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Latex Geschichte - Ein bisexueller Fetisch Dreier

Latex Story - A Bisexual Fetish Threesome

The first time bisexual sex

The steady rain pattered quietly on the roof and against the windows of the small attic apartment, creating a pleasant, relaxing background noise. The orange floor lamp and the stylishly arranged candle arrangement on the living room table supported this calming ambience and bathed most of the apartment in an atmospheric and promising light.

Gentlemen, how excited she was! Her heart was pounding like crazy against her chest and the feeling was increasing by the minute. It would soon be 4 p.m. and then hopefully the apartment doorbell would ring and be heard. This was the agreed time to meet for a threesome.

Mina sat at the large dining table and drummed her fingertips impatiently. Her manicured pink fingernails, which were long by her standards, made a rhythmic clicking sound. She didn't think she was particularly pretty, to be honest. These 10 kilograms of excess weight have been with her for as long as she can remember. Since she was a teenager, she had been on a diet regularly, but somehow it never really worked and, above all, lasted for a long time. Losing weight wasn't the problem, but rather maintaining the weight.


Struggling with her curves has always been part of her, because when she saw the pictures of beautiful women in the media, she unfortunately felt fat and ugly. She looked younger than she actually was. Because of her ample breasts and buxom ass, as well as toned thighs, people always estimated she was in her thirties. She was only 26. Her long, blonde hair gave her a somewhat exotic look and made men find her sexy on the one hand, but not on the other. It was sometimes magical to find a suitable and appropriate middle ground in this regard!

Blonde hair and desire for a couple

No matter, it was just difficult to conform to the common ideal of beauty. The more she got into it, the more upset she became. She was currently single, which actually suited her perfectly. This meant she didn't have to deal with random guys or make half-hearted compromises just to get a little love and recognition. Sometimes the price was simply too high for her. Her self-respect was above all else and she knew instinctively that this was and should be just as well.

However, she was all the more surprised when a couple sent her a message on her profile on a dating portal. She was often written to by men, often not exactly with pleasant lines. But one couple had not yet contacted her. The man and woman were older than her, 42 and 54 years old. But that didn't bother her, quite the opposite. She liked people with maturity and an exciting life story in general, not just when it came to sexual topics.

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She could listen to such people for hours as they reported on their experiences and imparted life wisdom. So initially a very pleasant small talk developed between each other. After a while it became about sexual preferences, and it finally came up that the two of them were looking for a house friend. Not just for the man, as she initially suspected, but especially for the woman.

Sex games in the fetish forum

Even now that she thought about it again, it was an extremely exciting story. Mina agreed to a more personal conversation because she was simply curious about this strange thing. She noticed that she increasingly seemed to like the idea of ​​being able to have bisexual experiences, especially while interacting with or being observed by a man, and that these thoughts even made her wet.

Something inside her made her want to face this experience and try it out more and more. Actually less because of the man, but more because of the woman. This ultimately led to a mutual agreement in which everyone involved was clear about what they wanted and, most importantly, what they didn't want.

Mutual taboos were discussed as well as the general conditions of each individual. Today, on this day, they wanted to meet for the first time and experience and enjoy a threesome together. The couple originally wanted to go to a hotel with her, but Mina refused for fear of being ambushed. She felt most comfortable at home in her own four walls.

To be on the safe side, she had told her best friend about the upcoming meeting and asked her to check her apartment if Mina hadn't contacted her by the evening at the latest. She once read this on the Internet under safety tips when meeting strangers for the first time. Since she would be alone in her apartment with the two of them, she was a little scared at first, because what if these were criminal people who just wanted to rob her or even do something to her?

But she had a very good feeling about the two of them and had already spoken to them on the phone and exchanged pictures. They had already skyped, so Mina could be sure that these were the two people shown in the photos that were shown to her. So she wouldn't be in for an unpleasant surprise in that regard.

Mina was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts by the sound of her apartment door ringing. Oh God, it was finally here! Now everyone involved would finally come face to face. What if the two of them found her too fat and rejected her visually? Nervous and unsure, Mina went to the intercom, answered it and asked in a shaky voice: “Yes please, who is it?”

A deep, male voice answered her: “It’s us Mina, Andy and Sara. Would you mind letting us in?” She heard a female voice giggling in the background. “Very much,” replied Mina. Then she opened the door with a dull hum and let Andy and Sara enter the house.

