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Crossdresser Geschichte - Sissy Feminisierung des Trans

Crossdresser Story - Sissy Feminization of the Trans

Love at first sight of the crossdresser and crossdresser

“That’s a man! What kind of weirdo is that!”

By now, all the eyes of those waiting at this bus stop were focused on Egon. He felt a hot blush spreading across his cheeks and sweat breaking out and running down his back. Pity mixed with confusion, confusion turned into disbelief, disbelief turned into aggression.

“What a fag! Well, does Sissi need something real?” The vulgar insolence was accompanied by an unmistakable gesture. The stocky, middle-aged man pointedly grabbed the crotch of his trousers and grinned scornfully at Egon. He exposed his yellow teeth, which had probably been discolored from years of smoking and lack of care. A disgusting guy! Nevertheless, he enjoyed the approval of the crowd in the bathroom, which gradually gathered closer and closer to the event and let out disgruntled murmurs.

The uncouth guy puffed out his portly chest, braced his fat arms on the sides of his dark suit, and blithely continued his spiteful taunting. His swollen finger pointed directly at Egon as he spat maliciously: “Freaks like you should be locked away! Who needs deviants like you!”

To emphasize his words, he kicked the blonde wig away from him like a soccer ball with one of his leather loafers. Egon had previously slipped and fallen to the floor, right in front of his cream-colored pumps. More and more onlookers stopped and joined the unusual hustle and bustle that was gradually increasing at the bus stop. The surrounding people shouted louder and louder, gestured wildly with their arms and looked at Egon as if he were some annoying insect that needed to be scared away. Egon was paralyzed.

He had often had to experience cold hatred and rigid exclusion and wanted to rebel and assert himself against the agitators and the mob, but he didn't succeed. All of his strength had suddenly drained from him. Like hunted game, he crouched in the middle of the crowd, unable to utter a single syllable of defense or confront the impossible informer.

Love sayings and crossdressers

“I need him!” a pleasant, female voice suddenly sounded. Even if it didn't sound screaming, the hidden authority and determination that resonated with this voice caused the assembly to immediately fall silent. Curious, the heads of those present turned in the direction from which the sweet voice came. As if by magic, the formation split to form a central aisle through which a tall, slender woman walked.

As she passed the blonde woman's wig on her way, she bent down in a graceful movement and gracefully picked it up. Her red-painted and perfectly manicured fingernails ran through the artificial hair in a tender gesture, and she looked at the strands of hair with a pensive smile. How silky they felt. The woman then raised her gaze to Egon, grinned cheekily and walked towards him with a determined step.

Her green depths shimmered lovingly as she handed him his wig. Egon returned her benevolent look with a grateful smile and rose unsteadily from his bent position seeking protection, which he had unconsciously assumed in the crossfire of his adversary.

The woman was an extremely beautiful woman. She wore eye-catching studded high heels that provocatively highlighted her height. Her charcoal gray fishnet tights and fitted black pencil skirt gave her curvy figure an elegant charm and inviting appeal. Her quiet presence had a de-escalating effect on the heated situation and immediately brought the previously angry murmurs of people to a halt. Admiring looks followed the woman's gait and accompanied it like the clicking of her stiletto heels.

When she reached the stocky mood maker, she raised a finely arched eyebrow and regarded the man with undisguised disgust. He was not unknown to her. Once she had received a request from him for a special meeting because her services had been recommended to him by an acquaintance. Sunny, that was the name of the eloquent lady, remembered that she spontaneously disliked the request and especially the man behind it and her feeling advised her to refrain from his request. Apparently her intuition had not deceived her.

The situation seemed all the more engaging because Sunny towered head-length over the uncouth man and made him notice her physical superiority.

The true love of the crossdresser and the woman

“Are there any problems here?” she asked firmly. At first the villain withstood her stern gaze. He assessed her appearance with undisguised greed and examined her feminine attributes with brisk moments longer than necessary. But then something changed in the man's expression. He had recognized her mental superiority.

Sunny saw the fluttering expression in the stocky man's blue eyes and cheered inwardly. The buffoon had given in, now she would completely humiliate him, as he had previously done with her loyal friend and customer Egon. Such know-it-alls needed a lesson. In the best case scenario, the effects of her humiliation would last for a while and shut down the bully. Unfortunately, the repercussions of the psychological injuries he had inflicted on Egon would probably last a lifetime, she thought bitterly. Damn pig!

And so Sunny started and pulled out her expensive cell phone: “Perhaps I should also call the police to report this incident?” After she looked through the circle of sensation-seekers to ensure their attention, she drove away she continued after an artfully staged pause: “Wait, aren’t you the chairman of the court? That's a great fit, then your wife can handle the criminal complaint for you! It stays in the family, so to speak! Your wife still works in the relevant office?”

Sunny hadn't finished speaking when the unpleasant fellow had already disappeared from her field of vision into the crowd, which now evaporated as quickly as he had appeared. Her burgundy lips curled into a cynical grin.

This bastard had a nice woman who she would occasionally see at an upscale hair salon. As she could tell from the snippets of conversation at these meetings, the wife had probably recently taken on an attentive lover. She cheerfully boasted about how she regularly cuckolded her husband.

Open relationship or toxic relationship?

