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Podcast Folge #2 Soll ich dem Partner den Fetisch verraten?

Podcast episode #2 Should I tell my partner about my fetish?

Should I tell my partner about the fetish?

Are you less interested in housewife sex because you live out your fetishism in a fetish forum or on a domina date? Are you longing to be trained as a sissy, are you looking for a dominatrix on the erotic portal or are you browsing fetish ads for other like-minded people? Are you ready for a crossdresser holiday, do you crave dirty foot fetishes or do you have extreme fetishes? But your partner doesn't know anything about your hot sex games and spanking stories?

At this point, the question might arise whether you should tell your partner about your fetish? So you would no longer have to keep secrets and you would probably be more relaxed - without a guilty conscience. It could well be that your sexual fetishism would be something horny for your heart person. Joint sex games could no longer remain a pipe dream, but could be lived in real life, like in an erotic film. Or would your counterpart be rather shocked and label you as a freak, so that you would be forced to seek out pocket money ladies or other women and men.

Jessy solves your relationship problems

Jessy knows a solution for all these questions. In the second episode of her podcast, she addresses the topic of whether it is advisable to openly communicate the kink in a partnership. You will learn a lot of interesting and exciting things that could clear your head again. If you have personal problems, please contact us. We will arrange an online consultation appointment for you with the gorgeous Jessy. Also listen to her adorable Podcast Introduction, Episode 1 and Episode 3 and Episode 4 for the best tips on relationship, fetishes, styling and how to find a fetish partner. Here's the brand new episode 5 - you have to listen to it! And become a woman understander in the new episode 6 when it comes to what makes men sexy. And episode 7 is about the exciting game with bodily fluids. In episode 8 the topic is: "Can kink and fetishes help with erection problems?". Get the best tips for your love life. Have exciting fun for you while listening and happy with sharing and commenting!

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