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Latex Geschichte - Glänzende rote Gummistiefel

Latex Story - Shiny red rubber boots

Shiny red rubber boots

It was autumn, the weather left a lot to be desired and I was cold. Actually, I didn't mind rain at all, I even liked it. But this cold today and the wind with it, I didn't like it at all.

I had made my way to the supermarket to get this shopping for the upcoming weekend. I was so cold that I even had one put on a winter jacket. I was just totally frozen. But what was also absolutely no wonder, because it worked for almost two days not my old heater. The fitter who was supposed to come on Monday had to get a replacement part first. So it was time to keep shivering at home.

I was just going through my shopping list in my head when I was totally in lost in my thoughts, not paying attention and stepping into a big puddle. Great, I thought, now my feet are soaking wet. I had stupidly chose the wrong shoes just because it had to go fast and the color matched the jacket well. And that although I have a large selection had at home. I grumbled angrily to myself, but it didn't matter, I did just had to buy things quickly. But then I would quickly post Run home to take a hot bath. The day could only getting better.

Finally arrived at the supermarket, I took a shopping trolley, and went to the store. I quickly found all the things I needed and was walking towards the cash register when I saw a shelf next to the cash register shiny rubber boots and rainwear. I saw black and bright red rubber boots. They shone beautifully. In addition to this matching raincoats.

A few minutes no longer mattered. My feet were eh already freezing. At least it was warm in the store, so I got the moment to look at things. Especially the red ones I really liked rubber boots. I took the boots off the shelf to look at my size and to give me a little more detail to look at I slowly stroked the rubber shaft. You felt that way smooth and the rubber was wonderfully soft. Made a comfortable feeling spread in my stomach as I smell the scent of the rubber could. Somehow this material kept triggering me. So it was worth considering if I should try them on. But how should I do that spontaneously? My socks were totally soaked.
I was just standing there a bit helpless when a young saleswoman came up to me due. I've seen her here before. A slender woman was about my age. She had short dark hair and appeared always very nice. She always had a smile for the customers. "Can I need to help them somehow?" she asked me. "I'm just thinking about to try on these beautiful red rubber boots. Unfortunately there is there only one problem. I don't have any socks to try on right now. My own just got totally wet from a puddle. And in addition my feet are still freezing."

Foot fetish with the saleswoman

Why did I just say that? As if a saleswoman would care would that I had cold feet. But the young woman just smiled at me. "Yes, the boots are really chic. We currently have trial socks not, but I have an idea," she said. "We have warm ones over here socks on sale. Maybe you want to take it? With that you could try on the boots?! And your feet would get warm quickly. "
The cozy socks actually only cost 2 euros. That was a absolutely reasonable price. I took her. "Feel free to sit there to try them on. I think you can do better with your shoes there take off." She pointed to a stool next to the shoe rack was standing.
I sat down and started taking off my shoes. My wet socks stuck to my feet and my toes were freezing. Finally I could take off wet things. The new warm fluffy ones felt good to put on socks. I massaged my feet for a moment. The Saleswoman didn't leave my side and looked at me the whole time to. I was uncomfortable with her watching me like that. Maybe had afraid that I wanted to take the boots with me without paying? Oh Bullshit, I shook off the thought and quickly slipped into the Boots. they matched.

Of course I had to test them first and went a little up and down away. It wasn't unusual for me that the rubber boots were so comfortable were. At home I already had a few pairs in all sorts of colors. N / A yes, and they were chic too. They would look good in my collection make. But the very best thing was if I started it right now, that I would no longer have cold, wet feet on the way home.
"Fine, I'll take them. Can I leave the socks and boots on?" I asked the saleswoman. "Of course, just give me that price tags. I'll take it with me to the checkout," she says, smiling.
But before following her to the checkout, I took one last look the matching red raincoat. The color went perfectly with the boots. I stroked the material of the coat. It was also very smooth and soft. Somehow it started again at that touch in mine belly tingling. It felt so incredibly good. Smooth clothing and I just liked rubber, I couldn't deny that.

