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Latex Geschichte: Webcamgirl hat Lesbensex mit ihrer Freundin

Latex story: webcam girl has lesbian sex with her friend

A sexy camgirl and her amateur girlfriend do a hot webcam show

On a rainy Sunday morning, Lea was sitting quite relaxed at her kitchen table, listlessly browsing through the newspaper. But when the insistent ringing of the mobile phone shattered the silence, she abruptly awoke from her calm. "Who wants to reach me so early in the day?" it ran through her angrily.

Not even with her much-loved coffee before her eyes could such stress be dispelled! She hastily put the paper aside to answer the caller. But at the last moment, this defiant manoeuvre passed with an almost disbelieving look; after all, it was just in time to avoid what unpleasant consequences it would have had: the steaming contents of the cup threatened to flow straight onto her legs!

Despite all the exhaustion, the mobile phone was hammering at Lea's nerves as she tried to enjoy a few quiet seconds after a long night. With a practised gesture, she threw her towel into the sink and rushed into the bedroom - ready to battle the loud noise in her head.

Without looking at the display first, Lea gruffly enquired about the reason for the disturbance on the other end of the line. "Lea? Is that you?" came the startled reply from that person. Then Lea recognised Kelly's number on the display - an old friend she hadn't seen for a long time. "K- K- Kelly?" stammered Lea, completely taken aback by the unexpected caller.

Her friend simply replies with, "Yeah, it's me. Come over, there's something for you to do." Before Lea could say anything in reply, Kelly hung up again, thus terminating the connection.

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Sitting for minutes, absorbed in brooding, Lea still squatted rigidly on her bed. She thought of all the good times she had had together with Kelly since childhood days. Standing in front of each date, they had to ask each other's permission to go out with a boy.

Lea and Kelly shared a special bond of friendship. They trusted each other blindly, which is why there was never anything they hid from each other for Lea. But as the two drank cocktails on that memorable Friday, that bond of trust suddenly collapsed: Because even more than usual, her best friend seemed to be carrying around some kind of burden. What secret is Kelly hiding?

As Lea kept trying to make her friend understand that something was wrong and got to hear more than a "It's nothing", it was time to end the cocktail tour. With combined strength, they finally brought Kelly to their flat, where she was gently laid down on the sofa and Lea was surprised to realise what had happened to her dear friend.

Kelly realised she had to confess everything to Lea - and there was the fear. The fear of her friend possibly turning away after Kelly confessed the truth to her. But when the time came, surprisingly, it did bubble out in a trembling voice: "My family wouldn't talk to me once I revealed the reason for my success."

However, at this point Lea already interrupted; and already hope was sprouting in Kelly's chest. "Did... lied to me?" Shocked to the core at the discovery that not everyone was sincere in their friendship relationship, Lea sat dazed. Kelly slipped out with a quiet, "But I'm insanely sorry," and tugged on Lea's arm towards the bedroom. With her finger she pointed to the computer under the webcam - only now everything fell into place. No wonder how so much money could be made! Finally, Lea calmly asked the question, "So you're a webcam girl?" And nodding, Kelly confirmed this almost in a whisper.

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All at once the scales fell from Lea's eyes. The events of the last weeks added up to a shocking picture: Her friend Kelly had been working as a camgirl to pay for her studies! Horror gripped Lea. There was no question that one could earn money with it; but wasn't this path connected with inestimable risk in every respect?

But even at the sight of the crying girl, the parents must have remained firm. On the one hand, this was about their daughter and on the other hand, it was about principle. With a more or less dull foreboding, Lea looked down over the edge of the bed - conflict mood in the family circle was definitely in the air. Lea tenderly stroked Kelly's back and her long black hair. "Even if my heart is hurt," Lea said resolutely, "you can count on me, you are not alone."

At this statement, Kelly's face immediately brightened. She cheered enthusiastically, "Really? You're the best!" Although it was a gratifying scene, both Kelly and Lea's emotional state were looking in an uncertain direction; for neither knew the scope of the job Kelly had to follow.

