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Latex Geschichte - Eine Hassliebe zu Latex

Latex Story - A love-hate relationship with latex

Of constriction and liberation - A man and his love-hate relationship with latex

The lowered blinds allowed only a few rays of sunshine to penetrate the room, which finally broke through the dim light a little. Nevertheless, darkness prevailed in this room, but to a manageable extent, which still allowed the surroundings to be recognized reasonably clearly. A certain mugginess wafted through the air and made the slightly stocky man perspiring noticeably, who was sitting on the big bed. A green towel was wrapped around his waist, a few last drops of water still glistening on his square shoulders. He must have just taken a shower because condensation was forming on the bathroom window. The man must be in his fifties. He rubbed his graying temples with one hand, and with the other he reached for a larger object that was lying next to him on the bed.
Now he turned his clean-shaven torso toward the larger object—a box, the tape of which had already been removed. Only the rectangular lid had to be lifted to reveal the contents of this box. Yet the patient man seemed uninterested in unpacking, for he took the box on his lap and stroked the lid tenderly and lovingly, as if he were stroking a human body. In no way did he appear to be in a hurry, instead celebrating the unpacking of the contents of this brown box. Something special must have been hidden in it, because the almost naked man seemed to be looking forward to it with a substantial fervor. His fingers seemed to tremble a little with joyful anticipation as he nimbly lifted the lid. Surprisingly, he didn't immediately take the sighted contents out of the box, but bent his head over it and took a few deep breaths. The man's previously tense and hard-looking features relaxed instantly.

Latex love and fetishism

His shoulders then slumped and immediately gave him a more relaxed overall look. He must have liked the smell that flowed towards him from the box. He lingered a little longer in this sensual process, then he reached in with his big hands and a faint rustling could be heard. Shortly thereafter, the contents of the box were lifted and exposed: a black heavy rubber catsuit was revealed.
Almost tenderly, the man's coarse hands pressed the firm latex fabric against his cheeks, in order to then lead it to the narrow lips and kiss it. As if he were in conversation with another human being, the man's movements gently glided over the latex and caressed it like the warm, soft skin of a loved one.
The man slowly let his stocky upper body slide backwards until it came to rest on the red-patterned bedspread. The gentle movements of the man happily guided the latex material over his entire body to finally come to a standstill on his stomach. Certainly the man's hairy hands pressed the black heavy rubber catsuit to the middle of the body and elicited a blissful smile from it.
"Soon… It may be soon again." The throaty whisper filled the dimly lit room. After a short pause he added: "Very soon..." A happy grin spread across the man's stubbly face.

Crossdresser vacation without a wife

The heavy, gray clouds of the morning had already announced it to the attentive observer - now the downpour began with steadily increasing frequency. But the bad weather didn't bother him one bit; on the contrary, he was in a good mood. Today was a special day - today it was allowed to happen again. He almost had a guilty conscience. He really loved his wife. She was a good woman and at the same time a friend and advisor, a coach and a manager of everyday life. And yet he had never told her about his deepest longings and needs, never about his inner demons and desires, never revealed his true soul to her. Yes, they still had sex with each other, even regularly. The sex was fine and she was still a beautiful and desirable woman despite being well past her prime. She was quite fun to be with and spend time with. But…
And then there were the children, two of them. He was incredibly grateful to her for her tireless commitment and for her tireless creation and design of her home, the upbringing of her children and the maintenance of her social work. His wife had always kept these everyday worries at bay and not annoyed him with useless questions that she could decide on her own. Yes indeed, what a wonderful wife he had and two healthy and talented children.


Love-hate relationship with fetishism

Damned! His stomach tightened uncomfortably, and the lump in it weighed heavily on his mind. Damned! His guilty conscience came back again and made his pulse rise. Why was he struggling with his existence when he had everything anyone could want? Why was he such a fucking loser and crazy freak? Why did he have to be a weirdo and not his neighbor?

Intense feelings of shame spread in his mind, spilled over and made their toxic way through his entire being. If only he were a real man, if only he had a little more courage, then he could enjoy his reality and suppress these special inner impulses. If… Damn!
Suddenly he got a little bad breath, because the social obligations and these conventions to be fulfilled felt like a corset that wrapped itself tighter and tighter around his body. Wherever possible, he adapted to the circumstances and did what was expected of him. Towards the unjust and self-important boss, whom he would love to smack in the face for once! To his family and relatives and yes, even to his entire social circle up to his friends, he was absolutely reliable in this regard. Not even they knew of his secret. He was so sick of this damn game of hide and seek! This always oppressive humiliation had accompanied him for so long and hung over his head like the sword of Damocles. He could never be sure that at some point this sword would come down and hit him, destroy him and strip him of his dignity and expose him as a crazy freak - if his secret was discovered. What choice did he have but hide like an outlaw?

Was there an alternative at all? To truly live out one's happiness and one's most secret desires and yet not lose all prestige and status? Put simply, not losing face?

