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Latex Geschichte - Feminisierung zur  Dessous Sissy

Latex Story - Feminization to Lingerie Sissy

Lucia simply lacked the courage. She admired the top models in the glossy magazines, who wore unusual hairstyles and showed themselves to be experimental and colourful. It was nothing for her and would probably always remain a dream. Cut tips and maybe a few highlight strands, Lucia didn't dare to do more.

It wasn't that she wasn't offered tips on how to get more out of her type visually. Her hairdresser tried his best to convince her. But Lucia always wore the same haircut and the usual brunette hair color. She was in her early thirties and the much-talked-about little gray mouse that neither men yearned for nor women looked at with envy. An ordinary woman who disappeared in the flow of the crowd. Unseen.

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Damn! When did I actually stop making something out of my type? Ok, every now and then I pull myself together to go jogging or swimming. But honestly, that was it. I don't wear make-up and I don't wear any special perfume or exciting wardrobe. I'm fed up with my old, faded jeans.

I'm well-groomed at all times, that's important to me. Painted fingernails and toenails are the exception rather than the rule. I have an acceptable figure, I think. A tender bosom fills my bra, and a firm apple ass presses against my pants. My hair is down to my shoulders and curly. The curls bother me. I can't cut them too short or my hair will stand up. A real nightmare! However, the curls must not be too long, otherwise the head of hair will literally swallow my narrow face.

The unknown in latex clothes

And so, on that Tuesday morning, Lucia sighed longingly as she sat in the waiting room of her family doctor's office, leafing through the magazine. She must have caught a cold the other day because her neck was very stiff. As a precaution, she wanted to have the health problem clarified by a doctor. As with her styling, Lucia played it safe when it came to physicality.

Suddenly a shadow fell on the article Lucia was reading. She looked up angrily. Who would dare to squeeze through when there were plenty of empty spaces on the opposite side? That's when Lucia caught a pair of lovely blue eyes that surveyed her appearance, calmly and neatly. First sceptically examining, then benevolently inviting. Lucia felt uncomfortable and shifted in her chair.

The person she was scrutinizing so closely was a middle-aged woman with long blond hair and a pretty, fresh face. She wore a tight-fitting latex skirt that shimmered brilliantly and stylishly emphasized her sensual curves. Lucia's gaze lingered on the extraordinary piece of clothing. Latex.

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She was irritated. Why did she even notice that? And why did a tingling shiver run down her spine the longer she stared at the fascinating material? Latex - perverse and lewd. Nothing for a decent woman like she was, right? Admittedly, the shape of the other woman's body skilfully emphasized the special nature of the material. She looked very seductive in it. In any case, such a sophisticated skirt would never be an option for Lucia. She followed the opinions of other contemporaries too much and did not like to be the center of attention. The little gray mouse.

Love at first sight?

Doesn't matter. Lucia pushed the awkward train of thought aside and directed her gaze to the woman's pantyhose. The clothing accessory appeared just as extravagant as her blouse, which presented an inviting, plump neckline. Wasn't the display of breasts a little too daring at this time of day?

This woman aroused mixed feelings in Lucia. On the one hand, Lucia was repelled by the lady's conspicuous clothing style, on the other hand, she was fascinated by the self-confidence with which she emphasized her figure, which did not correspond to any common ideal of beauty. She couldn't explain why the other woman's intense gaze embarrassed Lucia so much. Something unfathomable flashed through her.

"When did you finish your exam? My knees are getting weak.” The blonde beauty smirked as Lucia quickly lowered her eyes in embarrassment. She staggered gracefully towards the chair that was right next to Lucia. Lucia looked to the side suspiciously, ignoring the painful tugging in the neck and followed the graceful movements when her seat neighbor leaned back, took a make-up mirror out of her handbag and traced her dark red lips with lipstick. Her elegance gave her a special dignity that stood in a peculiar contrast to her provocative style.

Lucia's interest was piqued, even if she hated to admit it. Envy stirred, because she saw all the longed-for qualities combined in the woman who just put her lipstick and make-up mirror back in her handbag.

Make-up, what a thing! The last time I wore makeup was when I was a teenager, when an upper-class boy invited me to the cinema. However, the film was more exciting than the young man, so my efforts to please him were in vain. "I'm doing this for myself, you know." Lucia was snapped out of her cynical thoughts and looked at the woman at her side who had spoken to her. Could she read minds?

Lucia frowned in confusion. "I'm sorry, what? What do you think?” Lucia pressed, demonstrating superiority. Undeterred by the fact that she was being addressed, the woman spoke clearly and calmly: “The make-up. I only do it for me. Not for a man, not to please anyone. When I put on make-up, I give myself time.”

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Lucia went very still. The words of the conspicuous lady stimulated thought processes in her that seemed to have been buried. Time I give myself. How often have I decided to do this in the past few years? How little have I done myself any good? This isn't as easy as it sounds. Seeming selfish is terrifying to me. But am I selfish if I'm careful with myself?

