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SM Fetisch Kurzgeschichte: Toiletten Fetisch und KV Fetisch

SM Fetish Short Story: Toilet Fetish and KV Fetish

FSK 18 - erotic stories

Have you ever thought about using your feces aka caviar play or someone else's caviar? Have you ever had related fantasies? No? Or yes? I should have given you years ago answered "Yes", connected with a crimson head and only secretly thinking. But at some point we will allow that from our fantasies become real experiences? I probably wouldn't be myself become active. The shame, this social taboo, was too great to tackle Only found in supposedly weird porn, one fringe existence elapsed.

Well, as fate would have it, I met a Dom. he was in slightly more mature manhood and had me on a personal ad written to. On a platform for dating and getting to know each other, not on a sex solicitation platform. But so fate took its course.

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We had a very good relationship with each other right from the start, we knew each other very well entertained and found common tastes and interests. I was still relatively inexperienced and had none especially with BDSM can gain experience. At that time I thought caviar games are assigned exclusively to BDSM. Today I know that this is not necessarily has to be the case.

This dom had a special fondness for anal sex and caviar games. It was his desire to do his business with me can, and then I get tasks in handling his caviar. Also I was allowed to play with my own caviar. Latex toys also came often used, especially plugs and anal dildos. Him I wasn't allowed to poop, only his cock was allowed to touch it come. In addition, he would very much like to have his necessities directly in the Mouth made, I would have been his human toilet. This variant is widespread among the supporters of this type of game. For me personally, this was one of the few taboos, done right in the mouth to get.

Writing with him excited me greatly. He brought something in me to swing. Today I know that he was my gateway into a new unknown exciting world was. Through him I found the opportunity to me and to live out my fantasies and needs. It was purely sexual with him lived BDSM. A gambling relationship began. He found one in me interested and experimental playmate. I found one in him experienced man who took my hand and together with me first steps into unknown game worlds. Our age difference was enormously. This was an added attraction for both sides.

One of the most intense experiences we shared in scat playing

I stood in front of him in the latex thong. He ordered me to give me the gum Stripping off my panties and lying down under him went over me Crouch and did his big deal on my bosom. I was allowed in Play with it afterwards and rubbed the whole portion on mine entire body. I left out my face and cunt. he as my Dom watched me very closely and insulted me in between as a dirty bitch. Everything was agreed beforehand and happened with my consent by mutual consent.

Then I was instructed to poop myself, legs apart and naked in front of him. I pushed an anal vibrator into mine Anus and spread my rosette. The feces oozed out next to him Anal sex toys out, which felt incredibly arousing. When this was done, I should put my caviar back in shove my anus, bit by bit. Following this retire and make it big again.

Stuff in, push out, stuff in, push out

The feces on my body gradually began to dry due to my body heat. Initially he was odorless, then arises gradually a sweet smell. Not unpleasant, but very intense. Experience with all your senses. The Dom dribbled oil on me so that I could rub this with the caviar. So it stayed supple longer and didn't crumble so quickly. When I again my anus with my Feces filled, the dom took me anally from behind. I felt how the poo was pushed deeper into me, deeper into my bowels again return. He pushed hard, scolded me his perverse whore.

KV Fetish, Toilet Fetish and Enema Fetish

After a few thrusts, he spilled into my butt. came shortly after it's very hard for me. The scolding, the humiliation and the use had an impact on it. He got his cock out of me. Well I had to mix my caviar with his cream on his poop cock My next task was to blow him along with the Pollution. I agreed to just lick and suck the glans. I let the feces out of the corners of my mouth while blowing run. I didn't swallow any of it because that was my taboo. The Taste was extremely intense, somehow metallic and tart-sweet, heavy to describe.

He got hard again. I was instructed to sit on him and to ride anally. I refused vaginally because of the Risk of infection if feces get into the vagina. So I rode him anally with her legs apart, allowing him a wonderful view of my middle. I leaned forward slightly so that he touched mine could pull and twist breast tips. He rubbed the feces in the process. It smelled wonderfully wicked and created a stimulating and nasty feeling in consciousness. Almost animalistic, so possessed take.

Then he handed me the tip of my breast to my mouth and I had to suck my breast, along with the caviar daran. I was allowed to at the same time stimulate on the clitoris. It struck me a second time shortly after violently, and I spilled all over his abdomen. He drew his beautiful Cock quickly out of me shortly thereafter and splashed his sperm on mine face and my hair. Then he washed me lovingly all over my body off and we took a hot bath together, I snuggling up against his Breast.

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