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Latex Kurzgeschichte - Meine sadistische Domina

Latex short story - My sadistic dominatrix

Dominatrix date against your will

The leather handle of the whip lay in the dominatrix's slender hand. Her long, red fingernails slid through the straps as she presented the percussion instrument to the buffoon at her feet. She then held out her over-the-knee boots to him as a befitting greeting. “Do you want to feel worm my darling? "You can't wait for your drawing!" she grinned meanly and with apparent mildness.

The mistress had spoken quietly and with an accent, not shouting like many of her colleagues. Her words seemed all the more powerful in the BDSM studio where this hot scene took place. “Please clean my heels thoroughly!” The servant’s tongue immediately ran along the contours of the boot. He then took the 22 centimeter stiletto heel into his mouth. A latex mask adorned his head, robbing him of his identity.

She reduced him to an object of pleasure for the guys who were about to come. The dominatrix sat up in her throne and presented her attractive body in an exciting latex catsuit. With her boot she pushed the slave away on his shoulder. “I really hope you followed my instructions and gave your butt a workout? Customers expect a usable sissy that they can take proper care of. Only then will it be good. And if things turn out well, your mistress will be happy! Why else would I bother with you?”

After falling onto his back, the slave crawled back to his goddess. He humbly lowered his head and answered, panting, “Yes, beloved mistress. Her loyal subordinate stretched his opening. With the big dildos, as per your instructions. As you also requested, I bought a big-size vibrator that prepares me for even the thickest members of your lovers. I was born to serve you, beloved beloved.”

"Everybody is saying it! Show me your rose***, creep!” As soon as the words were said, the slave turned and lifted his butt. The dominatrix nodded with satisfaction as she saw everything gaping open. “Very nice, you Sissi are ready to be taken. Woe betide you if you whine and scare the guys away, then there will be scolding, right?" The servant nodded in surrender and knelt again in front of the mistress, who looked down at him with a raised eyebrow. Then the dominatrix snapped. A door opening was heard. Men came in to use the slave.

The submissive slave boss

Alex had just managed to ejaculate and clean himself when the office door swung open and his secretary entered the room. She held a large stack of files in her hands and handed them to him. His mind immediately switched to being the chief manager he was in his job. Under his leadership were people who depended on his professional judgment and excellent foresight. He couldn't afford to make mistakes. His head was buzzing after many a long day at work.

Dealing with responsibility and maintaining constant concentration often pushed him to his limits. To the outside world, he wanted to appear like a doer and doer in order to do honor to his position as boss. The employees of his company should have a good feeling under his leadership. Only satisfied employees performed productive work in a relaxed working environment. He fundamentally rejected the concept of some of his colleagues to act with pressure and expectations.

His prudent approach was evident in every financial year: there was hardly any absenteeism among employees in his company. If so, they were short. Celebrations were organized during free time and there was a sports team that took part in competitions. He was proud of that. This development created an attractive unique selling point compared to other companies. In this respect, he never ran out of employees. Numerous applications came across his office desk. He did indeed have free choice. This was also the case in the application process, which began immediately. It was about the position of his personal assistant.

For some time now, everyday tasks had been bothering him. To avoid these annoying time wasters, he would treat himself to a female employee. He would pay her well for this job, no question about it. Luckily, money had never been his problem. For this he made some sacrifices. A partner never lasted long with him because, although he was wealthy, he could hardly give her any time or attention. Sooner or later the ladies lost interest in him when no piece of jewelry could appease them.

Secret latex erotic films in the office

But he didn't want to complain. He had fun with the opposite sex and got his money's worth. He successfully suppressed the fact that this lifestyle left a bad aftertaste. There were more important things. What was troubling him was a certain unmet need. A longing that was not very socially acceptable. He was even ashamed of his secret fantasies.

The erotic film that had flashed across his screen earlier showed a small excerpt from his head cinema that no longer allowed him to calm down. His dream was to be sexually dominated by a woman. To completely give up control and let yourself go completely. Until now, this experience had been denied him. How he would love to have to wear a cock cage because his goddess controlled his sex.

He had previously thought about visiting a sex worker. But he didn't dare go to a professional studio, even though this idea probably wasn't the worst. It's not easy to express your most intimate desires in front of a person. The fear of being deeply injured was too great. After all, he had a reputation to lose. He didn't want to put this at risk unnecessarily. That wasn't worth coming out. A quiet voice inside him whispered that with the right person he no longer needed protective shields for his soul.

How do you find a fetish partner?

He laughed cynically at the inner voice. He really didn't have time to dream. A few applicants immediately came for the position of his personal assistant. It was going to be a long day, he was sure of that. After all, he didn't want to take the first person that came along, but rather wanted to be able to build a relationship of trust with this person. This should also be possible in a professional setting. At least that was what he expected for this position. A gossiping cousin was the last thing he needed.

“Evelyn, when is the first applicant coming?” he tore himself out of his thoughts. He was back in the here and now. “In about ten minutes. Should I tell her you have another appointment and make her wait in the foyer? “You haven’t even had lunch yet.” Alex had to smile. He liked the motherly care of his mature secretary. She reminded him of a deceased aunt who always lovingly cooked for him as a child. If Evelyn wasn't retiring soon, she would have made a wonderful assistant.

The sweet, young dominatrix

“I don’t know what to do without you!” They care deeply about me. Unfortunately I have to postpone my meal. The applicant should not have to wait. That would be very rude of me. In addition, the entire schedule will then be pushed back. The lady may still have follow-up appointments. No, please send the applicant to my office as soon as she arrives. Thank you!"

Evelyn raised an eyebrow, letting Alex know what she thought of his skipping lunch. But she was smart enough not to contradict her boss. Men just have their own minds. Trying to dictate things to them and control their behavior is counterproductive. So she said goodbye and left the office.

As Evelyn closed the door behind her, she bumped into a young woman. This lady looked gorgeous and had a great figure, as Evelyn enviously acknowledged. Her own best years were over. They were yet to come to this pretty one. Evelyn raised one of her eyebrows again, one of her characteristic features.

“Were you listening?” she asked the young woman in a stern tone. She blushed and touched her heated cheeks in embarrassment. A strand of blonde hair came out of her bun and fell gracefully over her beautiful face. “Sorry, not intentionally. Please give me five minutes! I'll be right back!” The woman was already turning to leave and reached the elevator when Evelyn called after her in amazement: “With pleasure. But who are you?”

The adorable creature turned to her, laughing, as the elevator door opened with a beep. “I'm Ava Liebe and I'm here because of the interview. Just five minutes please!” Then the sweet creature swung over the threshold and boldly waved goodbye. The doors then closed and the elevator took them down.

“Ava love, soso. “You have a great name there,” said Evelyn, grinning to herself as she sat down at her desk again. “You definitely bring people love too.” Evelyn continued her soliloquy. In fact, this pleasant lady had already won her over.

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