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Podcast Folge #6 Wann ist ein Mann sexy?

Podcast Episode #6 When is a man sexy?

Admittedly, a well-fitting suit, a white man's shirt and tight latex gloves look very good on a man's body. But are looks really that important when choosing a man? Do women care about looks? Or what are they paying attention to instead?

What do women find sexy in men?

Women appreciate great qualities in a man and define very precisely what they find appealing in a man. Jessy, our podcaster, gives you exclusive tips on flirting and understanding women, so that nothing goes wrong on your next exciting date. She tells you what women pay attention to and how you can win a woman over. Listen to the podcast and won't be turned down by women in the future!

What do women find sexy?

Would you like more tips on how to wrap every woman around your finger? Then get in touch with us and arrange a life consultation with the gorgeous and competent Jessy. This is how every appointment becomes a hit!

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