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At the same time, she heard the front door open downstairs and then determined footsteps walking up the hallway stairs. Her heart was pounding in her throat; the blood was rushing in her ears. Mina opened the apartment door and leaned a little into the hallway to get a little closer to both of them.

Fetish chat becomes a love test

Phew, she definitely had to do more exercise again, Sara thought as she climbed the stairs to the fifth floor of Mina's attic apartment. She arrived upstairs with Andy a little out of breath. She was accompanied by great anticipation. The exchange with Mina was very inspiring and not as superficial as was unfortunately often the case in these chat forums. It was a humorous, educated and respectful exchange in which they decided as a couple that they wanted to integrate Mina into their love life.

Sara was already bisexual in her relationship with Andy. At the beginning there was hardly anything missing from her. Andy was very loving and caring and in no way an egoist or narcissist. In addition, he did not seek arguments and was able to remain calm and relatively objective when there were differences of opinion. But what she liked most about him was that he didn't take himself too seriously and always respected her and her needs.

For this special meeting today she had put on a latex ensemble that Andy had previously given her as a gift. A perfectly fitting red latex bra and a sexy, hip-high, black latex panty with an open crotch. Whenever she wore latex, Sara felt very desirable and sexy. Somehow this exciting material conveyed self-confidence and strength and a lot of femininity. Andy knew why he had given her this attentive pleasure today.

Over time, however, Sara noticed in her relationship that she was missing the tenderness and also the familiar conversation with a woman. Unfortunately, Andy couldn't compensate for this, no matter how hard he tried. That he recently approached her with the idea that they should look for a house friend together with whom they could have fun and enjoy themselves. Since Andy was also a bit of a voyeur and liked to watch, they were able to combine their interests in this way without anyone having to feel neglected.

What a pretty girl Mina was. She would have liked to gently knead her wonderful, full breasts with her hands right away, but she instinctively sensed that Mina was very nervous and needed a little while until she felt completely comfortable with this new situation for her and could completely relax could leave.

She was probably just discovering her bisexuality, Sara thought. They were visually different, but she really liked that. Sara had brunette curls that fell gently to her shoulders and beautiful green eyes with light freckles on her face. She had a good handful of breasts, but not as full as Mina. Her butt wasn't that plump either, she was a slimmer and wirier type.

Mina's softness really appealed to her, paired with her blonde, long hair. In the corner of her eye, Sara noticed Andy's gaze as he subtly examined Mina, then a glint in his eyes. Yes, he probably liked her too, thought Sara with a smile. Andy didn't have a specific type of woman per se. Basically, however, he didn't like these dolls or chicks so much, he liked authentic and real women. Since he was older, he valued a certain maturity in his thinking and also a certain independence in women.

Love at first sight or affection?

Mina led the two of them into the atmospheric living room, where they sat down on the sofa. Drinks and a light, hearty snack were served. A relaxed chat followed, which made everyone present feel comfortable. Sara and Andy in the environment that is new to them and Mina with the people who are new to her.

Craving breasts?

Suddenly there was a silence in which there was a certain seriousness. This sustaining and meaningful silence that arises before something big happens. And that's how it happened: Andy suddenly started kissing Sara intensely and devotedly. The two of them tongued their tongues with pleasure, while Andy's large hand placed itself possessively and sensitively on Sara's mons pubis.

Mina's eyes got very round and she reflexively wanted to look to the side, but she was so fascinated by what was happening that she didn't do it. Instead, she watched the erotic activity between the two, which culminated in Sara tampering with the waistband of Andy's pants and then pulling out his penis. She enveloped it with her mouth with pleasure and moved her head up and down along his shaft in even movements.

As if by itself, Mina's hand went to her crotch. When she got there, she was already greeted by a hot wetness that made her a little shocked at herself. As she did so, she began rubbing her clit and kept her gaze on the couple in front of her. Andy caught her eye and beckoned her invitingly. A little unsure, she stood up and awkwardly moved towards the two of them.

Andy took Mina's hand and squeezed it gently to calm and strengthen her. He told her how beautiful she was and that it would be an honor for him to enjoy her femininity if she allowed him to. Mina thought for a moment, but then she nodded boldly, following her inner impulses.

Full breasts and stiff nipples

Andy smiled and pulled her onto her knees next to Sara, who had been pleasuring his penis orally the entire time. Sara looked up knowingly and let go of him. She took Mina's face in her hands and stroked her cheeks. Then she pressed her lips to her mouth and kissed her tenderly.

