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Podcast Folge #12 Habe ich einen Fetisch Der ultimative Test zum Erkennen!

Podcast Episode #12 Do I Have a Fetish The Ultimate Test of Recognition!

am i a fetishist? The ultimate self-test to recognize fetishism

Wondering if you have a fetish? When is it a fetish, when is it a kink and when is it a special preference? Jessy, Rubberfashion's podcaster and life coach, gives you answers on how to notice your fetish.

When is it a fetish? What is fetishism? What is exhibitionism?

In her podcast episode, Jessy does the ultimate test with you, that you can recognize your fetishism. Fancy a question and answer game? It can show you whether you like BDSM, are a foot fetishist, love the roleplay of dressing up or like watching other people have sex. Or do you desire a special material, such as latex, vinyl, leather or wet look?

Transvestite Fetishism, Foot Fetishism or Latex Fetishism?

Thanks to Jessy's podcast, you'll be able to notice your fetish if you have one. Take part in the test, enrich your sex life, get great insider tips for your love life and have sensual fun discovering your lust, accompanied by Jessy's warm, erotic voice! Feel free to share our podcast with your friends and tell us in the comments whether the fetish game could help you, what your experiences are in relation to fetish, your opinion on the topic, etc. We are curious, thank you very much! And now let's go!

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