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Latex Geschichte - Fetisch Sexspiele beim Date

Fetish sex games with wet latex panties

The smell of love - a special kind of fetish meeting

"Say, wouldn't it be something for you to work as an erotic gossip?"

Claudia's warm voice snapped Nicole out of her thoughts. She had just watched a young couple through the windows of the small ice-cream parlour, standing hand in hand in a side alley outside a jewellery shop, looking at the glittering display. The blonde man smiled thoughtfully at his brunette partner as his square hand brushed her cheek.

"Nicole, I asked you a question," Claudia insisted, but her loving gaze belied the severity of her words. Nicole reluctantly looked away from the lovely-looking couple. A slight melancholy glowed in her green eyes as she turned her attention back to Claudia.

She looked at her expectantly. "You want me to work as an erotic gossip, are you serious?" Nicole asked hesitantly with raised eyebrows.

"Why not? It's an exciting job. You get to meet all kinds of people and it's never boring. Besides, I work in a great team where everyone can rely on each other. One of the presenters is leaving next week for personal reasons. The position needs to be filled. I spontaneously thought of you, Nicole! Claudia underlined her statement with a charming smile that emphasised her beauty and eloquence in a special way.

A hint of envy darkened Nicole's thoughts. Immediately she felt ashamed, for she had taken Claudia to her heart from the very first day. Claudia was not only an extremely attractive woman, but also possessed many wonderful character traits that made her whole person shine like a little sun. Nevertheless, Nicole reluctantly admitted that she couldn't really hold a candle to Claudia when it came to the common ideal of beauty. Nicole would also claim to have a good character and a sincere heart, but she did not consider herself to be very good-looking. When she walked down the street, men only occasionally turned to look at her. It was different with Claudia, who, when she entered a room, took it over almost completely.

"I don't know, Claudia. It's very kind of you to think of me. But I'm not as self-confident as you are, more the inconspicuous wallflower that no one sees. Shouldn't such a job be done by brave women who can wrap any man around their finger? What should I tell the customers? I can't think of anything, especially as I don't even have an exciting sex life, a relationship or an affair. Claudia, I'm not really a desirable woman. So I'm supposed to be able to animate men?" The laughter with which Nicole ended her speech sounded a little hollow and cynical.

Fetish chat in the fetish forum?

Claudia acknowledged with a dismissive gesture and countered with an "Oh, fiddlesticks". After taking a big sip of her latte macchiato, she beamed at Nicole with her blue eyes: "Don't put yourself down, Nicole! You are much more attractive than you think. Your reserved and thoughtful manner can be very erotic. But because you don't believe in yourself, other people don't believe in you either. For me, you are perfect for this position and I think it will restore your faith in yourself and your strength". With an elegant gesture of her hand, Claudia put down the long-stemmed cup and continued, "It is because I believe in you and see this as a great opportunity for you that I have told our boss that you would like the job. You have an appointment with him tonight. He will brief you on the job and you can start next week!"

Nicole choked on the piece of apple pie she had eaten while listening. When she caught her breath, she looked indignantly at Claudia, who gave her a challenging grin.

"Claudia, I really can't do this, I'm not like you, so sexy and confident. Isn't it indecent to do such a job?"

Claudia's smile became even brighter and almost lit up the entire dining room of the ice cream parlour. "Well, of course the job is hot, but what do we care about the stupid philistines? Besides, the double standards are our best customers!" Claudia winked at the waiter and ordered the bill. The waiter almost dropped the tray when he noticed Claudia's pretty appearance.

"Great, I guess he won't drop anything with me," Nicole commented self-deprecatingly on the waiter's reaction. Claudia skilfully overheard Nicole's smug remark and happily rummaged through her turquoise handbag. "You're invited, sweetie!" With a broad smile that revealed her well-groomed white teeth, Claudia added, "Tom, our boss, is really looking forward to meeting you!"

What would she wear? Tom was certainly used to being surrounded by beautiful women in stylish clothes. Claudia must have sensed her tension because she offered to take her shopping before the meeting. Gasping for breath, Nicole allowed Claudia to drag her into an erotic shop and push her into a dressing room deliberately located off the sales floor. There she had to try on exciting lingerie and dresses under Claudia's direction. In the end, Nicole was persuaded to buy an exclusive combination that she would never have chosen on her own. After Claudia playfully threatened to end their friendship, she laughingly agreed.