Rubber smell and latex fetish in the shop

Inside the coat was lined with a cuddly warm faux fur could be taken out if necessary. Yes, I really liked the raincoat.
"I'll try this one on too." I took off my thick jacket and slipped into the raincoat. When I wore it and me in it turned back and forth in front of the mirror, I felt incredibly comfortable. I I just felt like the Rainbootqueen of Instagram and didn't think twice longing. "He's coming too!" Actually, I didn't want him that way undress quickly. So I reluctantly took it off and mine Winter jacket back on. But alright, I gave it to the saleswoman.
So we went to the checkout. The saleswoman put the raincoat on top tape while I draped my groceries on it and went behind the Cash. She had the price tags from the rubber boots and the socks already recorded directly to scan it there. Then she scanned that raincoat and the groceries. Now should the bitter truth come. "That makes 295.50 euros, please." "Do you have another one? Bag for the wet socks and shoes?" "Of course." She passed me a bag in which I stuffed the wet things. I paid with my card and accepted the receipt. I just put it in the pocket of the raincoat and said goodbye. Pretty happy i went home What a strange day it was today. This rubber always made me weak. To the annoyance of my account...

Sex games with rubber boots and raincoat

When I got home, I took off my boots and turned the little one first Radiator up in the bathroom. It was about time that the right heater finally worked again.
After putting away all my groceries, I hung up the raincoat and took the receipt out of his pocket. But what was that? On there was something stuck to the back of the receipt. It was a little red one Note that read: "Hello. I know a very good method, like the feet get warm and stay warm. If you're interested, I'll tell you gladly. Maybe you would like to have a drink with me soon? If yes, call! Lisa." Below that was a phone number.

Did I really just get a woman's number? I was a woman herself and not at all interested in the same sex. Wanted she going on a date? Had I seemed different to her, and that's why she had me observed all the time? It almost seemed so. But I also felt somehow flattered. The offer still sounded non-binding and whoever wants to not have warm feet.
I relaxed in a hot tub that evening. Although I wasn't usually the anxious type, this time I had to all gather my courage to dial her number. It just rang three times, then it was her turn. "Yes hello? " " Um... This is Jana. Am I talking to Lisa?" "Sure, I am me." "Oh great. I'm the woman with cold feet." We both had to laugh. " What secret for warm feet you know you?" "I'd like to show you that," she said. "Well, there I am I'm very excited." My heart was pounding, but I caught it again all my courage and simply asked: "Would you like to come over tomorrow? Or should I come to you? We can go to a bar because of Corona not. But I'll tell you straight away, it's very cold here. The heater is broken". I heard her laugh. "Okay, no problem! Then come but to me. I don't live far away. Tomorrow evening? I finish work at 6:00 p.m. We could meet in front of the store." What was I doing here? You I was a stranger and I wasn't into women at all. But somehow I found this unusual situation funny and exciting. "Okay, then I'll be happy to be surprised. See you tomorrow evening." "I I'm happy. Oh, and put on those new boots. They suit you incredibly good! See you tomorrow." "Okay, I'll do that. See you tomorrow." Then laid we up.

Two lesbians arrange to have rubber sex

I put the phone aside and continued to enjoy the hot bath. I had actually arranged some sort of date with a woman. I smiled and told me again, "What a crazy day!" That night I slept very restlessly. But somehow I was happy also in the evening. I would be sitting in a warm apartment and with a nice young woman, hopefully to spend a nice evening. The it could only be good. So I left the day completely relaxed go along and made me in the evening in the red boots and the new one red coat on the way to the supermarket, our meeting point.

She was just coming to the entrance when I arrived. When I saw her I had to laugh. She was also wearing rubber boots. Shiny black with heel. And they looked really great.
We greeted each other and made our way to her apartment. On the way we chatted about all sorts of things. Time ran fast and the way was short.
When I entered her apartment, I immediately felt the pleasant atmosphere and warmth. In the hallway of the apartment I was about to get my boots undress as she looked at me and asked me to help me may. I was surprised, but let her do it. She pulled take off my boots. But not only them. Also my socks. " What are you doing I get cold feet immediately. I'd rather take off my socks back on." "Trust me. You don't need the socks now. come along into the living room." She already had bare feet. She totally confused me, but I followed her. "Have a seat. Would you like drink something too? Maybe a glass of red wine?" "Yes, please. Thank you very much."