His wife's voice snapped him out of his thoughts immediately, "Darling, everything's stowed away and taken care of. I then drive off with the children to my parents for the long weekend to find some relaxation. Do you really not want to go? I think some relaxation would do you good too!” With these words she closed the trunk firmly and approached it energetically, desperately avoiding the raindrops. He took her in his arms and gave her a quick kiss on the scented forehead. Her perfume was just gorgeous once again; what an attractive woman she still was.
"Please don't worry about me darling, I'll stay here and use the holiday to bring the garden into shape a little. Have fun and please say hello to Horst and Inge from me!”
The blue van started noisily, passed a large puddle and was already turning onto the adjacent street. The car had not yet disappeared from his field of vision when he was already whispering to himself, lost in thought: "I will find relaxation, honey, more than you could ever guess." That he did not intend to cultivate the house garden at that moment nothing to do with it.

Fetish meeting in the gazebo

In his gazebo, a completely different world opened up to him. This was his sanctuary, his safe island in the raging waters of everyday life. Here his heart was at home, here lived his soul, here he lived his deepest, inner spirit. Here in this cozy gazebo he was simply himself, to put it simply. He could not often visit this place, it always required sufficient preparation. His wife didn't know anything about this location, why should she? She should not be unnecessarily alarmed. That was his privacy, here he shielded himself from the entire outside world. Within this little wasteland there were no judges, no executioners, no social dictates, and no rigid and draining commitments.
He hadn't put much effort into creating a wonderful atmosphere, as he was a little worried that someone might unexpectedly enter the shelter. It was definitely better to be safe than sorry, because he really didn't want to let his secret passion be discovered in this way. Royal blue heavy drapes shielded prying eyes from both outside and inside. A plain cabinet, a wooden table, a comfortable but simple chair and a fairly large gray couch made up the entire furniture interior. A large mirror standing on the floor adorned the room. In addition, he had built a water connection, which connected a barren sink with a water canister so that he could wash himself after the effort. An inconspicuous camping toilet allowed undisturbed defecation.
The only thing that caught the eye and didn't fit this location at all was a female torso standing in a corner, wrapped in an extravagant red latex body. He had actually bought this once as a gift for his wife when he was still inexperienced and thought he could reveal himself without further ado. But the fear of rejection and "being abandoned" had won and he didn't want to provoke a divorce under any circumstances. The supposed immortality of the material granted mercy and did not show how long this latex body had already been worn by this doll and not by his wife.


The awesome smell of latex

The slightly sweet smell of rubber hung in the air and betrayed his secret vice - he was a latex lover, a material fetishist. This supple, sensuous rubber material had simply fallen in love with him. Even as a teenager, he was attracted to images of women and men dressed in latex fashion. At that time it was still difficult for him to get hold of these pictures, he had to go to establishments to obtain them. Since then he has also regularly paid women to wrap themselves in latex according to his wishes and send him pictures of it. To visit one of these women for sale and to live out his material love with another person, he hadn't dared to do that before. His sense of guilt towards his wife would be too great. However, that was not necessarily the focus for him. At the heart of his fetish was wearing heavy rubber fashion.

He loved this feeling of "being enclosed", this complete tightness, which worked constantly on his body until he gradually lost the feeling of his arms and legs. This "letting go" of the body, this "giving up control", this "intense feeling of oneself", the strong and incessant sweating... Eng includes being able to leave one's body mentally and to fly far away to awesome worlds - that was it it was what drove him, what made him visit this gazebo again and again and indulge his material fetish.
Living out your fetish always required a certain amount of preparation. There was no way he could do it on the fly, consuming it quickly didn't hold fulfillment for him. Here in this sparsely furnished gazebo he celebrated his love of heavy rubber latex, often for hours. He was still young enough and had the constitution to do so. Drifting and diving into this dark, secret lust was extremely exhausting and always put a lot of strain on his circulation. The intense and heavy sweating under the non-breathable material did the rest. Thank God he had no previous illnesses, neither diabetes nor heart failure. Always drinking enough during a heavy latex session was basically the only thing he had to watch out for in terms of health, because after all he was completely alone here. Who should take care of him if he just faints from circulatory problems? Despite all his love for latex, he didn't want to take such a risk. He always leaned forward and always had enough water in the tool shed behind the gazebo. Nobody should act out their fetish unreasonably.
He closed his eyes for a brief moment and audibly breathed in and out a few times. Calm seized him. Calmness... and a sublime feeling of contentment that spread like a warm liquid throughout his body.

Hot latex solo sex

It began. As if stepping over an invisible threshold, he straightened his shoulders and suddenly looked like a completely different person. An inner urge made him want to shed his skin and put on another skin. A skin that corresponded to his true destiny - a latex skin.

