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Wie entsteht ein Latex Fetisch?

Lexicon: How does a latex fetish come about?

Guide: Why is there a desire for fetish latex and rubber fetish?

The term fetishism refers to various, not just sexual content. In various religions, fetishism is considered part of the Worship or idolatry of certain objects and their supernatural called powers. But the term also found its place in Marxism Meaning, even if understood differently, namely as a commodity fetish Work "Capital" by Karl Marx. Here the material reference to products that people produce for each other in a division of labor. We do not want to bring this closer here, but it is mentioned anyway. But first the meaning of the word.

The word fetish originally comes from French and means like this much like "magic with an item". That can be anything at one people arouses a special sexual desire and stands for a erotic fixation. In general, a distinction is made between two different types of fetishists. First, there are those who their sexual thrill by touching or using a specific one getting an object during sex. This can be socks, shoes, panties or be latex clothing. On the other hand there are those who just get by be aroused by the sight of such an object or article of clothing.

The importance of latex clothing

Fetishism is therefore often associated with certain items of clothing or Materials such as latex or leather are associated. But anything can become a fetish object when someone special triggers sexual desire. It can also be body parts such as feet, breasts or buttocks. Even activities like urinating, defecation or vomiting can be for some people become a fetish. If you have further questions about this If you have a topic, feel free to contact us! Jessy, ours Life coach and podcaster, takes the time to answer your questions and concerns and will advise you accordingly. We will help you further!

Latex is a material used for many different purposes can be. It can be used to make clothes, it can be used for medical purposes and it can also be used for used for sexual purposes. When it comes to sexual fetishes, Latex is one of the most popular materials. That's because that a variety of objects can be made from latex can be used for sexual stimulation. To this Items include clothing, gloves and even Body parts such as vibrators.

The history of the latex fetish

Latex has been used for sexual purposes since the early 20th century used. Early forms of latex were made vulcanized rubber, first developed in 1839. Vulcanized rubber was originally developed for use in tires and other industrial products developed. However, it didn't last long before people realized that vulcanized rubber too could be used for other purposes. In the early 1900s people started experimenting with using vulcanized rubber Manufacture of sex toys and other objects use that could be used for sexual stimulation.

The first documented use of latex for sexual purposes took place in 1928 when the German company Durex launched a series of launched latex condoms. Latex condoms became popular because of their Efficacy in preventing pregnancy and proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases quickly became popular. In the 1930s For years, latex has been used as a material for making sex toys and other erotic objects increasingly popular.

The emergence of fetishism

Latex's popularity continued to grow throughout the 20th century. In the In the 1970s, latex became a popular material for the Manufacture of fetish clothing. Fetish clothing is clothing that specifically designed to cause arousal or sexual stimulation generate. Latex fetish clothing includes items such as Latex gloves, latex dresses and latex suits.
Latex fetishism is often associated with other types of fetishes brought, e.g. B. with foot fetishism or bondage fetishism. Latex fetishes can also with non-sexual Fetishes are combined, e.g. B. with the preference for high heels or a desire to dress like a nurse or a police officer dress. The popularity of latex fetishism has increased in the increased in recent years because there is more and more high-quality latex clothing and the internet makes it easier for people with niche interests to make contacts.

The wonderful world of latex clothes

If you are new to the world of latex you might be wondering what the whole fuss should. After all, it's just a substance, isn't it? Incorrect! Latex is so much more than that. It's a sensual thing Material used both in fashion and for pleasure can. Why do so many people love it?

There are many reasons why people love latex. For some it is the feel of the material on the skin. For others, it's looks of latex she puts on. And for still others it is Association that latex has with sex and perversion. Whatever the reason, there's no denying that latex is one of the most popular materials in the world today.

Why people love the latex fetish

One of the things that makes latex so popular is its versatility. It can be used for both fashion and sex. Whether you're making a fashion statement or spicing up your sex life want, latex is a great option. There are literally hundreds of different ways to wear latex, so you're safe find something that suits your style.
Another reason people love latex is that it feels feels wonderful on the skin. If you've ever seen latex clothing worn, you know what we're talking about. The material is tight, however not restrictive, and it makes your body feel alive. If you move in latex clothing, you really can feel every inch of your body, which is a very exciting one experience can be.

Finally, many people are attracted to latex because it associated with sex and perversion. latex will often seen as sexy and naughty, which can be very stimulating can. If you want to make your sex life a little more exciting, then using latex in your bedroom could do just that be right for you.
As you can see there are many reasons why people love latex. Whether it's the look, the feel or the smell, it can be done no denying that this material has a lot to offer. If you are toying with the idea of ​​integrating latex into your life we encourage you to try! Maybe you will love it as much as we do.

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