Foot fetish with two hot lesbians

Lisa briefly left the room and came relatively quickly with a bottle Red wine and two glasses back. She handed me a cozy blanket. Make yourself comfortable.” She smiled at me as she did so. I cuddled tucked myself into the covers while she handed me a glass of wine. Right we quickly emptied the bottle and talked about all sorts of things. But as time passed, I became more relaxed and easy more and more curious. The wine also loosened my tongue.
"Now I'm curious though. What's your secret for warm Feet?" "You want to know exactly? Then you should experience it too! I will show you. I'll be right back." She got a small bag and a towel from the next room. Then Lisa sat right across from me and asked me to put my feet on the cloth in her lap. I did it without questioning anything, because I'm so infinitely curious and light was tipsy. Finally Lisa told me to open my eyes close and enjoy. I did it.
What came next was surprising. She started doing my feet to oil She massaged every single toe and both soles extensively. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the warmth and the Massage. But then she did something even more unexpected. She lifted a foot one after the other and pulled something over my toes. I opened my eyes and looked at my feet. She had put rubber toe socks on me.

Foot massage with latex toe socks

"I saw you in the store stroking the rubber of your boots and how you breathed in deeply. It was immediately clear to me that you are addicted to rubber like me! That's why I thought we maybe have some fun in rubber together. The cold feet were just a pretense. What do you say to that?" She looked at me questioningly. She continued to massage and her eyes looked at me challenging at. It made me a little unsure that she knew me stood on rubber. For some reason, though, I liked the idea of ​​being with her to spend the evening in rubber. I felt that tingling again in the belly. "I don't really know. I don't really know either what kind of fun you mean right now." My heart was beating faster. I knew what she meant, but did I really want that? I had none Idea.
"Will you come next door with me? I can show you better there." She put normal socks over the rubber socks. "So that you don't slips."
Then she pulled me up and I followed her into the next room.

The sexy fitting of a latex catsuit

What I saw there showed me clearly that I was right in my assumption had. This room looked like a little boutique in latex stuff sold. Various catsuits, skirts, leggings and rain gear. Next to it were a number of boots, high heels, rubber boots and some accessories. I still had a choice like that never seen in anyone's home. I was kind of confused and didn't know what to say.
"Have you ever worn a latex catsuit? You would great standing!" She showed me a dark gray one with a zipper front and crotch. "Would you like to put it on? I think we have it same size." I took a closer look at it. It was really beautiful. But apart from rubber boots and rain gear, I've never worn anything rubber dressed. I thought for a moment and then said, "Yeah, why not. Where can I change?" Lisa laughed. "Right here. But I think, I'll have to help you." She came very close to me and looked at me deep in the eyes "May I?" She slipped her hands under my sweater and pulled him up. I raised my arms so they undress me could. Then she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. she kneeled in front of me and helped me to slip off my pant leg. So stood I only in panties, bra and socks in front of her. "If you do too If you want to take off, you feel the rubber a little more intensively." You rubbed my shoulders and simply unhooked the bra. "Come on, leave you fall It will do you good." She knelt in front of me again and pulled my panties off. I stood there stark naked, only in my socks. it was me a bit embarrassing at first. I had never been with a woman before and that this should happen now made me nervous.

She took the gray catsuit off the hanger and rubbed it against her bare skin my back. I closed my eyes involuntarily. it felt feels heavenly. She came very close and touched me all over with it. Stroke it over my breasts and also over my lap. It aroused me immensely. Lisa just smiled. "Come on, put it on now!" I got into the Suit and Lisa helped me get dressed properly. Then she slowly closed the zipper. "Wow, you look so awesome and hot in it. Wait, you should wear your boots with that." She disappeared briefly and briskly came back with my boots and coat. " Just pull take off the cozy socks, but leave the toe socks on. I'll do it in time take the fur out of the coat for a moment, then you can put it on too." "Okay, please. It must look good."
While I was getting into the boots she had removed the faux fur and held it out for me to slip on, which I gladly did.

A red latex mask and hot latex gloves

Lisa stood in front of me and closed the zipper. She examined me, stroked my coat and then said: "Hm, there there's still one little thing missing to complete the outfit." "And that would be?" I asked, more and more curious.
She took something red made out of rubber from a drawer. " You know what this is?" I picked it up and recognized it. There were one mask and gloves. "A mask? What am I supposed to do with that?" "Jana, you should test it. I love the feeling myself. And you will stand well. Come here, I'll put them on for you. Please sit down on that stool over there." I sat down. "Okay, if I do this already test, then right." Lisa stood behind me. You took the mask and skillfully slipped it over my head. she passed perfect, even if it was unusual for me. I stroked mine head and felt how smooth it was.
My goodness, what a situation.