A hot wet look dress as the beginning of a love story?

Now, an ankle-length wet look dress with long sleeves flattered her curvy body and skilfully accentuated her assets. Nicole had never worn wetlook before, but she found the supple material very comfortable to wear and felt very feminine and attractive. The black wet look dress gave her an unprecedented sense of self-confidence and grandeur, which was enhanced by the latex lingerie she wore underneath.

Oh yes - the latex lingerie! Claudia had also discovered some very special ones for herself. The bra gave her a stunning cleavage and the matching panties subtly accentuated her hips and legs. She had heard of the exquisite material, but had always thought of this kind of fashion as being reserved for dark dominatrix studios. The fact that a normal woman like her could wear latex made her feel better and better. It made her feel deliciously naughty and wicked.

It had been a long time since Nicole had dressed so provocatively. Surprisingly, after an initial struggle, she felt surprisingly comfortable. She secretly thanked Claudia for recognising these feelings in her and helping them to break out with her sensitive advice on what to wear.

Nicole glanced nervously at the small watch on her wrist. Only a few more hours and she would be facing Tom. "Oh God!" she thought and swallowed a thick lump excitedly. "I hope he likes me."

A pleasant scent like a love letter

Nicole would never forget his pleasant perfume. The intense scent of musk and sandalwood enveloped her like a delicate ribbon, keeping away all the negative and oppressive thoughts of the last time. As if in a wonderful bubble, Nicole sat with Tom, the head of the erotic hotline, at a fine wooden table whose natural simplicity underlined the intimacy of the moment.

Tom had arranged for a chauffeur to pick them up and take them to this cosy restaurant. As the car pulled up, she saw Tom standing impressively at the entrance, framed by the shimmering lights of the posh restaurant.

What an imposing figure he was!

Nicole was immediately impressed by this man she had never met before and looked forward to their evening together, although she was too excited to speak. She almost stumbled into his arms as she stepped out of the black limousine, her light silk scarf caught in the door frame. The unusually high spikes of her high heels did the rest. Nicole was completely relieved when Tom smiled charmingly and skilfully caught her in a turn, then gallantly led her into the stylish restaurant.

It was an exhilarating feeling as they both stepped over the threshold with all eyes on them. Hardly anyone had turned to look at Nicole before. She could hardly cope with this new and unfamiliar situation and looked up uncertainly at Tom, who was a head taller than her, despite the high heels. He had taken her arm in the crook of his, as if it were a matter of course. The warmth of his body radiated powerfully to her, giving her the comforting feeling of being carried, which made her trust him. His grey eyes looked lovingly at her, and his mischievous grin tempted her to become completely detached in this exciting new situation.

Gallantly, Tom pulled Nicole's chair into place as she sat down at the romantically set table. Tom sat down at her side and unobtrusively gave the waiter a few whispered instructions, which he promptly followed. There was a quiet authority about this handsome man, and Nicole was not the only one to notice it.

An incredibly attractive fetishist

Grateful to have a few quiet and unobserved moments to herself, Nicole watched in fascination as Tom's fingers tapped gently on the keyboard of the laptop. He had brought the laptop and set it up in front of them.

Interestingly, Tom was not Nicole's visual type. His white shirt stretched over his pronounced upper body and upper arm muscles, hinting at the strength behind them. Nicole liked well-trained men who worked out and took care of their bodies, but not too much muscle. Normally - before she met Tom.

Now she found herself staring at his vibrant muscles, even feeling a slight excitement. Tom was also older than her previous partners. She guessed he was in his late fifties, for his hair was greyish and tied in a plait at the back of his head. It reached down to his shoulders and was still quite full despite his age. Tom also wore a full beard that ended in a plait.

Nicole had always liked her men beardless, but the scratching and tickling when they kissed bothered her. Then there was the plait in his beard - Tom was a type you didn't meet every day. His fascinating grey eyes were not at all cool and distant, as was often the case with that colour. There was a small wild fire in them, a promise of a passion that could take hold, giving his gaze an attractive urgency.

Nicole flushed nervously. To hide the moment, she took a sip from the bulbous red wine glass. She had to pull herself together and try not to react so intensely to this extraordinary man. After all, this was a business dinner, not a romantic date.

Red hair as a sexy love test

"I am fascinated by blushing, red-haired beauties," Tom murmured almost imperceptibly and without looking at Nicole, but his loving, teasing words did not miss their mark and hit Nicole right in the heart - and elsewhere between her legs. She did not want to consciously pursue this intoxicating feeling now.

