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Latex Geschichte - Escortgirl beim Fetischtreffen

Latex Story - escort girl at a fetish meeting

“Would you meet and have sex with me for a hundred euros?”

Laura actually wanted to follow her first spontaneous impulse and delete the message from this stranger. “Insolence!” she thought indignantly and mentally went through the extremely brief exchange that she had had with the man, 15 years her senior, in the chat on the dating site. She had been downloading this new dating app for a few days and had created a detailed profile so that she wouldn't receive too much attention.

As a young woman with good looks, her account was stormed and became very popular. Luckily, the app also included a fetish focus so that like-minded people could get to know each other in a targeted manner. Laura had a certain preference for exciting fabrics and materials. She loved wetlook lingerie and latex clothing, as well as leather.

They wrote to significantly older men, often married or committed, who no longer had sexual intercourse with their partners for a variety of reasons. However, there were also men the same age as her or even younger, who mostly wanted a relationship. Some got to the point very quickly and made it clear that they were looking for non-commitment. Others categorically rejected quick sex and sought sincere depth and wanted to get to know them as people in peace.

Since the flood of messages was simply too much for her, she deleted and muted a lot of them. So Laura was completely taken by surprise when this man wrote to her again after receiving a basket from her. Many then simply stopped contacting them or even insulted them. Somehow, a pleasant tingling sensation suddenly set in as a reaction to the question, which she couldn't really interpret. An urgent throbbing also made itself felt between her legs and brought her moisture to light.

She probably hadn't had sex for too long

Laura was generally very selective about the people she allowed to get close to her and become part of her life. This attitude was not born of arrogance or even arrogance, but was based on pure self-protection. When Laura loved, she loved truly and without stopping. This special person was then able to be immensely happy about her love, because she did everything for him and sacrificed himself so that he could lead a very pleasant life with her.

It was no problem for her to do without, to put her own needs aside or to make this person the focus, because then this person was her complete pivot at that moment.

Unfortunately, many men often ruthlessly exploited Laura's caring and generous character trait and only gained their own benefits from a relationship with her. Unfortunately, in her past she repeatedly fell in love with egoists or narcissists, to whom she was pleasing and who adorned themselves with her beauty and her spirit, but hardly gave anything in return sufficiently or selflessly.

She gave everything again and again - again and again a partner broke her heart and again and again a small part of her self-esteem died. Over time, this spiral became toxic, because Laura increasingly felt hollow and insensitive and was afraid that at some point she would no longer be able to love with her whole heart.

Since being alone in the long term wasn't in keeping with her nature and she was seriously starting to miss having someone by her side, the idea of ​​looking for a partner again arose in her mind. As luck would sometimes have it in life, she was just then reading about a newly developed dating app that seemed to have a lot to offer its members. So she was spontaneous, didn't think about it for long this time or weighed up the pros and cons countless times and simply signed up.

Within a very short time, the first profile inquiries were received and gave Laura a joyful feeling of recognition and appreciation for herself. A few times other users even asked her if she was real and not a fake account because her pictures looked as good as those of a professional model. This feedback was good for her, because although Laura was not an conceited person, she took care of herself and her body, paid attention to her diet and exercised regularly. Fortunately, she never started smoking and she was far from consuming alcohol.

True love vs. love for sale?

Her appearance seemed almost youthful and she had to present her ID more than once during age checks. Laura studied business administration and had previously completed her high school diploma with a very good grade point average. Writing poems and song lyrics was a big hobby of hers right after the varied fitness classes. So she was not only attractive with a certain something, but also educated and studied.

Unfortunately, not all men could cope with her intelligence, as they sometimes saw her as the typical blonde with a pouty mouth and big breasts who didn't seem to have anything on her mind. But she had consciously stayed away from this kind of man for a long time; Her own spiritual well-being was too important to Laura and she had cried too often because of such self-centered people who took pleasure in keeping her down.

Laura, lost in thought, went to the toilet and relieved her bladder. As she cleaned herself with the toilet paper, she was amazed at how incredibly wet she was. This unexpected situation completely surprised her, as she had never had any erotic thoughts or touched herself. That throbbing on her clitoris was suddenly back and, as if controlled by someone else, she began to take her pearl between her index finger and thumb and rub it.

She imagined what it would be like to be at the disposal of a man who had bought her and who paid for sex together. In her fantasy, she slowly undressed in front of him, swinging her sensual hips, enticing and teasing him in equal measure. The lingerie that slid off her hot body was made of the shiny material called wetlook. This skilfully hugged her curves, but didn't really restrict them. A comfortable and sexy lingerie, so to speak, in which every woman could feel very comfortable and wanted.