This situation was new to me and yes, it all turned me on. Actually, I was more dominant, and I never wanted to take that away from me permit. Or is it? No, I thought, and forged one in my head Plan.
Just as I was momentarily caught up in my thoughts, she began to put on the red gloves too. They were oily inside so that I slipped into the individual fingers without any problems. Now was mine whole body wrapped in latex. It felt great and the Combination with the red coat and shiny rubber boots saw great." "And what about you Lisa? don't you want me too show some rubber on you?" I challenged her with my gaze. Yes, I had to admit it, for the first time I was hot for a woman! And I would now show her who's in charge here.

The latex dominatrix and the submissive rubber slave

Lisa gave me a cheeky grin and then came very close to me. "You have to you undress me first!"
I got up and touched her shoulders. I looked deep into her eyes and before we knew it we were kissing passionately and casual. I slipped my rubber fingers under her shirt and pulled it her over the head. She wasn't wearing a bra. I saw her small firm breasts that stood out pertly. They really invited me to touch them and pinch in. I did it . Lisa groaned slightly when she felt the pressure of my rubber fingers. That it aroused her could I clearly see. I had to laugh. "You like that, huh? Then I want to see what else!" I undid her pants and pulled them off straight down. Kneeled in front of her to get out of her pant legs help. From this position, I had the direct view and access to her lap. I stroked up her bare legs and lingered briefly on her thighs. Then I pushed her legs a bit apart. I knew she was expecting something else, but I kissed only briefly the inside of her thighs. Looking up, I asked her: "Want something more than that?" I pulled away from her and stood up. I took a black cat from the stand and held it out to her. " Pull that." I took a matching mask from her drawer, Gloves and a pair of adjacent rubber boots with heels. " And this to it!" Lisa did it. At first I was rather insecure and she certain, but now the tide had turned. I determined how our game went on. Now I wanted to know and it fully enjoy.

The hot commands of the rubber woman

I watched her get dressed. When Lisa was done, she really saw hot off. I stood behind her in front of the mirror.
I started stroking her. I snuggled up to her. my raincoat rustled as I moved. "Do what you want with me," breathed she. That's exactly what I would do now.
I caressed her round buttocks through the thin latex and gently turned her around. We stood in front of each other and I clearly felt that I now have everything could do whatever I wanted.
"Show me your bedroom. I want to be more comfortable with you." Lisa smiled and went ahead and led me into the room. She had one large metal bed covered with a thick bedspread. Perfect, because then oil, sweat and other things wouldn't do much to the bedding turn off. Gently but firmly I laid her on the bed.

First time rubber sex with another woman

I looked at her for a moment. Now I would go first love a woman in my life and that too in rubber. It was crazy, but it also made me incredibly hot.
I pushed her legs apart a little and knelt between them. I slowly opened the raincoat. I sweat. the scent of latex, Sweat and excitement spread throughout the room. Lisa closed the eyes as I laid on her and tongued her lips traced. She opened her mouth a little to allow our tongues could play together. While we are full of passion kissed, our hands wandered over the rubber body of the other. The rubber boots rubbed against each other, just like our bodies. It was delightfully arousing. I slid a little lower to her breasts with my lips to caress. Willingly she bent her upper body towards me. Go ahead I gladly accepted the offer. Her hands caressed my mask. Now or never I thought. I slid even lower and kissed her crotch. I slowly unzipped it there. I took off my coat and put it over her eyes. "You should only feel and enjoy, no watch!"
She groaned as she felt my breath where it was clearly before excitement shone. This babe was holding the bed rail with her hands firmly and stretched out towards me. As I judged her, she had also handcuffs in her rubber room. "Stay like this. I am be right back!" I left it like that and went back into the adjoining room. I didn't have to look long there. Right in the first I found a drawer with a small chain in between. I took that along with a few other toys.

BDSM sex of two lesbians with rubber boots

Back in the bedroom, I still saw her there, well-behaved lay. I didn't wait long and tied her hands to the bed. She began to tremble with excitement. I stroked her great boots. They were smooth and shiny. Just great. I slowly got on again her to bed. From now on, at the latest, she wouldn't be able to spend the evening either forget.
I smiled to myself and let my latex fingers do the work begin. My tongue began to play with her center of pleasure. It became more and more passionate, and we loved each other in all of them imaginable types that came to my mind. This cute rubber slut belonged today alone, and I savored it all night. Drink in between we had some wine and enjoyed the gum to the full again and again. After After several hours of pleasure we went to take a shower together and afterwards falling asleep together in bliss.
This story was definitely going to be more than just a one night stand. It was just too hot for that. And had cold feet neither do I anymore. Thanks to the great, shiny red rubber boots.

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