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Ratgeber Cum Control - Was ist Edging?

Cum Control Guide - What is Edging?

Experience more pleasure and control with Cum Control or Edging. But what exactly does that mean? The submissive partner is taken to the edge of orgasm without being allowed to go over until the moment his dominant counterpart desires - ultimately allowing a powerful climax during this tantalizing practice.

Before you can enjoy the exciting experience of cum control, take some time to get to know your body and your limits. With a little patience and practice, you'll be able to recognize when an orgasm is unstoppable - for maximum pleasure in all types of BDSM experiences or simply in your own bedroom! We've put together tips on how to make sure Gay Tribe (another name for Cum Control) runs smoothly.

As you approach the point of no return during a sexual experience, certain physical signs signal that your orgasm is unstoppable. In men, breathing may become more irregular and labored, and other areas of the body may also become more tense. Additionally, twitching in the penile area can be detected both through touch and without touch, e.g. B. during oral sex with a partner. To prevent yourself from climaxing too soon, here are some helpful tips to stay in control:

Enjoy hot hours - orgasm games in BDSM and fetishism

Practicing sperm control during solo play gives individuals the opportunity to become familiar with their own limits before engaging in a situation with a partner. For newbies, the start-stop method is recommended: If, during sexual stimulation with your chosen means (hands, mouth, toys or sexual intercourse), you feel that your orgasm is approaching, stop and wait for the pleasure to subside a little has subsided - then continue until you receive permission from your partner to climax. However, if it's too late and ejaculation seems imminent even though you wanted to prevent it, give yourself a slap on the balls! Incum control allows the dominant partner to exert power by stopping stimulation at climax. This prevents climax and forces the submissive partner to explore alternative avenues of pleasure - building arousal without reward for ultimate satisfaction, but denying release until commanded otherwise.

Edging, or sperm control as it is sometimes called, can be a tricky business. It requires careful consideration of the desires of both partners so that one's pleasure is not at the expense of the other - if used improperly, orgasm can even be denied altogether. What do you say about this controversial act? Let us know what you think about edging by commenting below! Feel free to share our post too. Have fun trying!

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