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Fetisch Kurzgeschichte: Fußfetischistin Lea leckt fremde Füße

Fetish short story: Foot fetishist Lea licks someone else's feet

Hot head cinema: foot fetishist Lea licks on a stranger's sweaty feet

Lea has always been a woman with a wild side. Although they often reserved and shy in public, she had Intense desires and fantasies that you only ever get by choosing expressed in her clothes and scent. So when she the man When she saw the shoe store, she knew immediately that they would buy shoes from him wanted her to go to his hotel room and her deepest, could live out suppressed passion. She greeted him warmly when he handed her the new shoes and thanked her extensively with him. He was open and accepted her request. She talk for a while and soon discover that they have a lot in common have. And as they walked out of the store together, she couldn't help but to take a look at his feet - these were after hours of shopping certainly sweaty and fragrant! Leah longed to lick the sweat off his toes. But she knew that this would not be appropriate in public and this fetish did not enjoy great social acceptance. But that was in her these exciting moments. She's been suppressing for too long now their cravings.

Foot fetishism with the attractive stranger in the hotel room

However, when both returned to his room, Lea wasted none Time. She dropped to her knees to worship his feet. It was a heady scent that made her dizzy with desire. Included She sniffed them intensely and licked the salty sweat between them off his toes. It tasted divine and still made them more eager for what should come next. The man groaned Pleasure, took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Her Bodies entwined as the two impassioned explored each other's most secret desires. Lea felt her from the was carried away by the passion of the moment. She gave herself to him completely and let him take him to where he wanted her. The The room filled with her screams of ecstasy as she entered a mutual explosion of lust came together. Lea has always had had a secret longing for men's feet. But due to of conventions she had never dared to say it to anyone to admit. Not even herself. But when she met this stranger who shared her interest in foot fetish, everything changed.

Latex stockings and hot foot fetishism

They started shopping for shoes together and Lea was thrilled when he allowing her to take off his shoes and kiss his toes and on to suck them. The feeling of holding his feet in her hands was stunning. Lea enjoyed massaging her and making him sweat bring. Therefore, she often massaged his feet and pulled him Put on latex stockings to make him sweat even more. she coveted the foot smell of latex so much. Over time they had many wonderful sex games that have to do with latex and foot fetishism had. It was an incredibly fulfilling liaison for both of them. Lea has always been a passionate woman, but she had always kept their lust hidden beneath the surface. As they However, when she met this man in the shoe store, she knew it was about time was to let go and express her true self. she would have couldn't be happier because she was a foot fetishist and she was always interested in men's feet. The look, the smell and the taste was simply intoxicating. Added to this was the care and love of her fetish partner. Yes, Lea had found happiness.

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