Well, other people's dating lives were none of her business. Sunny was not an indiscreet woman and valued and gave privacy. What her customers told her about their partners during the intimate moments of their erotic arrangements, panting and gasping for breath, she generally kept to herself.

With frown lines on her forehead, Sunny scolded the people walking: “Shame on you for not having done anything!”, then she was alone with Egon.

Egon, one of her best customers, who has also become her friend over the past few months. How beautiful he looked today, he had put in a lot of effort. She gazed pensively at his appearance. Egon wore a black dress with a floral pattern, combined with beige tights and the aforementioned cream-colored pumps, which he was just slipping back into.

A purple handbag and rhinestone jewelry adorned his wrist, fingers and chest. The lines of the chic dress painted a picture of shapely, feminine curves that looked extremely seductive. The stylish overall picture was completed by the blonde long-haired wig, which was now attached to Egon's head again. The perfect femininity, skilfully staged.

But it was an illusion of a woman, because even though Egon called himself Marie when he wore those beautiful clothes, biologically speaking he was a man. Egon was a crossdresser. This was the name given to people who liked to slip into the role of the opposite sex and dress accordingly. Looking at the staged curves, Sunny suspected that Egon was wearing a full-body silicone suit under the female clothing.

Egon wore these or vagina panties during their sessions when Sunny gave him a very special treatment. There were silicone breasts and silicone vaginas on the silicone garments. The wearer could feel like they were in a real woman's body.

The path there hadn't been easy for Egon, Sunny knew that. During the sessions they spent together, he trusted her completely and invited her to delve into the depths of his soul. Before Egon found Sunny, he fought many an internal battle. The most significant moment for Egon was admitting his own needs and actively living them out.

At first, the practice of crossdressing only happened behind closed doors at Egon's home, then he called Sunny on a beautiful Sunday morning, sleepy and tipsy. He had searched through dozens of advertisements until he came across Sunny. He liked her warmth and naturalness; he immediately had a good feeling with her.

A dominatrix date with fetishism and affection

A few more weeks passed before Egon gathered enough courage to introduce himself to her. This was also the first time he dressed as a woman in front of someone. The frame was a protected one, but it was still a significant step for Egon.

He was also completely surprised that Sunny didn't focus exclusively on sexual acts. She took time for him, more than he paid her, listened to him, cared sincerely. At no time did their being together feel like a mere service for the sole purpose of making money.

Sunny was a sex worker at heart, which probably also included loving and caring for people. They often ate cake together that Egon brought for them. When Sunny found time, she even baked, taking his personal taste into account.

Sunny had become a dear friend with whom he could feel very comfortable not only sexually, but also personally. Egon trusted her. And she was wise and experienced enough to recognize and appreciate this gift. Sunny knew too well that the really important things in life couldn't be bought, as cliché as that might sound. Trust was one of those things. It could never be demanded or provided that it grew and was measured by the thoughts and actions of those involved.

Egon thought about how beautiful Sunny looked again today. And how bravely she stood up for him. He was not otherwise given the opportunity to act selflessly. He was all the more deeply touched by her behavior towards him. Embarrassed, Egon adjusted his wig and blinked at Sunny with blushing cheeks that his well-covering make-up couldn't cover up. Sunny returned his smile lovingly and started looking for something in her purse.

Declaration of love on the street

Her smile turned mischievous as she handed Egon her lipstick. “Draw your lips if you feel like it, Marie.” There was a touch of eroticism when Sunny leaned against his shoulders and discreetly let her hand slide down his back to his buttocks. She whispered into his ear: “If you take me with me the next time we meet, it will be a requirement that you wear it.

I like to kiss your made-up lips while you share my soft vagina." After a short pause in which she moaned with pleasure, the sex worker added: "I have something very special planned for you. You will become my sweet trans lady and you will cum in present in a sexy crossdresser photo shoot. For my other customers who want to use you pretty."

Her warm lips placed themselves on his mouth and demanded a quick, demanding kiss. Instantly the blood rushed to his loins with all its might and his penis became hard. While his scrotum was almost painfully pulling up with desire, Sunny turned away with a cheeky wave and walked away, swinging his hips.

“What a woman!” Egon groaned both internally and externally. Their next meeting was coming soon, he couldn't wait. Sunny understood him and could satisfy his hidden longings like no other. He never wanted to be without her again.

His erection pushed against the silicone coating on his penis, which he put on to urinate so as not to have to take off the entire suit and reminded Egon that he was currently traveling as Marie. It hurt and Egon tried to skillfully cover up the pain. Egon confidently blew a kiss to the incredulous old man, who shook his head reproachfully.

He didn't desire men, but he wanted to poke fun at the moralist. The quick turn away couldn't hide the judge's surprised look, which gave Egon unprecedented satisfaction. "I don't live to live up to your expectations, idiot!" Egon whispered, barely audible, but loud enough to be heard.

Then the bus arrived. Grinning and stumbling, Egon got in, not caring about the many looks that followed him sullenly. Somehow Sunny had managed to make him feel more confident and able to stand up for himself again. An impressive personality, his Sunny. Soon he was able to enjoy her completely again.

And he was most looking forward to the hot crossdresser photo shoot that announced his naughty sweetheart. Would her uninhibited customers see him as a taboo trans? He couldn't wait for the sex meeting.

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