That Tom called her beautiful was balm for Nicole's soul. All the more so because she knew instinctively that Tom meant it. She would never have called herself beautiful. Claudia, maybe, with her blonde bob and her athletic figure that didn't have an ounce of fat.

But she, with her ten pounds too much on her ribs, her full bosom, her slightly too plump bum and her tight thighs. Nicole would hardly fit into the common ideal of beauty, she was supposed to be beautiful?

Then there was her red hair, which she often dyed brunette so that she didn't look like a leprechaun. She wasn't particularly tall, nor did she have any noticeable tattoos or piercings. Nicole perceived herself as ordinary, perhaps pretty at best.

Tom's pleasant voice snapped Nicole out of her troubled thoughts as he began to explain the organisational and technical workings of the chat programme. The good thing about it was that she could basically call it up and work from anywhere. So she was not tied to a particular place of work and did not have to travel. Tom also tried to ease her nervousness about writing erotica with the men by introducing her to the regular clients and their concerns. He also showed her ways of communicating that she could use and manoeuvre her way out of tricky situations.

After this introduction to the field of erotic chatting, Nicole felt much more relaxed and up to the task. Her nagging self-doubt seemed far away that evening. This was thanks to this unusual man, who kept unobtrusively stroking her forearm. Tom also kept leaning over to her, steadily closing the distance between them.

After Nicole had no more questions, they both enjoyed a wonderfully spiced lamb stew and freshly prepared tagliatelle, the culinary speciality of the well-attended restaurant. As Nicole and Tom chatted animatedly about all sorts of things, their knees and elbows kept touching, and Tom's eyes kept searching Nicole's. She also noticed Tom looking at her at seemingly invisible moments. Nicole felt his looks like gentle caresses and didn't let on how much she enjoyed them.

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The air between them seemed to thin. A faint, strong sensation was becoming increasingly audible. Nicole couldn't put a name to it, but it made her pulse quicken. It was almost intoxicating when Tom settled the bill and, as a matter of course, put Nicole's arm in the crook of his and led her outside.

Apparently Tom had contacted the driver of the black limousine, as he was already waiting outside the small restaurant to take his guests home.

"Do you mind if I walk you home?" Tom asked abruptly. A hint of uncertainty darkened his grey eyes, revealing his fear of a basket.

"What am I going to say to him?" thought Nicole in panic. Tom's direct question threw her completely off balance, especially as she knew about her special latex underwear. Sure, he wanted to be polite and just walk her home like a gentleman.

But if there was more to it than that and they exchanged caresses, what then?

The thought sent a pleasant shiver down her spine. A deep sigh escaped her as she gave Tom a firm kiss on the cheek. She did not want to let this unique moment pass. For too long she had been the silent wallflower. A tingle ran down her spine. Yes, she wanted to taste life and not just exist! So she plucked up the courage to join him in the back of the limousine. A dark window separated the guest compartment from the driver's, giving them both privacy.

Kisses and love spells that change everything

Suddenly there was an expectant silence. In retrospect, Nicole could not reconstruct how it had happened, but she suddenly felt Tom's soft lips on hers and his wet tongue entering her mouth. He pushed them gently into her, emphasising his desire with his hands, which gently stroked up her thighs. As he did so, he gently pushed up her wet look skirt, exposing her slightly trembling legs. Nicole moaned into his urgent kiss and returned it with a fervour she had never experienced before.

What did this fascinating man want with her?

The kiss grew more passionate and Tom's hands became bolder. Nicole felt a cool breath of air on her thighs as Tom gently opened them and positioned his fingers in front of her latex panties. With circular movements he began to press them against Nicole's centre, stimulating her clit through the latex fabric. This intimate and at the same time very attentive gesture touched Nicole deeply and she instinctively spread her legs a little wider and arched her back towards Tom's strong body.

Shortly afterwards the limousine made a sharp left turn and Tom accidentally slid onto Nicole. The thrusting fingers gave way to a firm bulge that pressed gratingly against Nicole's abdomen. Loud moans filled the cabin as the beautiful latex bra was revealed, revealing two full, milky bulges. Tom grinned broadly and murmured to her lips, "You little witch! I wouldn't have thought you were into latex." Nicole was about to reply indignantly, but Tom cupped one of the tips of her breasts and sucked lustfully, comfortably silencing her.

