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What exactly is latex/natural latex?

What is latex / natural latex and what do I have to consider?

What is latex / natural latex actually?

To avoid sounding too much like a chemistry or biology lesson, I'll summarise it briefly. I'll summarise it briefly

Natural rubber, formerly simply called caoutchouc or rubber, occurs in rubber plants and is a rubber-like substance in the latex. in the latex. The taste of the latex is pleasant and can be comparable to sweet cream. It is even edible :)

Rubber trees are cultivated on large plantations and the milk juice is milk sap is extracted. The process for extracting natural rubber has not fundamentally natural rubber has not changed fundamentally over the last 200 years. The bark the bark of the rubber tree is scratched in order to obtain the white of the rubber tree. This latex milk contains up to 20% of natural rubber. To extract the rubber, it is first thickened and the thickened and the rubber is precipitated by adding diluted acetic acid. and then dried.

The yellowish coloured natural rubber obtained in the production process has no typical latex properties yet. Countless applications of the rubber were only made possible by vulcanisation. During vulcanisation, the rubber is heated under pressure together with sulphur and other things. sulphur and other things under pressure. In this way, it provides additional stability and elasticity. The properties of the material can be the properties of the material - the more sulphur, the harder the rubber. sulphur, the harder the resulting latex.

Fetish latex clothing is pure nature

The natural rubber can then be used to make a wide variety of products and and articles can be made from the natural rubber. The lion's share of rubber production is in the manufacture of car tyres. the production of car tyres. The rest is divided between Latex mattresses, mattresses for beds, technical products, gaskets, condoms, chewing gum, erasers, and also garments such as latex clothing.

The latex is then produced directly in sheets and can then be cut to size and cut to size and bonded together with a special adhesive, which which mimics the vulcanisation process. By the way Latex is a natural product and therefore vegan.

However, there are some people in the world who do not get the pleasure the pleasure of feeling natural latex on their skin. This is known as latex allergy. The rubber contains substances that trigger the allergy. which trigger the allergy. The actual allergen is a protein protein that is only contained in traces in the rubber. Those affected are people who frequently come into contact with natural rubber, e.g. doctors doctors, operating theatre nurses and orderlies. So keep an eye out when choosing a profession.

Phew, that sounded a bit like school, didn't it? But I promise you, it's going to get a lot easier from here on in.

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