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Latex Geschichte - Meine sadistische Göttin Teil 2

Latex Story - My Sadistic Goddess Part 2

Dominatrix date of a special kind

Ava took the stairs two at a time to avoid waiting for the elevator must. Or rather, not to keep him waiting. In addition, that was Cold food that she had brought for him. There was no hungry boss the best starting point for an interview. It was better to satisfy his hunger. At that thought, Ava smiled. She hasn't had a man to feed her in a long time. Or rather Slaves. Her time as a dominatrix was a long time ago. Like she a man However, he could completely pamper him, so that he had free will at her feet kneeling, she had never forgotten that. This dominance was innate and not trained. When Ava reached the fourth floor of the building then she was out of breath. She leaned against it for a brief moment cool wall of the hallway and closed his eyes to calm down.

“Dear, are you running out of breath yet? Come on, the boss is hungry!”, Evelyn's smug voice suddenly reached her. The secretary had He must have seen her coming with lunch and was now standing at her side. Nervousness spread through Ava. Her fingers began to tighten slightly tremble. She looked at Evelyn uncertainly. The mature lady patted encouraging Ava's shoulders and adding with a wink: "You can do it She already. What’s more, with this deliciously smelling deposit!”

“Thank you for encouraging me,” Ava smiled, taking a deep breath and went towards the boss's office.

Meanwhile, Alex's stomach was audibly growling. He placed a hand on his middle of his body and gently massaged his stomach. His hunger increased. In the In the best case scenario, the interview didn't take that long and he was able to organize a snack between two appointments. Then he stopped soft knocking. The office door swung open gently and a delicious smell after eating accompanied the person who entered the room. Burger with fries He thought he smelled it, delicious! That could only be Evelyn! Its empty Magen reacted and growled again. Embarrassed, Alex wanted to join in Turning to the guest who had entered his office. The provocative clacking of Heels had announced a female visitor. Evelyn had something for her Changed shoes? A moment ago there was a clacking sound when she walked not.

Blonde hair and lovely charm

Alex's mouth fell open in surprise. A beautiful boy The woman walked lightly toward him. A beam of light broke right in at that moment and got caught in her blonde hair. It shimmered golden and gave its wearer a lovely charm. Alex His mouth went dry and he had to clear his throat to say a word to find out. A delicate hand stretched out towards him. “Hello, my name is Ava Liebe and I’m here for this Interview for the assistant position.”

What a melodious voice this delightful creature had! Her The color of his voice sent pleasant shivers down Alex's spine. Why did his hand suddenly twitch uncontrollably? He quickly handed her his hand to cover up his emerging excitement. As her fingers When they touched each other, they looked deeply into each other's eyes. Blue-gray depths sank into moss green. There was something magical about the moment. As if a A bond is formed and a journey between two souls begins. Alex pointed chair that was right in front of his desk and asked Ava to take a seat gain weight. He knew why he felt like a shy schoolboy not yourself. He had to pull himself together, otherwise he wouldn't be able to think clearly Capture thoughts more. His ever-growing erection in his pants reinforced this need. When had his cock started moving towards her react?

Burgers with fries from the floor

But Ava didn't sit down immediately. She put the container she had brought with her on the office table and smiled lovingly at him. "This is for you. I I brought you a burger and fries because I noticed you couldn't take a break because of me. I have a full counterpart Much preferable to an interview rather than a hungry one.” Alex had to laughed out loud and wiped a few tears from the corners of his eyes. He leaned on the edge of the table and enjoyed this relaxed feeling. He hadn't experienced such a relaxed atmosphere in a long time, let alone because a carefree happiness. This Ava had that certain something and humor on top of that. He increasingly liked that.

Suddenly an object fell out of the food bag. Ava bent down for it, but Alex was faster because he was a gentleman and towards women courteous. Their heads almost collided. As Alex after When he reached for the black and shiny something, he realized that it was latex gloves. They were biker style and covered not the entire hand. The fingernails were not covered when worn. A hot blush shot up Alex's cheeks. His cock got even harder. My God, he wouldn't get into his underpants in front of Ava ejaculate! After all, he was no longer an inexperienced little boy.

