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Latex Geschichte - Fußpflege der besonderen Art

Latex Story - a special kind of foot care

Foot care of a different kind

I hadn't had a pedicure for ages. My chiropodist had closed her shop. "Oh great," I thought. An alternative had to be found. I was surfing the internet when an ad caught my eye. It said the following: Foot Care Nice Man offers a special kind of foot care. You relax and your feet are pampered. Be brave, call me. Phone number ... Regards Steven M. I thought to myself that there must definitely be a catch. I searched the net for new reviews. More than ninety were there, and all were full of praise. I looked at the peeling varnish on my toenails and decided to give it a try. The next morning I called the number, had Steven on the line directly in person and got an appointment for the afternoon time the same day. I forgot to ask how much it would cost. But no matter, it wouldn't be that expensive.

I dawdled through my day off and finally made my way to the address given. It was a small house at the end of town, but easy to find. Somehow I was nervous. I never used to be before a pedicure. It was strange. Nevertheless, I rang the bell and quickly the buzz of the door opener sounded. I went in and saw an open door. From far away a man's voice sounded: "Please come in. I'll be right with you!"

What was I getting myself into?

I saw a coat rack and was hanging my raincoat on it when an extremely attractive man - around his mid-thirties - approached me. Wow, I didn't expect that. But why not treat the eye to something attractive, right? He held out his hand to me and introduced himself only by his first name. Okay, I thought, I can do that too. I smiled at him. "Hello, I'm Tanja." I was a little embarrassed, but I didn't mind a little flirting. He led me into a side room where there was a cosy-looking armchair. Next to it was a small covered table. "Take a seat, Tanja. Please take off your sandals. You can put them next to the chair. I'll just get the water and then we can start."

I sat down, took off my sandals and snuggled into the very comfortable looking armchair. Then Steven came back. He placed the water in front of my feet, but first lifted them up and placed them briefly on his lap to remove the old varnish. Only then did he place them in the warm water. The water smelled pleasant and the warmth felt wonderful. There was a warm blanket over the back of the chair. Steven asked me if I wanted to be covered. I said yes and he did.

So I lay there for a while. I eyed him more closely. He was wearing a latex shirt and he had a rubber apron on. His muscles were clearly visible under the shirt. What a sight! I couldn't believe how much I liked him. Latex was what my rather naughty dreams were made of. I was looking at him when he looked at me and said that he would start now. I blushed. He took my right foot out of the water and put it on his lap. He uncovered the little table and you could see files, scissors and other things lying on it. But something on it caught my attention. There were latex socks with single toes! What was he going to do with them? Shit, my head cinema started and that excited me. It was good that I had the blanket and that my hands could move invisibly to my lap. Hopefully he wouldn't notice...

It's good to be in the dark

He did his job well. My feet soon looked like new. But what came next? He put the water aside and took both feet on his lap. May the real pampering begin now? It's different from what you're used to, but I promise you'll like it." He took oil and massaged my feet. Every single toe and it just felt great. But then he took the latex toe socks and pulled them over my oily feet. Easily the slightly oily toes slipped into the individual latex pockets of the toe socks and completely coated each toe with latex. First the left and then the right. He brought my foot to his lips and kissed it. He sucked on my rubber toes and licked over the rubber. Feeling and seeing this only excited me more. What was I doing here? Anyway, it was just hot. I was hot and enjoying this game.

I couldn't say anything and closed my eyes. My hands under the blanket were doing naughty things on their own, so I couldn't help a soft groan. When I looked at him again, he looked at me with a piercing gaze as he enjoyed playing with my rubber feet. I could see the excitement in his eyes. It went on like that for a while, pleasurably, until he looked at his watch. "Oh, I have another appointment in a minute. I'm afraid we have to finish." He gently pulled the rubber off my feet, washed them with a damp cloth and put cream on them. He wiped off the excess cream still and then put on my sandals. He stood up, smiled and went to the door. What had just happened here? I was a bit rattled. I tried to collect myself, took the blanket aside and stood up.

And how much is this fun going to cost me now?

His payment was still open, after all. So I rummaged in my handbag for my wallet. But what was appropriate after this kind of pedicure? "I still owe you your pay for a job well done," I said with red cheeks. "I think we both just had that one," he said with a big grin. " But if you want to put something in my piggy bank, I won't say no, maybe I'll see you soon." He laughed. I looked at the piggy bank and had to laugh too. It was a pig all in black that looked like it was wearing latex and had a gag in its trunk. I put a note in it. "See you soon," I laughed on my way out and literally floated home. No longer in latex stockings but still more than satisfied ...

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