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Crossdresser Geschichte - Transgender Analsex

Crossdresser Story - Transgender Anal Sex

FSK 18 - Crossdressers with anal sex and latex dildo XL

Egon's nerves were on edge. His heart beat fast his chest. The excitement made his mouth dry and he thought Bite well-groomed fingernails. Today it was that time again, he would become Sunny meet. His hand was shaking as he rang the bell to her apartment served. The humming could be heard through the open window on the second floor hear. Egon swallowed nervously, then the door opener was activated and he could enter. A warm voice greeted him in a friendly whisper the stairwell: “Hello Egon, please come upstairs, I’m looking forward to it you!” He looked up eagerly and caught another brief glimpse at Sunny's shapely figure, she was already in the shadows again disappeared. Egon smiled contentedly and enjoyed the feeling of happiness, to experience a wonderful time with a special person may. Taking the stairs two at a time, he quickly reached Sunny's Apartment door that was ajar invitingly.

Egon had barely entered Sunny's apartment when he took the shimmering one The play of light from a few candles can be seen, the glow of which shines on the walls of the hallway reflected. It was pleasantly warm in this little cave, just like hers affectionately called home. The apartment was small but sophisticated cut and equipped with floor-level windows. In the A large wooden beam ran from wall to wall in the living room and gave the Living space has a homely character. Sunny's stylish interior and the tasteful decoration underlined the benevolent overall picture and gave every visitor comfortable moments.

“Feel free to sit down, Egon, I’ll be with you in a moment!” Hearing Sunny's melodious timbre, Egon sank into it the soft depths of the comfortable couch. He felt comfortable with her, came came to mind as he looked around. It was like he would sit with an acquaintance or a friend and not with one Whore. No heavy, red curtains, no black, cold leather sofa, no sex toys on display - the guest was in Sunny's house an apartment that could be found a thousand times over. Hidden, of course There are also fine refinements and erotic delicacies in this Sunny didn't flaunt any of this in an ostentatious manner. She liked the subtle, not so much the obvious.

Sexual trans fetishism

That's exactly how Sunny was dressed. She came out of the kitchen with a tray Egon, who had made himself comfortable in his favorite spot. A black, loose-fitting wetlook dress with a flared skirt caressing her sensual body and swaying with every swing of her hips provocatively as Sunny approached him. It was a simple dress, that Any woman could have worn it while shopping. Yet it had that certain something. Since she was barefoot, a gentle tapping sound accompanied every step Steps. Her sweet perfume, which came from a floral bouquet, reached him just before she came to a stop in front of him. Sunny asked this Tablet with fragrant coffee and delicious looking apple pie. Included She bent lower than was necessary and remained there lascivious posture.

Egon couldn't say what stimulated him more at that moment - her intoxicating scent or her exciting sight. Sunny took off the skirt Dress so high that Egon could see - and smell - her crotch. A pair of tight, red, crotchless latex panties barely covered her genitals. The tight latex on her buttocks stood out hidden from view was a plug that was stuck in her anus. Egon groaned when Sunny felt the built-in material slit in her Latex panties spread and the shimmering pink of her crack smiled at him. Threads of secretion had formed and moistened her fleshy ones labia and the insides of her thighs. Her feminine smell flowed up his nose and clouded his senses. Instinctively he wanted to reaching for her ass, Sunny slapped his hand aside and kicked between his legs and lifted her buttocks close to his face. Two of her fingers plunged into her wet hole and moved forward and back. Sunny fingered herself.

Egon wanted to cup Sunny's plump buttocks again, and she pushed again him away. Grinning, she stood up and held out her nectar to him moistened fingers. “Lick it, pig!” Egon obeyed and sucked willingly her fingers. Her delicate taste spread across his tongue and made him suck more and more greedily. "I notice that you have not forgotten, to put on the lipstick I gave you. Very nice, you dog!” Sunny scratched Egon's tongue with her slender fingers and said suddenly in a commanding tone: “Enough!” She bent down to her middle of the body. In no time she had the plug and the hot red latex panties moved out. Her gaze held Egon's captive as she focused on his He sat down on his lap, unwrapped his hard cock, put on a condom and himself chose this without further ado.

Fetish meetings and love with the strict dominatrix

Egon groaned loudly, his hands found her breasts and kneaded them soft flesh through the wetlook fabric of the dress. “What do you allow “You!” Sunny countered, grabbing his hands and bringing them to hers Hips where they clung tightly to her curves. “That’s where my hot one wants to be Pig just grab my tits, ts ts… Time to close your mouth Plug!"

This woman drove him crazy, she knew so much what he needed and how she had to deal with him. Her rough words still left his member to swell more, her dominance allowed him to completely fall and to be able to lead. His Sunny did exactly what he wanted. Only she could lead him to ecstasy.

Their sex was extraordinary and followed no protocol. Long time They no longer moved in the usual mainstream movements, but Who would want to comply with conventions if they wanted to fly mentally? Sunny was the soul plane with which he faced the gray and dreary world Escape everyday life and take off. He loved her for that.