A hot wetlook dress for the fetish meeting

Laura had only recently discovered the exciting material; Since then, she has enjoyed wearing it and sometimes at a party or even at university, not just in an erotic context. A particularly exciting favorite for her was a shiny wetlook dress with a sexy zipper on the back, cute ruffles on the skirt and integrated panties. She felt extremely desirable in it and loved the cuddly feel of the shiny material with its high elastane content.

How exciting that was and how desired it made Laura feel. Then she enjoyed the fact that she spread her legs in front of the suitor and he took a good look at her. “You're going to be abused by me now, little one!” the striking-looking man, who barely knew her, replied as he positioned himself with relish and determination. Laura briefly felt his stiff member on her thigh, then he pushed it deep into her vagina in one go. A feeling between excitement and pain briefly took her breath away, then the slap of his hips against her soft flesh accompanied her fulfilled moans.

Laura indulged in these exciting and somewhat forbidden thoughts and just as she imagined being loved hard and persistently from behind by the dominant gentleman, she came to a violent and intense orgasm.

Still savoring the fantastic aftermath and still a little perplexed and aware of her own behavior, Laura went back to her laptop and read the message from the rejected man again - an immoral offer, so to speak. Even though she had masturbated, that underlying tension was still there inside her.

Should she dare?

“To be honest, I could really use the money right now,” Laura thought. The leasing payments for her small car put pressure on her wallet every month, as did the outrageous rent, for which her landlord only announced an increase four days ago. And she hadn't treated herself to new clothes in a long time because she had to save a lot to make ends meet. Hmmm…

“Oh, whatever!” Laura exclaimed and wrote back to the stranger that she would think about getting together. She also asked him to send a photo of himself and asked him what he thought he would do with her for a hundred euros.

Within two minutes he answered: “Don’t worry, I’m not a weirdo or a freak. I don't want to do any weird things to you. You're really a sweet mouse and I'm just spontaneously in the mood for you. I also like your preference for unusual fabrics and clothing. If I took you out to dinner, I would have spent the money too and there's no way we'd end up in bed. It's somehow easier and more honest that way, I think. Let’s cuddle and then we’ll see what happens, okay?”

His words seemed likeable and Laura was able to trust him in the exchange that followed. She was probably also a little afraid that he might not be a gentleman or that he wouldn't give her the money after sex.

But the curiosity to try it out was greater

So Laura finally agreed that they could meet at her home for sex. At the time, she didn't really realize that she was taking a big risk by giving him her address. After all, she wasn't a professional and for the first time received a john who would pay her for sex.

So the day of the erotic meeting came. Laura took a calm, long shower and enjoyed the pleasant sound of the warm water on her shoulders and back. If she had been alone and not expecting any visitors, she would have loved to direct the spray of the shower head directly onto her pearl and fully enjoy the exciting delights.

But unfortunately that couldn't be the case, because the clock kept ticking, reminding her that she had to hurry up. Finally, she wanted to put on attractive, albeit subtle, make-up and dress attractively. So she put on provocative red latex lingerie, which hugged her feminine curves tightly and tightly, and then the exciting black wetlook shiny dress, which made her look like an attractive maid.

Laura felt completely comfortable in her attractive outfit and waited eagerly for her guest after getting dressed. So she then opened the apartment door to the man with whom she had written and found that he had been honest with her and looked like the picture he had provided her with.

Those first minutes of getting to know each other were somehow strange

Since Laura and he were in her apartment, she felt quite good and began to undress in front of him in somewhat uncertain, but no less lascivious movements. The man's admiring looks gave her the right to have made a good choice with the shiny wetlook dress. His warm gaze, shimmering with desire, rested on her sensual curves as she stood before him in her red latex bra and panties.

Oral sex with the blonde cutie

“How beautiful you are, Laura!” he exclaimed openly in admiration and, with a friendly smile and without asking her, he took the agreed amount of money out of his jeans and gave it to her. With slightly shaking hands, Laura accepted it gratefully and discreetly stowed the notes in a drawer. She found it very considerate and sensitive of him to ask her if he could touch her.

This man, who had purchased her service, treated Laura very respectfully and courteously the entire time and included her in the sexual acts the entire time. This allowed her to relax and also found a certain excitement in it. Laura began to pleasure him orally and found that his pleasure drops tasted wonderful when she licked his glans.

She also found his male-tart musky scent in her intimate area very pleasant and, to be honest, she was very happy about it. The man let Laura determine the pace of oral sex because he didn't want to intentionally cause her to gag by suddenly giving in, as he simply didn't know her enough and didn't want to scare her.

He suddenly withdrew from Laura's mouth and acknowledged her surprised expression with an understanding smile: “You know, Laura, this is all just as exciting for me as it is for you. We had written very nicely together, but in the end I didn't know what to expect here with you. Or rather, who. I don't mean yourself or your appearance, but rather that a man can be lured into an ambush if he goes on such dates.