When Lucia's thoughts threatened to grow darker, the friendly woman suddenly held out her hand. Perfectly manicured, long fingernails begged acceptance. Great! Lucia was embarrassed that her hand seemed inconspicuous compared to the other. Hesitantly she reached out and timidly returned the handshake.

"Hello, my name is Lucia." Although she didn't ask her neighbor's name, she replied: "Nice to meet you. My name is Amber.” After a short pause she added: “Amber is the name of my real self. I was born as Silke. Feel free to choose what you want to call me, Lucia.”

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Amber's unbiased warmth touched a sensitive point in Lucia and touched her deeply. This woman, who had classified her as a competitor and prejudiced her, accepted her unreservedly. Just like that. Without judgement, without condemnation, without mockery. Lucia had never been welcomed with such warmth and esteem by any other woman who didn't have a specific purpose in her behavior. Shame spread through her that she had dismissed Amber with negative views just a few moments ago.

Then a smile curled her lips as she realized the meaning of Amber's words. "The real you?" she probed. Amber's expression was accommodating as she asked, "Since you're saying that, I take it you haven't found each other yet?" Both women noticed that their fingers had locked since the introduction. The ice was broken between them now, the invisible barrier gone.

Lucia pondered Amber's serious question. Thoughtfully, her gaze was lost in the distance. In her inner life she searched for an answer. have i found myself Or am I still looking? Lucia's words were meaningful: "There has never been a hand that has held me honestly and guided me responsibly, Amber."

The unexpected depth of the conversation mingled with a familiarity that made it totally stay in the moment. Lucia was called the second time by the receptionist before her name got through to her. As if awakening from a trance, she jumped up hastily so as not to keep her family doctor waiting unnecessarily. The sudden pain in her stiff neck reminded her why she had gone to the doctor's office. Heck, no jerky movements! Don't stand out, she had perfected that.

Amber's grip, still in place, caused Lucia to stop momentarily. "Sweetie, it's about time people waited for you." Confusion seized Lucia and caused her pulse to increase. "If you can let it and trust me, I will hold your hand. I want to show you a world that you don't know yet. A world that will enrich you. A world that will captivate you. A world that draws you to your center." Amber added promisingly in a whisper: "And a world that will give you incredible orgasms. Do you want that?"

Lucia wasn't able to react immediately. All of those haunting words from Amber, they came only in fragments to her mind. But her heart was pounding. Something irrevocable happened. Paved the way for a feeling that had long wanted to emerge and finally found a portal to escape. The receptionist called out her name a third time impatiently. A wave of defiance overcame Lucia. She countered with a firm voice: "Herr Doktor can wait. After all, I had to wait for him for just over an hour.” Silence.

Everyone present immediately turned their attention to her. Stunned. The nurse's mouth fell open in dismay. Lucia's cheeks began to glow deep red. Did I really just say that? Me, the inconspicuous? It's not in my nature to be self-confident. Or?

Then Lucia felt Amber's loving smile rest on her. Encouraging her newly gained friend, she humorously addressed the other patients: "She's right! After all, we women have to show men where the hammer hangs, right?”

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Some of those waiting burst out laughing at this quick wit, others shook their heads uncomprehendingly. Lucia would like to sink into the ground. Why was there never a hole when you needed one? As she mentally went through all the doctor's offices in the area so that she no longer had to visit this one because of sheer uncertainty, Amber's fingers caressed the inside of her wrist. The tingling longing that followed, spreading through her abdomen, brought Lucia back to reality.

Since when do I desire women?

Overwhelmed by the sudden excitement, she stammered out, "I have to go now. It was nice to meet you.” Amber was still holding her hand. The world stood still again as they sank into each other's eyes again. Then Amber released the touch, reached into her purse and handed Lucia a business card. "For you, my love. You may call me as soon as you are sure of the answer to my question. I will be there when you know and be your guide.”

With trembling fingers, Lucia took the business card and quickly put it in her pocket so as not to draw everyone's attention again. As she turned to go, Amber's voice spoke again. She whispered tenderly, "Blue hair. Long. Reaching over your breasts. This would be the perfect wig for you. You would be a horny, dirty hunk.”

Lucia literally ran out of the waiting room and ignored Amber. Her scalp burned. Intense words that kindled a fire in her. Damn you, Amber! Lucia couldn't think straight anymore. The words that had been spoken had not yet fully penetrated her consciousness. But they would take shape. The kinky discipline of the contender would happen. Amber was sure of that.

How would Lucia like the red latex lingerie and the black latex panties with integrated anal dildo? Or would she put Lucia in a leather bondage full body bag and push her feminization with latex gloves and a vinyl dress? Amber's mental cinema was in full swing. She had no idea how much Lucia would discover her fetish for latex and what a wicked bitch she would become. And not only for yourself, but also for some other people.

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