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Kurzgeschichte - Meine perfekte Sub für mich

Short Story - My perfect sub for me

And thus my sub started to take care of my high heels or should I suppose rather say to caress her?

But let's start at the beginning. Today I will tell you a short story of my perfect sub and me as our paths crossed. I was a long time looking for a perfect sub for me. Months I had searched unsuccessfully for a suitable candidate who all fulfilled my wishes exactly as I see fit.
I had placed ads, actively searched forums, even on fetish I couldn't find any parties. What I found were just the usual ones imperfect subs that didn't live up to what I call perfection understanding. I was on the verge of giving up. I was looking for the perfect one sub My prey pattern when it comes to female subs isn't very broad. I love shy women who are a bit fuller Totally submissive, don't object, preferably be blonde and tall have breasts. Well, if the exact idea doesn't hit what you want, you don't necessarily want to, with the next best thing to be satisfied. It might sound a bit presumptuous, but
if you want to have the perfect result, you have to exercise patience and time invest. Fortunately for me, this investment should pay off. There she was at last. My perfect sub had messaged me!

My patience was rewarded - a submissive sub texted me one News

It was a very submissive and kind message from her, as well how I want it. She also didn't address me in the message - that may be common. I don't like that sort of thing at all when it comes to the point goes. I love it when the sub's personality isn't quite so lost goes. And with a you, it's much more sympathetic. She turned out to be Magda introduced and also said that this was her real name. We have written a few days and some topics such as taboos and special discussed preferences. In the end it's all about mine will. However, it is also very important to me that my sub likes it. After all, I also want to arrive and not constantly on the lookout be. The sub can earn a few rewards if they doing well. Now that I have the essentials about Magda about various had found out about a first meeting with her nothing more in the way. This meeting turned her life completely upside down place.

Magda and I have arranged to meet in a café, very classically, to meet get to know a little better personally. I wanted to see if Magda too arrives on time and doesn't keep her domme waiting. To this exam my sub, I got to the cafe a quarter of an hour early and saw that she was already waiting for me at the entrance of the café. Comfortably stuck I lit a cigarette from a safe distance and enjoyed it situation to watch them waiting there. She made a big impression on me nervous. Her eyes went back and forth, looking for me - what about her time became more and more restless. Was she too early or in the wrong place? I liked what I saw very much. She hadn't lied about her appearance is concerned. Small, around 1.60 cm, if not a little smaller, light blonde long hair and incredibly shy. A pair of glasses adorns her pretty face, she is broad built and has big breasts. magda matched my preferences exactly. Why can't it be done with all subs? be so? My preferences were met - one step further. That is a good start, I'll definitely have fun with her and she will get her money's worth. Now I no longer wanted her either wait and walked towards the café. She noticed me and walked easily red on. She shyly introduced herself as Magda and stretched out hers to me hand out. Since I wanted to unsettle her, I returned her outstretched Hand not and lightly stroked her head. I asked her to the café and she kindly held the door open for me. Then I told her to choose a proper place to do some stuff can discuss. She picked a corner seat where we didn't had too many onlookers around us. I let her, because now I didn't want to throw them to the sharks and throw myself at theirs indulge in embarrassment. After a good two hours of intensive talks I suggested that she come to my studio for the first session her life. She just nodded shyly and blushed when I saw her asked. The adventure began...

