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Podcast Folge #4 Wie einen Fetisch Partner finden ?

Podcast Episode #4 How to find a fetish partner?

How do I find a fetish partner?

Is it the love of an object or a specific sexual practice that holds you captive? Or does the special smell of a material captivate you, such as latex and leather? Maybe you are looking for love at first sight or an open relationship because you need another person who shares your fetishism with you? Living out fetishes together can mean true love and it can be beautiful. But even without love and with warm affection and sympathy, fetish can be lived out perfectly. But what is the best way to find a suitable counterpart?

Love stories in the fetish forum?

Whether you prefer weird fetishes or common ones and therefore scour the fetish ads and fetish chat platforms, we enrich you! Our podcaster and life coach Jessy has delved into the topic of how someone can discover a fetish partner. In addition, she goes into how the communication before and after a fetish meeting is excellent and what could be important in mutual interaction. Jessy also goes into the advantages and disadvantages of including sex work.

Plus: Real experiences in the sexy head cinema

There's another bonus in this episode: Jessy presents hot head cinema and talks about her active and passive experiences with fetishists. Ageplay, BDSM, foot fetish and clinic sex come up. And a particularly unusual fetish that will completely surprise you. This episode is therefore only suitable for adults. The age restriction is 18 years and older . Feel free to recommend our podcasts, share, like and comment. We welcome your opinion and constructive criticism.

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