connection to each other, could talk very well and found the same preferences and interests. I was still relatively inexperienced and had not yet gained any experience with BDSM in particular. At that time I thought caviar games were exclusively BDSM. Today I know that this is not necessarily the case.

This Dom had a special preference for anal intercourse and caviar games. His desire was to be able to do his business on me and I would then be given tasks in handling his caviar. I was also allowed to play with my own caviar. Latex toys were also often used, especially plugs and anal dildos. I was not allowed to poop on him, only his cock was allowed to come into contact with it. In addition, he would have loved to take a leak directly into my mouth. This variant is widespread among the followers of this type of play. For me personally, this was one of the few taboos.

Writing with him excited me a lot. He made something in me vibrate. Today I know that he was my gateway into a new unknown exciting world. Through him I found the possibility to live out myself and my fantasies and needs. A play relationship began. He found in me an interested and experimental playmate. I found in him an experienced man who took me by the hand and together we took our first steps into unknown worlds of play. Our age difference was enormous. This was an additional attraction for both sides.

One of the most intense experiences we shared in cot-playing

In the latex thong, I stood in front of him. He ordered me to strip off my rubber panties and lie down under him, squatted over me and did his big business on my breasts. I was then allowed to play with them. I left my face out of it. As my Dom, he watched me very closely. Everything had been agreed beforehand and was done with my consent and by mutual agreement.

Then I was instructed to relieve myself big, with my legs spread and naked in front of him. As I did so, I pushed an anal vibrator into my anus. The anal sex toy felt incredibly arousing. When this was done, I was supposed to push my caviar back into my anus, piece by piece. Then I had to expel it again and make it big again.

Push in, push out, push in, push out

The faeces on my body gradually began to dry due to my body heat. At first it was odourless, then a sweetish smell gradually emerges. Not unpleasant, but very intense. I experienced this pleasure with all my senses. The Dom dribbled oil on me so that I could rub it into the caviar. That way it stayed supple longer and didn't crumble so quickly. When I had filled my anus again, the Dom took me anally from behind. I felt everything being pushed deeper into me, back deeper again. He thrust hard.

CV fetish, toilet fetish and enema fetish

After a few thrusts, he poured into my ass. Shortly afterwards I came very hard. The scolding, the humiliation and the using had their effect on it. He took his cock out of me. Now I had to do him on his cock. My next task was to satisfy him orally as he was. I agreed to pleasure only the glans. I did not swallow any of it because this was my taboo. The taste was extremely intense, somehow metallic and tart-sweet, hard to describe.

He became hard again. I was instructed to sit on him and ride him anally. So I rode him anally with my legs spread, allowing him a wonderful view of my middle. I now bent over slightly so that he could pull and twist the tips of my breasts. He rubbed the excrement as he did so. It smelled deliciously wicked and created a stimulating sensation in my consciousness. Almost animalistic, to be possessed like that.

Then he handed me the tip of my breast to his mouth and I had to suck on my breast. I was allowed to stimulate myself at the same time. I came a second time shortly afterwards, extremely violently, and I poured myself over his abdomen. He quickly pulled his member out of me shortly afterwards and poured out onto my face and hair. Afterwards, he lovingly washed me all over and we took a hot bath together, me cuddling against his chest.

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