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When Mina returned the kiss, Sara became bolder and placed her hands on Mina's full breasts and caressed her nipples through the white material of the shirt, which were already wonderfully visible under it. These firm and reddish-milky pearls responded wonderfully to every touch, no matter how delicate, and elicited a deep moan from Mina. Sara suddenly let go of Mina and sat up.

Slowly and with lascivious movements she took off her red dress, revealing the hot latex bra and the hip-high, black latex panties. In one fluid movement, Sara raised her pretty and shapely leg so that Mina could see that the panties were crotchless. A pink glitter shimmered through the black gap and encouraged people to explore these depths.


As if Sara could read Mina's thoughts, she took her hand and nimbly led it to this slot. Suddenly something unimaginable happened in Mina. She had previously been very unsure whether the two of them would find her attractive enough, whether this was all a good idea. Now she felt a huge wave of unknown emotions rising within her. She suddenly felt very powerful and wanted and felt all her insecurities fall away. Why had she thought about all these useless thoughts and wasted precious time in doing so?

Hot wetlook fashion

These two wonderful people here lived it for her: stand by your feelings and live your dream! Luckily, after careful consideration, she found the courage to face her dreams and needs and just try it out to see whether this need remained. This is life and this is what we live for.

So Mina inserted one of her fingers into this pink gap through the black latex panties and was immediately firmly enclosed by Sara's warm and velvety center. Intuitively, Mina added two more fingers and let them slide up and down. Thanks to Sara's wetness, this worked wonderfully and brought joyful delights to Sara. When she suddenly threw her head back and screamed, she saw Andy smiling knowingly and felt that she had just come to a violent orgasm. How wonderful that she was the one who was allowed to give Sara these delights.

Oral sex with two women - open relationship?

“You are a very good and docile girl, Mina.” Andy’s melodious voice suddenly sounded. “Now it’s your turn to collect your well-deserved reward.”

With these decisive words he guided Mina's head down towards his lap. Mina's blonde hair spread to Andy's thighs and lower abdomen, so Sara came to the rescue and grabbed her beautiful hair, holding it together.

“Pay attention to it carefully and conscientiously, Mina, and it will lead you to the greatest joys,” said Sara and pushed Mina’s head even further down. Mina instinctively took the full length of the rod and willingly let it be inserted deep into her mouth while Sara caressed and massaged Andy's scrotum. Suddenly Andy reared up and poured himself into the condom.

Two lesbians pamper each other orally

“You did that well, dear Mina.” Sara exclaimed as she helped Mina up and sat on Andy’s upper body. With his strong, angular male hands he cupped Mina's plump breasts and twirled the red tips of her breasts. Mina could hardly catch her breath, the incredibly exciting feelings were running through her so violently. Her legs were spread and bravely stopped by Sara.

She was a little embarrassed to appear so divided. But Sara took Mina's concerns away by sitting down between her legs in excitement and began to caress and pamper Mina's clitoris and labia. She tasted their incredible sweetness and enjoyed every twitch and every sensual movement of Mina. She also carefully pushed against Mina's vaginal entrance, giving her a quick and extremely violent climax, during which she collapsed trembling onto Andy's chest.


My God, Mina had never had such a violent and impressive sexual experience. Still completely out of breath, she gratefully accepted the glass of water that Andy handed her. Both women cuddled together on the sofa, enjoying their aftermath of multiple orgasms, when Andy, smiling gently, stood up and walked into the kitchen.

Latex hot pants, latex fashion and polyamorous love

“You two have now earned a good treat, let me pamper you properly!” They heard Andy’s voice when he had already disappeared into the other room. Mina thought about how natural it felt to be with these two wonderful people. As if it was always meant to be this way. It must have been that polyamorous love everyone was talking about. Mina pressed herself into Sara's arms and let herself be gently rocked when the clatter of cooking pots could be heard from the kitchen.

She enjoyed the strange feeling of the latex material of Sara's lingerie and instinctively placed her hands on her red bra and on the curves, which were really highlighted by the panties. At that moment she decided to try wearing latex fashion soon.

Latex was also very popular and hot right now as a highlight in everyday wardrobe, for example worn as open gloves with rivet decoration. Women who wore such It-Peaces were considered fashion-conscious and courageous. She also wanted to have these attributes, so she decided to look online for a suitable latex fashion provider tomorrow and order a few beautiful pieces.

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