In the studio the latex session started with an exam

Said and done. We had arrived at the studio. She looked at me with hers big eyes, could hardly believe what just happened and was full of expectations. Now the time has finally come. Magda would her dream getting closer to becoming a perfect sub who wishes her mistress every wish read from the eyes. Without complaining, without grumbling. It began. I grabbed her arm and directed her to the locker room to have mine for her selected outfit. Only in her outfit was I willing to take her received and start the session. Since I don't like to wait, gave I give her exactly 15 minutes to get back in session perfectly dressed room to appear. That's exactly the time I need to get into my favorite outfit, a black latex big boobs catsuit and to slip into my black latex corsage. I get up Timing. I then sat waiting on my black throne. Feels like thirty Minutes later, Magda stumbled into the session room. she understood not yet their place and the consequences of their non-conforming actions should have. To be honest, that was part of my plan as well, because she could only be late. Since she had never put on latex, Of course it took longer to get dressed. A beautiful, black and relative I chose a short latex dress for her. Plus nylons with an open crotch, black latex gloves and heels a not too high heel. It shouldn't grow too much in size - You know who the tallest person in the room is. Perfection - leading the sub without words. Waiting on a throne I looked at Magda and waved his index finger back and forth like a metronome. A very powerful gesture. I pointed to mine with the index finger of my other hand feet down. Perfection is leading the sub without the need for words. In the scenery was still missing something. Magda looked at me puzzled and noticed immediately that I didn't have my heels on yet. my red varnished, silken feet were still completely naked and uncovered. magda rushed slightly awkwardly and hunched over to my high heels and knelt in front of me She asked me if she could put my shoes on. I grabbed her chin and replied if I allowed her to speak and that she has to use the correct vocabulary. There aren't only shoes, but high heels! Yes, I know sometimes you need words use. Especially at the beginning it is difficult to lead without words. If I but use words, these are very poignant and produce true ones Wonder.

It's a long and rocky road to perfection

Magda started. She begged for forgiveness uncertainly and quietly. I lifted an admonishing eyebrow, she twitched briefly and then understood how from their position magically. I swiped left with my right hand and pointed to the heels with the other and then to my feet. She kneeling in front of me so incredibly sweet trying to become one with the ground she bowed so low. Every time she moved, I saw hers bounce butt This sight really gets me going. Magda has a very beautiful and plump body. It was a bit difficult for her to put on my heels. An absolute beginner, which I after mine can form ideas. Almost as if you have seen the first footprints in a field covered with snow. Gorgeous, still imperfect and malleable - what I was looking for. I lifted my foot, which already had one Heel was on and brushed it lightly over Magda's face. It seemed to her to please, her look gave it away. I pointed further with my index finger on my heel. She knew what to do, licked without thinking my heel and enjoyed the breathtaking sight that presented itself to her. She forgot everything around her and disappeared with her senses. If I noticing this, I abruptly quit the game. She needed something until she got back to reality. I pointed to my second foot who was still heelless. Before Magda even my second heel could grab, I put my bare, unclothed foot in her Mouth. Again her look had betrayed everything, she enjoyed my foot, which tasted slightly salty and sucked on my toes one at a time. If I When I meet a sub for my pleasure, I generally wear it in front of everyone Session during the day latex socks. I'll take these early in the morning and spend the day with it.

Just the mind game that I have while wearing is stunning and not meant for your thoughts. I'll keep that nice for me. Shortly before the session I take them off and leave my wet, air dry swollen feet. It accumulates throughout the day a lot of sweat in the latex socks. The sweat unfolds one special smell and, who would have thought it, a special one too Taste. The like that
Of course, I don't waste the special juice I've gained, but that's about it later more. The lust in her increased more and more, but not only with her. I felt my crotch tingling and getting wetter became. Luckily I'm wearing a catsuit with a three way Zipper. The subject of wetness does not play a major role here. I let Magda suck my foot and toes for a while longer, but careful not to drift away. She knew now that hers Non-compliant actions have consequences. So I pointed again my index finger on my second heel. Without hesitation and essential skillfully I finally had both heels on. My outfit was now completely. A breathtaking sight, as you can probably imagine. I got up. Magda looked at me almost lustfully. Probably had she reached a trance state, because she was like kicked away. Looking back, this was her first time in a studio and session she had never experienced either. I think she was a bit overwhelmed with the overall situation. I walked past her now, eyeing hers beautiful and very feminine body and put me behind her. What kind of a sight! This butt is made to be punished. Not only that, this butt begs to be used, in all possible areas. I pulled her latex dress up a bit so I could could see in full glory. Again and again I gave up my fingertips sliding down her butt, and she moaned slightly. all of your body language said it all, she wanted more! My hands caressed her beautiful Butt. Gradually my hands slipped between her thighs. If I reached her thighs, I was almost shocked. The session still had didn't even start properly and it literally ran out. So not just one few drops, but it flowed out of her in a trickle out of here. There was still the special juice ... fill the special juice I put it in a sealable bottle and keep it for a suitable one point in time. This one had now come.

