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Anziehen von Latex Kleidung - Worauf muss ich achten?

Putting on latex clothing - what do I have to pay attention to?

Good to know before you put it on

You bought something made of latex and are now unsure what to do with it should you pay attention to dressing? No matter what kind of clothes you wear from this bought special material... the basic rules are always the same. It's not that much and it's not real difficult.

But something in advance:

Before getting dressed it is advisable to clean your skin of any kind Deodorants, perfumes and also creams to clean. Of course it isn't Mandatory, but a good precaution to protect your latex clothing protect.

Since latex is a natural material, it absorbs other substances that come with it material come into contact. Some ingredients and perfumes work the material and can damage it. This can then lead to: Latex clothing tears in exactly these places and then the whining stops large. That's why it would be so that you can enjoy your latex garment for longer to have it, it is better to take this into account.

You should also be careful to take off jewelry as there are sharp edges is not good for your latex clothing and metal has the properties of latex changed or can damage or discolor it. Therefore put jewelry, such as rings and angular bracelets, it's better to take them off quickly, you can do so later put these back on.

The contact of your latex clothing with different colors or with It is also important to avoid nicotine, otherwise your beautiful pieces will become one could take on a different color. Therefore, always store colors separately from each other.

Thin latex is particularly sensitive and can tear. Also as You have to be a latex lover with really long fingernails watch out. The latex clothing should not be too strong in one place pulling - especially when putting on latex gloves - or certain ones Significantly overstretching areas (such as when you stretch the crotch of a pair of Bermudas does not pull properly into the crotch and then moves). Although it is latex very elastic, but at some point it will crack.

Disposable gloves or gloves are also ideal as protection Cotton gloves. The use of gloves reduces the risk of Tear of latex and you can still use the cotton glove afterwards Use to polish your latex clothing.

This way you not only shine with your smile on your face, but also in your life Catsuit, with latex mask, latex gloves, latex leggings or others sexy latex share :-)

Silicone oil or talc?

If you have taken this into account, all you need is silicone oil or talc - depending according to preference - as a dressing aid.

By the way: You should avoid using baby powder as a dressing aid, as it can Ingredients also attack the latex over time.

Now it just depends on your taste or the situation. Either you use silicone oil on the inside of your garment OR Talc. It's better not to use both on the inside. That just lubricates and is rather counterproductive ;-)

Talc is more suitable for longer storage of latex clothing or if you don't want to sweat so much in latex at the beginning.

If you prefer something a little more slippery and oily, you can leave it on when you wear it Take away the talcum powder and (also) use some silicone oil for the inside. Grate it the relevant body part with silicone oil and the dressing is designed is then very easy.

Trying is in the better of studying, they say ;-)

Preparing to put on your new, exciting outfit latex

The most important thing first: take plenty of time to get dressed Above all, you need patience.

Put your latex clothes together and pose Start with everything ready so you don't have oily feet or powdered feet have to walk through your apartment. Be careful, especially with silicone oil it doesn't reach the floor. Because it's just very slippery, there is an increased risk of slipping! There may be stains on carpet leave behind. Therefore, it is recommended that you rely on a big old one Provide a towel or something similar. Then you can make a mess and it won't slip out of ;-)

And you can get started.

Each latex piece is dressed slightly differently. A catsuit or suit Of course, latex is not as easy to put on as latex, for example Gloves. Unless it is chlorinated. You can do without chlorinated latex Put on dressing aids in seconds. What exactly is chlorinated latex? I'll be happy to tell you elsewhere.

But the following applies to all latex pieces: Do not pull or tear them, but push and roll.

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