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Sissy Erziehung im Schuhladen

Sissy education in shoe store

It was a sunny day and I had decided to visit the shoe store to buy a new pair of heels. I've always been fascinated by heels and the way they lengthen my legs and improve my posture even though I'm a man. Dressing up intrigued me and let me be a submissive sissy who loves to dress up as a sexy lady. As I entered the store, my eyes immediately fell on a stunning woman in a tight black latex dress and black high heels. She was surrounded by an aura of dominance and I couldn't help but feel attracted to her.

The latex dominatrix notices the crossdresser woman immediately

She noticed me and smiled at me. "Can I help you?" she asked in a deep, sexy voice. There she sat me down and started showing me different pairs of high heels. Each one was breathtaking and I could feel my heart beat faster when I saw them on my feet. The dominant latex lady started massaging my feet and I couldn't help but moan with pleasure. I felt her hands on my legs and her breath on my neck. She whispered in my ear how sexy I looked and how much she enjoyed pleasing me. Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she pulled out a pair of shiny black heels and slipped them on to me. I could feel them fitting my feet perfectly and suddenly I grew taller and more confident. The dominant latex lady smiled at me and said, "You look stunning. Would you like to try something else?" She tied me to the chair with a rope. I was at her mercy and I knew it. But I also felt free and alive.

Enjoy hot hours with the crossdresser - sissy training and foot fetishism included!

She took off her latex dress and underneath she wore a shiny wetlook bra and matching leather panties. She looked incredibly sexy and I couldn't help but kneel in front of her and worship her. She stroked my cheeks and whispered in my ear, "You are my little shoe slave. You will do what I tell you and I will reward you with pleasure. I will also teach you to always dress like a lady in the future, to please me and my girlfriends, okay?" We exchanged numbers, made an appointment and got to know each other better. And so began a night of passion that I will never forget. The dominant latex lady pulled me into her world and I fell in love with her forever.

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