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Frag Jessy: Im Interview mit einem DWT

Ask Jessy: In an interview with a crossdresser

The podcast test: Do you have a fetish?

A brave confession about identity and secrets in the closet

Jessy : Welcome to a new edition of our podcast, which highlights the diverse facets of fetish, relationships and individuality. Today we have Michael with us, who has plucked up the courage to talk about a very personal topic. Michael leads a double life because he secretly wears women's underwear. Michael, tell us, how did this start?

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Michael : Good afternoon, Jessy, and thank you for the opportunity to be here. Well, it started in my early teens. I've always been drawn to finer fabrics, lace and silk - everything typically associated with women's underwear. It was a feeling of fascination that I couldn't categorize at first. Over time, I realized it was more than just curiosity – it was a part of my identity.

Jessy : That's an experience that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to, even if they don't talk about it. What does wearing women's underwear mean to you personally?

Michael : It's a form of self-expression. In these moments I feel complete and somehow calm. It's hard to explain, but it gives me a feeling of freedom and wholeness that I don't experience in this way in my everyday life as a man.

Jessy : I see, and why did you decide to keep this a secret, especially from your partner?

Michael : This mostly has to do with the fear of rejection. We live in a society that is quick to judge, especially when it comes to men who deviate from traditional gender roles. My partner is quite conservative about these things and I'm worried that she might not understand me or even leave me.

Jessy : That sounds like a pretty heavy burden. How do you deal with this secret in everyday life?

Michael : It's not easy. I have my little private collection that I carefully hide and only bring out when I'm sure I'm alone. It feels like I'm wearing a mask that hides the real me. Wearing women's underwear then allows me to take off the mask for a short time.

Jessy : Did talking about it help you?

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Michael: Absolutely. It's like I finally took a breath after a long time. It's liberating, even if it's just a small step. Your podcast makes me feel like I'm not alone.

Jessy : I'm glad I can offer you this forum. What do you think your ideal future would look like in relation to your secret?

Michael : Ideally, I would like to be able to be open about it. I want a world where everyone can wear whatever they want without fear of judgment or ridicule. I would like to get to the point where I can tell my partner and we can find a way to deal with it together.

Jessy : Hopefully this podcast is a step in that direction. Finally, do you have any advice for anyone out there who is experiencing similar feelings?

Michael : Be true to yourself, no matter how hard it may be. And look for safe spaces and communities where you can express yourself. Sometimes just talking to an understanding person can be a big relief.

Jessy : Thank you, Michael, for your openness and courage to speak here. I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you can find your way and be happy with your identity.

Michael : Thanks, Jessy. It was an honor for me.

Note: This podcast episode is in written form because Michael wants to remain anonymous. We ask for your understanding.

What do you think about this interview? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments. Feel free to share this post with others to get a conversation started!

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