Nicole could no longer think clearly; she was overcome by strong emotions.

She felt her vagina throbbing painfully and grabbed Tom's buttocks with her hands to hold him closer. Whether or not Tom's trousers and Nicole's latex panties prevented skin-to-skin contact, the moment could not have been more intimate.

Then Nicole heard Tom's deep voice in her ear: "My beautiful, come for me!

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Nicole could no longer hold on and lost all self-control. With a loud scream she raised her hips one last time. Then Nicole felt an incredibly intense orgasm wash over her, carrying her away in jerking waves. She had never experienced such ferocity with a man before. Nor did she even know that she was capable of such great desire.

What was this man doing to her! Barely recognising herself, Nicole inhaled and exhaled heavily to regain control of her senses.

Tom's mischievous grin and a glance at his trousers brought Nicole back to reality. There was a large dark spot on Tom's trousers, right at his crotch, testifying to the fact that he too had just had a great orgasm. Embarrassed, Nicole narrowed her eyes and felt guilty for not noticing.

"I'm sorry Tom, it's been so long since I've been with a man. I didn't even notice your orgasm. Should I have acted differently?"

"Not at all, you acted exactly right. You were authentic, you didn't think about what you were doing and you gave yourself to me in a trusting way. For that I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. And as for your latex underwear, I can only say that I am amazed: Wow!"

To express his admiration, Tom gave Nicole a long kiss on the forehead and brushed a strand of silky red hair from her face.

"Besides, I think we're in a very similar situation." Raising his eyebrows, his gaze slid between her still slightly open legs to her latex panties, her nectar dripping from the sides. It was even on the inside of her thighs, giving off an incomparably sweet scent. Tom leaned forward and took a few deep breaths of pleasure before grinning lewdly.

This pleased Nicole so much that she spontaneously took off her panties and solemnly handed them to him. Tom was taken completely by surprise and could only stare at Nicole with his eyes wide open.

"I think you'll like my present. Keep my panties and wear them with you and you can enjoy my scent everywhere." Had Nicole really just said that? As if beside herself, she waited anxiously for Tom's reaction.

"My God, you really can read my mind! In fact, I love the scent of women, especially yours. I will gladly accept your heavenly gift and keep your horny latex panties like a treasure. When I think of you, I will inhale your lust and long for our next meeting".

Full of fervour he pressed the extraordinary fabric to his nose and licked briefly over Nicole's wetness still clinging to the panties. Tom moaned and for a brief moment seemed to be removed from the present.

"How fantastic you are, as is your taste."

Just as Nicole blushed again with joyous excitement, the black car stopped. A moment later the driver opened the door on Nicole's side, for they had arrived at her house.

Suddenly Tom grabbed Nicole's hand and held it tightly as he begged her to see him again. Playfully flirtatious, she hesitated for a moment, then breathed a redeeming "I'd love to" with a kissing hand that made his chiseled features light up with joy.

They exchanged another hot kiss, then Nicole stepped out, listening to Tom's poetic words: "What a lovely person you are!"

For a brief eternity, their eyes locked, grey in the green depths. Then Nicole suddenly said cheekily: "If you like latex so much, you can look forward to a special reunion. In my wardrobe there is a hot latex body with a special extra. I haven't found a chance to wear it yet". Without waiting for Tom's reply, Nicole quickly closed the door. She caught a glimpse of his astonished, flashing eyes before the car started and soon disappeared from Nicole's view.

For quite a while, Nicole just stood there, caught up in her turbulent mind. Was she the one experiencing all this?

Soon the dawn would bid farewell to the night and usher in the day. She had barely had a chance to collect herself when her mobile phone vibrated. Curious, she picked it up and opened the screen. Tom had texted her. He thanked her for a wonderful evening and her lovely gift. And he wrote that he was looking forward to seeing her again soon and that he had never met such an enchanting woman.

A seductive grin played around Nicole's pink lips as she was about to reply to Tom. Just as she was about to do so, she received another message. In the heat of the erotic battle, she had completely forgotten that her shift in the erotic chat had just begun.

The first message from a client had just arrived. It read: "I'm sitting here on the chair, anxiously waiting to see you get out of the shower".
Nicole's emerging, confident smile suddenly gave her a very special glow. She was not even wearing panties at the moment. Her life seemed to be getting quite interesting...

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