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Fetisch-Kurzgeschichte: Petplay-Befehle im Blätterwirbel
21 January 2024

Fetish short story: Petplay commands in the swirl of leaves

In the picturesque town of Marbledale, known for its orderly streets and meticulously manicured gardens, lived a woman named Mrs....

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03 December 2023

FLR fetish short story

In a tranquil small town surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque landscapes lived a couple who had an unconventional relationship...

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Fetischismus Kurzgeschichte: Latex Dating mit Oldtimer
10 April 2023

Fetishism Short Story: Latex Dating with Vintage Cars

There are very crazy fetishes that are rather rare. For example the fetishism that a latex lady in high heels...

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Sexfantasie - Heiße Latex und Lack Fetisch Lesben
10 April 2023

Sexfantasy - Hot latex and paint fetish lesbians

Sexy lingerie lesbians in vinyl dresses and crotchless latex panties spoil my girlfriend in the office with oral sex and...

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Kurzgeschichte: Mein erstes Mal mit einem Fußfetischisten
10 April 2023

Short Story: My first time with a foot fetishist

Until now, I had encountered the foot fetish more in connection with worn shoes and socks or extravagant heels. His...

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