Egon couldn't think anymore. His train of thought was interrupted, as Sunny the plug that previously filled her bottom in a flowing Movement into his mouth with the words: “Blow the plug carefully me, piggy!” Then followed her red latex panties, which she put around Egon head and closed his mouth. Through the gagging could the plug no longer slipped out and remained consistently in Egon's oral cavity.

She tenderly stroked his cheeks, cupped his head and kissed him him on the mouth, which was covered and filled. Egon's eyes glittered Desire and devotion and reflected strong emotions that Sunny sensitively with hers, nodded gently, pulled her dress down and exposed her upper body. Her full bosom was held of a transparent lace bra that presented more than it hid and formed an exciting contrast to her latex panties. Wicked and innocent, united in a wonderful symbiosis. Sunny's big one Areolas and stiffly erect nipples stood out under the Lingerie clearly stood out and enticed with seductive femininity.

Latex sex toys in full use

Of course Sunny felt her effect on Egon. His stake was becoming thicker in her smacking vagina, his stomach became increasingly tense at. The calloused fingers that yearningly dig into the flesh of her hips drilled, became more specific. She was still riding him slowly, deeply Movements, soon she would increase the pace and his hot convulsions and enjoy his cumming cream. Maybe - not so quickly after all. She too had been looking forward to this meeting because she had spent the time with Egon enjoyed very much. Since the toy closed its mouth, Sunny paid attention to each one his reactions. Not a single emotion escaped her, and she was spellbound she followed Egon's facial expressions. Egon couldn't speak, he was at Sunnys care required.

Then she reached for the clasp of her bustier and opened it. A A quiet crack could be heard as Sunny lasciviously pulled on the lingerie her shoulders. Egon followed Sunny's hand movements with excitement. Felt it he her warm, firm pussy flesh around his cock and like it him massaged and milked. A growl escaped him as he tightened her hips and pressed it even deeper onto his erection. He felt his bulging glans a resistance, the cervix, which again and again stroked his cheeks and gave him great pleasure. Damn him had to control himself, otherwise it would come to him in an instant, and that would make his lady very angry.

The plug in his mouth felt amazing and made it difficult for him Breathing, which drove him even more and made him even hornier. He was with Sunny safe and was allowed to live his destiny. This knowledge was his greatest Aphrodisiac.

“Now I’m going to make you pretty, little one!” Sunny grinned cheekily put her bra around Egon's upper body, fastened it and tugged it playful in form. She ran her fingernails over Egon's Nipples, pinched and tweaked them. Egon gasped, closing his eyes and collapsed into the cushions of the sofa.

The flying began. Sunny stroked with her long, dark red claws over Egon's now reddened nipples, down his chest and circled his belly button, and then the sensual channels are closed again slide. Egon began to sweat and twitch uncontrollably. His Ecstasy and complete devotion excited Sunny so much that she took a hand pressed on Egon's filled plug mouth and thus deprived him of even more air took. With her other hand she clung to his shoulder. Her Pelvis continually slid back and forth, her vaginal muscles worked and sucked on his spear in rhythmic waves. Always Sunny's movements became more urgent and her ride became faster and faster. She shifted her weight, braced herself with her hands on his chest and enjoyed the delicate lace material that covered the strong male muscles. Her tight, juicy hole now slid quickly over his penis and was wet his entire lower abdomen including his scrotum.

Egon writhed under Sunny, gurgled and looked at her pleadingly. So close to an orgasm, he could hardly hold back any longer. But his Lady had not yet given him permission to come. He could no longer holding it, he would soon find himself in the reservoir of the Exude condoms. “Please, Sunny!” his eyes pleaded desperately.

Sunny read his horny request as she watched him and his body gestures throughout had read over time. Even in her greatest desire she was able to do this Location. Contact with her customers was never broken in such moments. Because any interaction never happened through them. That was Sunny's Responsibility, at least in their intention and understanding.

True love, sissy training and crossdressers

“You want to cum, my sweetheart?” she asked naturally and tasted it the ecstatic moment completely. She knew the change gave another stimulating kick within the speech. The Sadist in her enjoyed every second of his pleasurable torment. Grinning pulled out she touches him provocatively on a nipple. Egon nodded eagerly, he could you almost can't control yourself anymore.

“Well, bad luck, you pathetic worm!” Sunny laughed at him, stopping abruptly stopped her ride and suddenly stopped. “Woe betide you if you cum!” added she added with a stern look. She pulled her vaginal muscles again firmly before sliding out of him and releasing his hard penis. She tapped the turgid shaft a few times with her palm, tapped his glans, which was filled to bursting, with her fingertips.

“Not yet, my girl, not yet!” she caressed him gently words. She tenderly kissed his forehead and stroked his wet strands from the face. “Just a particularly pretty one, “Females are allowed to have an orgasm with me, you know that!” She added mysteriously as she pulled the plug out of his mouth removed. Smiling kindly, she handed him a plate with one piece of apple pie and asked lovingly: “Would you like a cup too?” Coffee, Marie? You need to strengthen yourself for the fashion show!”