She was in the perfect attitude for receiving this special one juice

So I put a bowl in front of her face and filled the special one Juice slowly into the bowl. When I was done, I gestured with my Index finger on the bowl. Magda knew exactly what to do. Fortunately was she not so simple and sipped the nectar like a farmer from the bowl. No! She slowly dipped her tongue into the wet special wet and wet her lips with it. Then she pulled her tongue into the mouth and swallowed
all down. She repeated the process, getting faster and faster. She wanted everything! Down to the last drop. I interrupted Magda again pushing her head aside from the bowl. Her step was now completely wet. She wasn't wearing a thong under the nylons, really everything could be seen and felt. Everything gathered under her in one huge pool of wet water. What a sight! I got it. My sub, my beautiful imperfect sub, loves it, uses it to become. The size of the pool simply did not allow any other conclusion. She probably loves it too if we had a spectator. This might be an idea for next time. Who knows? Next in Context, we weren't done yet. I went with my clacking High heels passed her several times and put me in front of her again. I she lightly tapped her head with her index finger. Magda obediently raised the Head. It was fascinating how quickly she learned. I painted with that Index finger up a horizontal line. she understood. Standing slowly she stood up in front of me and bowed her head. Now stood mine soaking wet excited Magda - visibly exhausted - in front of me and tried with his head down to look at me - the classic puppy look.

She almost burst with pleasure

I grabbed her crotch and she moaned very loudly. This frightened and excited her at the same time. I just smiled at her and started slowly fingering her middle with my index finger. Only with one Finger. Then I took the ring finger with me. Magda trembled with pleasure and I would have preferred to just come. Just before she climaxed I abruptly stopped fingering her. I pointed to the couch. As Magda sat, I clasped my two hands as if in prayer and opened them afterward. I wanted her incredibly erotic pubic area in see and enjoy to the fullest. Magda understood. I let her in sit like that for a few minutes while I retreated. Again and again looked I went to her, looked at her gaping vagina and realized downright that it was uncomfortable for her, but also exciting at the same time. In the Step everything shone so gorgeous! I took my time and got mine Favourite toy. A strap on. Showed Magda the strapon and hers Eyes grew larger than usual, but with a spark of awe in them. I slipped on the strapon and slowly walked towards her. click. click. click. Now I stood right in front of her head with the strapon in her perfect height. She knew exactly what would happen now. But she did brave on. Whether she liked it or not, that's the only way. That is absolute duty from my point of view. Whoever says A must also say B, you know the Yes.

Of course, she had no idea about the next act. I stretched mine Hand, palm to me and guided the hand in my direction. Then I stretched out my hand again, palm down and lowered it. Finally, I drew a circle with my index finger, as if with the finger is stirred slightly. Magda was briefly confused and winced. I repeated my hand gestures and must have had too much for her prematurely have believed. To satisfy me, the bar is high, very high. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to the top. A condition that reach very few, if at all. Magda understood, got up, left took a step towards me, turned and stretched her bottom out to me. Well I started stroking her juicy center and then slid mine wet fingers to her tight and small rose***. Magda twitched again strong together. She should finally stop twitching, otherwise I can not concentrating properly. Always this twitch. Bit by bit she became calmer. The next level of our game only she could reach when she didn't make a peep. I grabbed mine rubber swan* and rubbed it against Magda. She stayed calm. Magda probably had finally understood that there are no punishments when they mean anticipates desires and behaves appropriately to their place. A very good one Girl. Now she had finally earned a great reward, literally big.

Now it was time for the finals, since she had managed to to control yourself. I pushed for a long, very long, so long, until you groaning turned into a primeval continuous tone. This primeval one Continuous tone comes from deep inside the body and sounds like you animal on. Once that stage of the game is reached and I get that tone listen - by the way, this primal tone sounds different for everyone - is the Metamorphosis almost complete. I grabbed her hand and brought it to hers middle and rubbed her hand with her. I got up, took a step back and allowed her to come like this. After just 10 seconds, one came huge moan from Magda. She literally exploded. This was far more than a simple orgasm.

This was probably the first real and long climax for my sub her life

I took off the strapon and sat back on my black throne and watched my completely exhausted and soaking wet Magda. After some She lifted her head for reflection. My broad grin animated her also to smile. Still panting, she laid her head on one armrest of the Black Tron next to me. She looked at me happily. I was happy too and stroked her head. Like that Training will be long and very rocky, I thought to myself. The beginning was however made.

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