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Latex Geschichte - Die roten Latexhandschuhe

Latex Story - The red latex gloves

The red latex gloves - the boss and the secretary

I hear my breathing quickening with excitement and arousal. Feel my chest rising and falling, feel the soft carpet under the soles of my feet. I took off the sexy heels. I feel an urgent, painful throbbing - wetness wets my crotch, my inner sides of the buxom yet firm thighs.

I feel his elemental presence before I can see him. He comes towards me with purposeful and quick steps. Like a predator, he stands close behind me, barely audible. In an instant I can smell him - his essence, his masculinity. And I smell the subtle hint of latex. A clear, penetrating and intense scent. I involuntarily open my legs a little wider. He strokes my shoulders, my hair, pushes my head back slightly. I can see into his eyes - deep greens flecked with gray, framed by dark lashes. Deep, strong emotions are reflected in it.

Without saying a word, we already tell each other everything

His strong, muscular male hands are in red, tight latex gloves, spanning these powerful hands, giving an idea of ​​the strength of the wearer. He inserts a red latex-covered thumb into my mouth. Instinctively I start sucking on it. God, how good the red latex tastes and how smooth and supple my tongue runs over it.

He suddenly walks around me and sits down next to me. Then he raises that red latex hand again, covered in an elbow-length men's latex glove. Immediately afterwards he puts several latex fingers in my mouth one after the other. In his mouth he waits briefly and grabs my tongue, massages it, pulls it out a little. I start to drool, my saliva dripping onto my plump breasts and my pierced stomach. The tugging between my thighs becomes more concentrated and gradually begins to become painful.

Red latex fingers in mouth

We maintain intense and very intimate eye contact the entire time. Now he brings his hand to my full breasts and grasps them with this wonderfully strong man's hand, enclosed in a long, red latex glove. First he applies gentle pressure so that I can feel the rubber on my beautiful skin. This red latex hand caresses my steeply erect nipples in a velvety, gently tugging way. The latex clothing ensures that the nipples begin to redden and gradually tighten due to the friction with rubber. Then the pressure and rubbing of this strong latex hand becomes firmer. Then a little harder, this red latex hand gently squeezes my breasts to give a little pain but not to seriously hurt me.

Latex rubber on the nipple

The boss rubs the nipples between the tight latex rubber, they are now stiff and steep and are becoming increasingly red. Feelings I've never felt before arise within me. I'm actually his secretary and he's my boss. I shouldn't be doing that in any way right now, after all, I'm desperately dependent on this office job. But somehow there was this fascination between us from the beginning, a primal, exciting feeling of desire and lust. He seemed to sense my most secret desires from the start.

How could he know that latex had always fascinated me so much? When I was gardening, doing housework or cleaning, whenever I wore rubber gloves, I liked the feel of the latex material on my bare skin, the texture, the smell and the sweating underneath. Why did this man, my boss, only seem to sense my most secret fantasies?

Erotic latex fetish clothing

Suddenly this beautiful man takes the tips of my breasts into his mouth and begins to circle my tip with the tip of his tongue. I briefly feel his warm breath on my damp skin, then my boss starts sucking on my tips. The erotic fetish latex clothing does not miss its sexy purpose in any way, because the red latex gloves hold the tender flesh of my hips before they enclose my plump buttocks in a demanding and engaging way. This smooth, silky material of latex on my heated, moist skin, wonderfully alien and yet so intimately familiar.

He suddenly sits up and looks at me with his intense, passionate gaze. As an instinctive response, I look pleadingly into his beautiful eyes. He nods almost imperceptibly with his striking profile and gives absolution. I finally dare to allow the orgasm to wash over me incessantly without compromise. It breaks over me violently and takes hold of me completely. For a moment my vision was black, for a moment I was somewhere else.

When I regain control of my senses and come to, I feel the boss's fingers inside me, enveloped in this uniquely erotic feeling of a sex toy that demands everything. I look down expectantly and a little excited. A red, strong, long latex glove with three thick fingers is already inside me. Wetness everywhere, his red latex fingers making a sensual, beautiful, smacking sound as they thrust in and out. Thanks to the latex it's a hot, wonderful glide. A heavy, sweet scent is already wafting through the room, beads of sweat on my forehead and no end in sight.

The boss is just starting the intimate rubber latex session

Shifting his weight abruptly, he leans forward slightly. At the same time, he gently yet firmly pushes my trembling body backwards. I gratefully follow his request and lean back, relaxed, while his hand pushes more and more demandingly against my pelvis, inviting me to press it even closer to my wet, sexy little center.

A large male fist, stuck in the shaft of a red elbow-length latex glove, demands entry in order to take it deep and completely inside me. My beautiful vagina is so tender. How much longer can I endure this intense feeling of ecstasy and stretching?

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