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Süße Liebesgeschichte: Sub und Meister begehren sich

Sweet love story: sub and master desire each other

A little love story: Sub Dom relationship with latex mask and sex toy submission

I can feel your eyes on me as I walk across the room. You sitting on a corner seat and I can see the hunger in your eyes. I know what you want and I will give it to you. I am behind you and put a hand around your neck. The other combs your hair out of the Neck. You spread your feet while I mine shove your shoe roughly between them. I move closer to you again. Now even more delicate scents flow into my nose. In front of my eyes your bare neck closes. Stormy kisses on the neck, one squeezing erection on your butt.

I grant you the brief moment of power over me and stretch out my hand out of. Goosebumps form on your skin from my touch, while I run my hands down your body and all yours feel the most sensitive areas. My lips find yours and kiss you deep as I press against you from behind. You can feel how aroused I am, and that only makes you more desirable. I can feel your breath on my skin, warm and inviting. I want you Touch even more intensely, the softness of your flesh beneath mine fingers. But I'm not doing it yet. I wait patiently and leave the anticipation grow until it's almost too much.

Sub and master and romantic love stories

Suddenly I pull away from you and give you some hard ones slaps on the breasts. I hold them tight between strokes in my hands and enjoy how they bounce back after each hit. You moan in anticipation of what's next as I watch you say in your ear: "You belong to me now." The moment has come. I claw at your hair and roughly push you back as I relax surrender to my desire. I walk over to the table and before you you you're lying on this one and I'm on you. Our mouths are closed, our tongues explore each other deeply. my hands wander over your beautiful body and explore every inch of you.

Do you feel my hard cock pressing against you and do you know that I desire you as much as you desire me? I can barely hold my moans of pleasure hold back. I greedily reach down between us and lead my erection inside you. I thrust deep into you and fill you out with my heat We moan with pleasure as we begin to move together, our bodies tightly intertwined.

The passion between us is undeniable and we both know that there is no turning back now. We always push each other closer to the orgasm, until finally we are close to mutual explosion of ecstasy. Then I pull myself jerkily back out of you, ignore your protests, straighten me up and explode across your face and hairline. Their names Sperm splashes drip down on you. You close your eyes and moaning as the scent and taste of me fills your senses. As I'm done, I'll put a tight latex mask over your head and include the smell of sex. The cold leather of the high collar nestles over the shiny latex. centimeters for centimeters it becomes a part of you.

Short love stories to think about

You are mine now - drawn and fertilized with my scent and Taste on your delicate skin. Nobody will you with anything else confused than with what you are now: my property. Yes I am not done with you yet, my beautiful slave. I watch how you submit to me and put on the spider ring gag which fits perfectly to the latex mask. You know I'm with This gag gives you complete control over your mouth and your have body. You can't resist as I tighten the straps and put the gag in position. You belong to Me. i can with you do what i want. I'll take a moment to read yours To enjoy helplessness before I lead you into the bedroom.

I put you gently on the bed and start to close your body explore, kiss and lick every inch of you. Your moans will muffled by the gag toy. You squirm under me, but the Gag prevents you from saying anything. I'll tease and torment you until Your whole body begs for release with every twitch. Then I stretch I reach out my hand and suddenly touch you very gently. I leave mine Hands slide down your sides until they are on your hips settle. I pull you closer to me and feel the warmth your lovely body on mine. Then I put my arms around me you and bury my face in your neck until my beard stubble start scratching you

I enjoy the moment, hold you tight and enjoy the sensations that flow through me. I take a step back and look at you. You breathe heavily through the mask now, and your eyes shine through it thin slits with desire. And then I know that this will be good will - very well. You can feel the heat of the room while your body is shown in front of me. You move restlessly and try to find yourself to cover, but I give you almost no freedom of movement. Your Thighs are now spread wide, your butt is on a pillow presented. So exposed and vulnerable, at my mercy. My Gaze grazes you unashamedly, studying every detail of yours gorgeous body. The shaved face. The shaved, slightly open, wet shiny, throbbing and ringed pussy. the bound breasts, who are tied with ropes. Fair game presented for use. I still like you best exposed like a mud.

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My fingers touch you lightly and tickle your skin, wanting you tease and sadistically torment while you get goosebumps tense body. You tremble under my touch as I start exploring yourself and closing all your sensitive spots find. My fingers dance around your clit, which is underneath mine Touch hardens before I move further down and yours already wet orifice charms. As the whip cracks against your skin it's unexpected for you. You can't help but fill up with lust and to writhe in pain. Feel the heat simmering in your body spreads hot and ignites your desire even more. Increasingly impatient you become, more and more fidgety and greedy. But I'm holding you You you have to persevere and you have no other choice. Your lust and your body belong to me You'll suffer for me and your lust, you hear, lud**?

It's time to find yourself and yours again become aware of the role. I would love to know what's in your pretty little head is going on. The heat of punishment with the braided Leather straps will be unforgettable. 6 hits on each ti***. 6 strokes between the legs, which is where it hurts a woman the most. 6 strokes up every ass cheek. Half a dozen. Next time it will be a dozen be. Red welts will soon adorn your back, your bottom, the Backs of your thighs, your breasts and your Sha*area. My marks on your body remind you who is here is in control. You've always been a rebellious woman who refused to be constrained by society's expectations permit. You designed your life on your own terms. When we met and you volunteered, through me, your master, sentenced to lifelong sexual bondage weren't you just accepting it.

Sweet love story of sub and master

You fought tooth and nail against me and even more against you ourselves, but in the end we both had too strong feelings for each other. You became my slave and hung up on the breasts with a latex Toy cock in your cunt, your ass and your mouth and a magic massage stick on your clitoris. Then you got a from me Put on a bondage belt that doubles your cunt and ass tied. And to top it off, you got a knucklehead put the ring deep in your throat. you were made by me made permanently horny and against your will to an orgasm after forced others. That's how you became my sex toy that I'm after Use and abuse at will. And there was nothing you could do about it because you loved me just as much and irrevocable, like me you.

Well, do you like what you hear? What once happened between us and always still happening? But enough reminiscing, little slave. Let me continue my torment and give you the delights that you desire For I am your most obedient servant.

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