Since Kelly asked Lea for a little assistance with her video shoot, she was up for anything. In the amount of unusual poses and movement sequences, however, it made her sweat recognisably at times. But in the time that Lea looked at Kelly's body more consciously - she discovered unspeakable beauty, combined with extremely pretty proportions. It should be clear: Everything that was done here was not done for love alone. It was about an erotic service that would bring in money.

When Lea saw Kelly that Sunday, she could not leave her overall image untouched: Physical harmony embodied by a flawless body and the perfect interplay of shapely buttocks, as well as large firm breasts. It was impossible for the young lady to ignore the mixture of feelings of envy and fascination when she looked at the female attributes. And so she stood before the consequences of the video shoot - anxiously awaiting what happened afterwards. Following an inner urge, Laura firmly made her way to Kelly. Her golden blonde hair fell far over her shoulders.

When Lea finally stepped in front of Kelly, she was greeted with a warm embrace. The softness of the large breasts against her body left no doubt - any charms of Kelly's were very clearly in front of her eyes. A sparkle arose between the two and as Lea looked around she realised: something was different, but what? But everything remained unclear, except for the wide grin of the petrel beside her.

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Kelly had a boldly exotic plan. With fervour she showed her friend Lea the breathtaking black latex outfit, which besides bewilderment also aroused curiosity in the eyes of her contemplating counterpart. Kelly now wanted to share this extravagant adventurousness with others and spoke of her desire to present it to her users. Lea had not yet had such an experience - both seen and smelled!

Kelly immediately sensed the enchanting fascination of the outfit from Lea's reaction. Yes, something so immensely beautiful had never been there before. Lea was so fascinated by the latex catsuit that she only noticed how alone she was in the room. Reverently, Lea looked at and touched this new material. Something so unique had yet to be found. She inhaled the light rubber smell deeply and asks the question: will it be as great on my skin?

When Kelly suddenly walked in the door, Lea was almost startled at her step into previously unknown territory. Lea's curiosity was piqued when she saw her friend holding the tempting material in her hands. About indecision on the part of the others, Kelly read from their slight shrug of the shoulders and promptly made a plan, namely to make it the best experience of the day. "It's got you hooked too!" demanded Kelly, thus advancing from invoking equal fascination to convincing that adventure with dark contours. Let's go!

With a beating heart, Lea looked at the latex catsuit. Fascinated and full of longing, she reached out to touch the shiny material - a whole rollercoaster ride of emotions! Unexpectedly, Lea was handed a camera by her friend Kelly: "Please film it!" she quietly demanded.

Obeying, Lea took her seat and began filming the breathtaking sight - captured as a lasting moment of enchantment! Kelly disappeared from view, lying lasciviously in a black thong and bra. When Lea looked closer, she could hardly believe it. Both pieces were actually made of latex! The plump breasts emphasised the advantageous effect of the outfit even more - this was no usual lingerie set.

The thought of this soft yet shaping material fascinated Lea so much that she would have loved to wear her dream . Kelly stood opposite her friend, consciously aware that Lea was getting dressed. Her pulse raced with excitement - but Kelly was determined to play this one out to the end. As Lea's contours were encompassed by the latex, Kelly recognised the deeper strength in the beautiful woman beside her and felt a mixture of desire and satisfaction as confirmation of the secrets welcome!

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As Kelly very slowly slipped the latex catsuit up her left leg, both women felt the magical attraction of the material. Every contour was tenderly touched and the shiny latex clung like a second skin around Kelly's foot, calf and knee. Lea could hardly believe it - the magic was real!

With each additional inch in the outfit, Kelly sank more into this newly discovered world of freedom and adventure. Lea herself spontaneously imagined being allowed to act so detached from everyday obligations for once. Kelly convinced herself that there was a sizzle between her and Lea. She let go of thoughts of others as she immersed herself in the world of latex. It was as if a thousand gentle hands touched her bare skin at the same time.

From that moment on, Kelly lost all sense of time and gave in to the sticky texture with reluctant compliance. Each movement fascinated anew as she dressed. Lea watched in amazement as her friend succumbed to the wickedness of the latex catsuit. Her body was clearly highlighted by the tight fabric and Lea's desire increased with every second. Kelly seemed to lie there almost naked - wrapped in colour - surrounded by a seductive atmosphere full of sensuality.