Egon gradually regained his breath. He sat up and took it Plate with the fine delicacy. His member glowed and glowed throbbed hard, but he wasn't upset that Sunny was spicing it up lovemaking had broken off so suddenly. Quite the opposite. His Sweetness knew exactly what to do with Egon, when and in what way had to do so that she could give him the greatest pleasure. His Delaying orgasm gave him a very special kick and shape their meetings even more exciting. This only made the orgasm even worse more intense.

Sex games with wigs and sexy women's lingerie

While he thoughtfully ate the piece of cake and stood next to Sunny in silence cuddled, her words came back to him. Oh yes, the fashion show. Sometimes he was allowed to see Sunny's latest lingerie and Try on clothes. She had a large selection of beautiful ones female accessories. Starting from the bikini to the garter belt Egon was able to enjoy all the stylish items. Later in the bathroom he was allowed to enjoy how she put elaborate make-up on him and styled the hair on his wig. Sunny also had a small selection Hairpieces that she used when her clients had a special one wanted hair color that she didn't have. If it's the circumstances and Egons To let their mood go, they had already gone out for ice cream together or shopping – just like two best friends. Sunny wasn't ashamed, to present himself in public with Egon in women's clothing. Once she even tried to persuade him to swim. Also include Sunny's words their last farewell came to mind. His esteemed lady I was planning a crossdresser fashion show with other hookers wanted to use him as a trans man. His imagination went on a journey. Him ran hot and cold as he imagined Sunny's lovers being hers powerful boners into his sissy mouth and her strong hands in Latex gloves were used to fist his asshole. Perhaps his sweetheart allowed him to wear sexy hot pants or latex Costume that would further his feminization. His boner grew again, so he squeezed his balls to himself regulate.

It was to Sunny's credit that he gave up his cross-dressing tendencies and to put on women's clothes, had now accepted and himself no longer hated myself for it. It always required a lot of courage from him to appear in public with them, but thanks to Sunny he was confident it is increasing. He had something to do with himself and his preferences Peace made. The demon of self-doubt no longer raged within him. He had learned to accept himself as a whole. “Then they do it too Guys!”, Sunny had encouraged him in his self-discovery phase.

Egon hadn't noticed that Sunny was no longer sitting with him. She kicked now out of the bathroom, holding a tablet in his hands. He breathed in audibly as she set it down in front of him and pulled him up with her Eyebrows grinned. His gaze wandered over the display before him presented lubricated with lubricant. A total of four anal vibrators competed Attention. Sunny had once told him the dimensions: 17*3.8 cm, 22.5*4.5cm, 17*7.8cm and 15*9cm. The dildos were partly ribbed, inflatable and in plug design, so they fit perfectly in the anus could linger. Among the toys for adults were a Vinyl sheets and blue disposable gloves. Sunny reached for these now and began to slowly pull them over her beautiful hands. Egon blurted out harsh moans. His cock immediately became hard again. “Then want Let's see how resilient your asshole is, bastard!" replied Sunny in a stern tone as she turned to Egon with a stately grin, to start anal sex.

Stretching games with latex butt plug and anal dildo XL

"We'll really stretch your sissy butt with anal sex prepare for the men I will invite to you as a trans man to abuse. Of course we will also train your whore mouth, so that you as a willing woman can accommodate any boner size. A deep one You'll definitely be able to do deepthroat, bitch!" Sunny Blick slid over the trans from top to bottom. She raised an eyebrow before She continued sternly: "Before you have to serve as one, of course you have to are made up and the gentlemen with a dirty one Enjoy fashion shows in which they offer their price for your body can. Then you will be sold to the highest bidders. You have you then to submit unconditionally to their wishes. And the hookers money Of course it goes into my wallet, that's obvious, you think not?"

Egon nodded eagerly. His spear had now become very hard. There Sunny placed her over-the-knee boot on his member and squeezed it Stiletto heel into his scrotum. Both knew it was a was a provocative game that Egon played of his own free will and completely without any real will would enter into coercion. This variant of sex would demand everything from him, because Egon was neither homosexual nor bisexual. Excitement overcame him through the humiliation and obedience of having to do it. Sunny would watch over him very carefully, he was sure of that. Nothing would endanger him, not with his noble whore. He could completely let go and trust. This session of using, he craved it long time. Sunny had previously said he wasn't ready yet. One Sissy feminization would be a big and significant step in one's life Trans man. So Egon let Sunny guide him and was able to get her horny Hardly expect guidance. Every time a little more into this wicked one direction to go. Together.

"You will wear latex gloves and latex stockings. Probably too Latex toe socks for the foot fetishists among customers. A pretty Wig and a latex dress that you already know from crossdressers. You can especially look forward to a latex mask that has a mouth opening Grinning cheekily, Sunny interrupted Egon's hot thoughts and shifted her body weight even more vehemently on his balls. The heel of her shoe pinched firmly on his glans. "And the mouth opening of your latex mask, Believe me, we will use them!" Whether this is as a promise or Threat was to be understood, remained at the discretion of both parties. But one thing was certain: It was going to be one hell of an exciting crossdresser fashion show. With Trans hooker Marie as an auction item.

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