With firm steps he walked towards the closet. Once there, he opened the somewhat heavy wooden door, which obeyed the instructions with an audible creaking. The viewer was then presented with a considerable wealth of all sorts of latex fashion parts, which were arranged neatly, accurately and sorted by color on the clothes rail. A sweet, heavy scent immediately filled the small space of the gazebo and invited you on a special kind of sensory journey.
All this, including getting there, formed the basis for his complete enjoyment. He carefully took the black catsuit from the top compartment, which he had sent in a box at the time. This had a material density of 0.8 and belonged to the heavy rubber category. The black latex catsuit weighed heavily in his arms, so that the effort made him consciously feel his body for the first time. He carefully carried the catsuit over to the wide sofa and prepared it for it. Full of anticipation, he glided back to the closet and took out a pair of black latex socks and black latex gloves that were elbow-length.
As in a solemn ceremony, he then began to turn all the latex garments inside out and rub them neatly with silicone oil specially made for this occasion. Since he had been practicing his material fetish for a long time, he was well aware that he was not allowed to use two different colors at the same time, otherwise there was a risk of discoloration, which would ruin these treasures forever and irrevocably. He also took off his wedding ring beforehand, because he didn't want to risk damaging the structure of the material, which metal on latex could cause. The silicone oil was odorless and allowed his large hands to glide smoothly over the smooth fabric. His movements were like the sensual touch of a lover, accompanied by the loving gaze of his blue eyes. From that moment on he lost all sense of time and unresistingly dived into this beautiful world and began this exciting journey into his innermost being.
It took all of his masculine strength to put on this extraordinary attire. Although the silicone oil helped to give this second skin to his own body, he feared and enjoyed this process in equal measure every time. When he finally reached it, he stroked it with his chest swollen with pride, filled with unspeakable joy and bliss. Almost instantly, his own body responded to the firm grip of that thick latex material. This biological process helped him to feel himself to put it simply. So often he had to survive the tedious everyday life, function and act in the interests of others, never really in his own interests. This grounding, this “feeling oneself”, this bliss gave him his second latex skin, in whose consequent embrace he could let himself fall completely.

Declaration of love to sweating

Could a human hold it like this latex skin? Sweating started – beads of sweat ran down his skin incessantly, because latex does not breathe. As paradoxical as this may sound to an outsider, he also enjoyed it beyond measure. With every drop of that sweat, some of his anxiety and uneasiness drained away as well. The heavy rubber material, which almost pressed to the ground, made it lighter hour by hour and at the same time lifted into the sky to be able to fly. The heavier and thicker the latex, the quicker and more likely he would experience this psychological effect. In fact, thin latex wasn't really able to do this for him personally.

Laboriously bending down, he slipped the socks over the leg ends of the black catsuit, making sure that the sweat didn't run out. The heavy rubber was already severely restricting his entire musculoskeletal system, making his movements bumpy and his gait awkward. He kept the elbow-length black latex gloves for last to make it a little easier to put on the rest of the clothes.
Now he was almost completely dressed in thick latex. In slow movements he looked for the large mirror, in which he examined himself in detail. How beautiful he found himself in those moments - how perfect. This grace-bringing perfection, smooth and without frills, just without corners and edges - why couldn't it always be like that in everyday life? So easy, so peaceful, so without problems that almost ate away at you like nitric acid?
His gaze in the mirror focused again on the inner workings of the closet. Ordinary everyday clothing was in the bottom compartment. Checked shirts, sweaters, jeans, socks, singlets, underpants. He would complete his work and put everyday clothes over his latex outfit in order to supposedly conform to the norm again. But he secretly laughed at these philistines, who didn't know a bit about his sparkling secret, which he carried on his skin under his clothes and in his heart.
"These damned idiots!" he laughed into the room and thought about where he would pull the weeds first. The rain had stopped meanwhile and the ground smelled wonderful and primeval. Thanks to the rain, this rather unpleasant task would be a little easier for him. The hedge also had to be trimmed and the adjoining tool shed was also waiting for a bit of tidying up. There was a lot to do, he would get his money's worth.
From the immense pressure of the thick latex, his limbs would become numb during the physically demanding work, as if they were falling asleep. The feeling escaped first on the hands, the feet and then slowly traveled up to the arms and legs. Little by little he lost control. More and more he would have to fight against this unspeakable heaviness of the thick latex to keep his composure. Maybe he would fool one of those stupid squares and have a chat with the plot neighbor at the fence?
A thieving grin spread across his harsh features. Yes, today he would give everyone the middle finger.

Today he would be free again - and fly. His soul would be grounded and his spirit would be at rest. On this day he would completely recharge his batteries and relax completely.

Approaching the wardrobe, he passed the woman's torso with this breathtakingly beautiful, red latex beauty. Nostalgia arose in him immediately and let him caress the fine curves of the figure. "Honey, I hope you're doing well and you're happy!" he thought, lost in thought. This red latex bra would look so wonderful on her and dress her up in a shiny and stylish way. If she entered a room decorated like this, she would be sure to get all the admiring looks. Any other woman would then stand in her shadow and look at her with envy.
Clumsily, he continued his walk and his plan. What a pity that this enchanting performance of his wife adorned with this red latex bra would remain a fantasy forever.

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