Quite a few people have been attacked and robbed by men who were hiding somewhere in the background and a good-looking woman was just acting as a decoy. I still have a little heart palpitations, sorry. You are so beautiful, I don't want to make a mistake, it should be beautiful for you despite the money. I almost came right now, but I don’t know if I could do it a second time without a longer break because of my nervousness.”

An open relationship or a love-hate relationship?

Somehow this confession touched Laura's heart and spontaneously and without much thought, she took his hand and gave him a kiss on it. This unexpected gesture of tenderness captivated both of them, as it was given freely and without being asked. Tenderness is always a freely given gift to another person and can never be bought.

This powerful and at the same time very human moment between the two of them completely broke the ice. Not only Laura, but also Tom, that was her suitor's name, now seemed much more relaxed and were visibly enjoying being together. So Tom lay down on the bed while Laura climbed on top of him and inserted his bulging hard cock into her wet vagina. Ironically, she was still wearing her red latex lingerie, because Tom was also a lingerie lover and an absolute latex fan.

So Laura presented him with the opening in the red latex panties, through which she pushed Tom's hard penis and took it inside her. Tom really enjoyed the feeling of additional friction on the base of his penis, which was offered to him by the latex material at the opening in the briefs. Large, angular male hands dug Laura's voluptuous breasts out of the red latex bra, cupped it greedily and rubbed the tips of her rosy breasts until Laura rode him harder and harder until they both came to orgasm almost at the same time.

Of course they had used a condom, as they had done before for oral sex. Luckily Tom had brought these with him himself, because as she was single and didn't have sex, Laura hadn't had them in the house and had simply forgotten to get them in her excitement.

Exhausted, Laura lay at Tom's side and thought about the fact that she had just had a lot of fun and that the money had actually been earned very easily. For that she would have had to wait a long time in some restaurant. Then she felt Tom turn to her and smile nonchalantly at her. He exposed his well-groomed teeth and Laura suddenly thought how she would have reacted if the teeth hadn't been so neat.

“Would you like us to do this again soon? We can go to the cinema, I would like to invite you. If it's okay with you, I would like to have a blowjob with you in the car in the underground garage and also anal sex. This can be done in peace and quiet at home or in a hotel room. I'm also proceeding very carefully, don't worry. If you need any help or support, please contact me, you have my number. Otherwise, I’ll get back to you if I can.”

Laura really didn't expect how easy it all was

Tom wanted a repeat of the whole thing. The nice thing was that she knew him now and everything would be even more familiar next time. Nevertheless, Laura was a little hesitant to give him a promise right away. So she asked for time to think about it, because she already realized that she had to calm down a little and digest the exciting experience of today when she was alone again.

“No problem Laura, it was all quite new for me too; I don't do meetings like this every day. You are just so wonderful and honest with me. Right now I feel more like your friend and not your suitor. I feel really comfortable with and with you. By the way, your lingerie earlier was very hot and sexy. I'll take a look on the internet tomorrow and bring you a gift of wetlook or latex lingerie for the next time it happens. I'm telling you this so you can look forward to it now. You’ll always have a good time with me, I promise you!”

On the one hand, Laura felt very flattered, but on the other hand, she now needed time for herself. The urgent need to process what she had experienced now arose with all her might. So Laura was the first to break away from the hug and start to get dressed again. Her red latex lingerie looked heavenly and absolutely seductive. Tom took a shower and was in a happy mood the whole time.

When he closed the door behind him about 20 minutes later, Laura collapsed onto the green sofa with relief. She closed her eyes with a sigh and thought about the amazing sex she had just had with a virtual stranger. Throwing her blonde mane back, she also pondered the danger into which she had carelessly placed herself.

No, arranging to meet at her house was probably not such a good idea and she wouldn't do it like that again. Laura was now certain that she would protect her privacy much better in the future. She had also heard of certain portals that were looking for interested women like Laura and placing them with paying and serious customers.

Or should she mark this experience as a one-off and not repeat it?

Laura clearly decided to move on. She met Tom again and went on a few more great dates with him. At some point he talked about love, and Laura ended the meetings with him with a heavy heart because she didn't want to hurt Tom unnecessarily because she liked him very much, but didn't love him. Unfortunately, this caused the ease of being together to dwindle more and more. Nevertheless, she always remembered Tom fondly; after all, he was her first customer and had always been honorable to her.

Laura also decided to become her own boss and officially registered as a sex worker in order not to make herself vulnerable and of course to act correctly. So she became a very sought-after escort girl, who gained a certain reputation, was well booked and always had satisfied guests.

The day Laura successfully completed her studies, her heart beat with joy. She really wasn't stupid with her blonde hair and her sweet looks. Anyone who seriously believed this was stupid.

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