Did Ava like latex? Could that be possible? Before his erotic He was daydreaming in the internet store “”. to get new latex inspiration because he liked the quality there. Next to Given his desire for latex, he would definitely find it for Ava too. Why The thought just occurred to him, a sweet joy to this lovely young lady to want to prepare? And then enjoy the gifts together? Gladly he wanted to wear latex panties all day. Sweating in it and yourself feel safe. Under the rule of a lovable and attentive Woman who didn't laugh at him for his desires, but rather affirmed him. Could his goddess be Ava, as his body indicated? Otherwise he always had himself under control. What was Ava doing to him?

Latex gloves like in porn

Alex wanted to hand Ava her latex gloves. As her hands When they touched each other and both blushed, a beep sounded. It came from one flashing button advertising a promotion. Damned! A A hot-cold shiver gripped Alex. The website on which he After watching porn and masturbating, it was still open. Ava's look followed the sound and stuck to the screen half of her stood facing. Alex's face was now glowing dark red. Not a word came more about his lips. What would Ava think of him now? Pervert Bastard? Kinky freak?

But then something unexpected happened. Ava smiled. There was no mocking smile, but a knowing and tender smile. As she would agree with what she saw on the screen. The image of a beautiful woman resting her boot on a man's chest stood down, holding a whip in his hand. My God, Ava smiled. Alex could hardly believe his eyes. Suddenly Ava sat up, stretched her upper body and thereby emphasized her feminine charms. Her breasts pressed against the thin blouse. Her nipples stuck out the light material. Was she wearing a bra? Their moss green depths took on a strange expression as they spoke to him in a firm voice ordered: “Get down on your knees, go!”

Sissy education with the dominatrix

Alex thought he had misheard and raised his eyebrows in surprise at. “Do I have to repeat myself?” Ava continued in an even sterner tone. She put one leg on the seat of the chair she was supposed to be on should sit. Now something more unusual apparently began Interview than Alex expected. Ava took off the latex gloves and stroked the inside of her with his fingertips shapely thighs that are only half of the pencil skirt were covered.

“You want to satisfy your mistress, slave. Or something like that isn’t it?” Ava stroked the curves of her plump bottom seductively and at the same time let her eyes wander over his body. Why Ava in She didn't know what she was putting everything on one card at that moment. Normally she was a thoughtful woman who acted in a reflective manner. Never would she offer herself sexually to a man. Especially not on this one Way. But Alex was different. She felt it as soon as she entered the office and read the longing expression in his blue-grey eyes. She felt touched and spoken to. As if she were the key that got in his idea fit. Then she noticed which website he visited and concluded his secret desires. Now Ava acted, without thinking about the consequences. It felt right, with Alex to share this intimacy.

And it came true. Alex knelt in front of Ava. Associated with uncertainty, but he did it. Because it felt right for him too. He followed his intuition that Ava was the right partner for him. The sincere events took their course unforced. Ava opened it food box, took out some fries and held them out to Alex. "Time for your feeding, slave pig!” Alex greedily picked up the fried sticks and allowed Ava to slide two of her fingers deep into his mouth. He sucked it with pleasure and moaned excitedly. Then Ava took the burger her hands and took a bite of it with relish. Ketchup dripped onto hers blouse and ran down the large bulges. Ava took the red juice with her her index finger and Alex was allowed to lick her finger clean.

Alex panted heavily, shifting his weight and easing himself Relief. His ever-growing cock almost burst inside his Trousers. He unconsciously put a hand on it and rubbed his bump. But Ava didn't give him a break. She took a briefcase, placed it in front of Alex and placed the half-eaten burger on it. “Time for your eating, Slave!” Ava snapped at him. Her index finger pointed at him makeshift bowl and reinforced her order.

Alex had no choice. He had to obey his new mistress. No, him wanted to obey her. Because he became aware of something. Just had He is not only his personal assistant, but also his goddess found. Ava. A sadistic and extremely attractive one at that.

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