It also made her want to dive into the temptation of this world of ecstasy and experience everything even more intensely than she had been able to before. Her pulse had been racing for a long time!

Kelly rose to the challenge and dressed in shiny latex. Lea admiringly roamed her camera. She was aware that Kelly's every move would create a whole new experience. But it was not to remain at mere fascination; longing also began to bubble within Lea. A longing to finally be allowed to wear such clothes herself and to have the same free use of them as Kelly.

When she finally stroked her whole body, no one was able to stop her. It was already clear what had to follow soon. Kelly headed for the cupboard next to her bed and invited Lea to be part of the special moment. Whispering softly, she told her, "I've been waiting to take you into my world for a long time, today is the perfect time."

With those words, Kelly opened a door to reveal something incredible - a white latex catsuit, custom-fitted for Lea's body. Struggling for composure, she stammered at the sight of the outfit, "Perfect! It's incredible!" As Lea slowly took a seat on her friend's bed, a mixture of excitement and nervousness overcame her.

No sooner had she begun to speak than Kelly's latex gloves pressed gently against Lea's lips. "I'll help you this time" she whispered. The softness of the skin made it feel as if jolts of electricity were dancing on it. Every touch was indescribably intense! In response, Lea carefully dropped her shirt and tentatively slipped her panties behind to experience more of the pleasure.

When Kelly discovered the perfect, soft shape of Lea's apple bottom, it almost took her breath away. With passionate tenderness, she gently stroked the young woman's back and circled her bottom so gently that she could hardly hold on. A hot kiss on the lips followed the impetuous grip on Lea. A movement full of devotion, yet almost playful, sent Kelly into supreme lust. She was ready for more!

Needless to say, each action was entirely in the interest of the other. Kelly could hardly believe it when she felt the smoky black latex skin in her hands. In anticipation of what was about to happen, her knees now trembled even more with excitement. A pang of pride also stirred within her. Lea was now about to experience the indescribable sensation that Kelly herself had found overwhelming without words the very first time!

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To make way for the costume, Kelly went to the foot of the bed to help Lea slip this best-fitted outfit on everyone. But the finishing touches had to come from her alone. Every stagger in tempo lies here well packaged, ready in full glory. Lea experienced an indescribable feeling as she gently pulled the latex catsuit over her body. With every inch more, the soft fabric clung to hers like a second skin and made her groan with rapture.

With everything already covered up to her hips, Lea had to take a short break to fully enjoy and almost mystically process the sensation she had gained. Tense, Lea lay on Kelly's bed with a jerk and plunged into a complete ecstasy. As Kelly sat on Lea's thighs, an incredible moment of desire ensued. The glossy latex caressed her body and tingled every place it touched. As Kelly's hot hands roamed over the soft thigh, they both seemed steeped in pure lust. As if there was only desire left in the room.

As Kelly indulged Lea with her gentle touches, a never-ending current of desire flowed through her. It felt like being transported into ecstasy and the pulsating wave gripped every corner of her body as the latex slid over her chest and arms. When the zip was closed, Lea experienced strange sensations; equally embarrassing but also pleasurable. Almost as if they both shared nakedness and connectedness. The sensual whirlwind of emotion and horniness rose within them as their friend's lips touched her warm breasts.

Bravely, each wore the tight prison of the outer latex coat like a loving shield. Bodies entwined in the desire for more, everything pulsed together, depriving them both of further grounding with each passing second, until finally ecstasy and the most intense gushes of pleasure flooded all the cells of unquenched desire. They both experienced an intense orgasm, moaning loudly.

Hugging each other in their catsuits, they talked animatedly afterwards, feeling a deep connection like never before. Could this relationship grow into something more? This left the future open. Young and joyful, the protagonists moved forward towards the unknown. Meanwhile, the camera team filmed every little intimacy of the two, capturing it for eternity.

It all started with Lea's willingness to take on a role alongside Kelly in front of the camera - whenever it involved the demanding wearing of a latex catsuit. The video shot and released by Kelly eventually became an absolute hit with internet users worldwide.

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