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Latex Geschichte - Sexfantasien mit junger Praktikantin

Latex story - sex fantasies with a young intern

Hot head cinema with the red-haired intern in the auto repair shop

"With a pair of latex pants to repair car paint in the workshop?" I asked myself as I stood in front of the mirrored dresser in the hallway and examined myself from all sides. Grinning, I hugged my bottom and enjoyed the cuddly feeling of latex on my skin. I haven't cultivated my fetishism for long.

What I initially thought were perverted sex fantasies increasingly manifested themselves until I confessed to my fetish. This inner process wasn't easy, but I don't want to be without latex anymore. Lost in thought, I caught a glimpse of my watch. Heck, I had to rush to avoid being late for my appointment at an auto repair shop.

The master there was a smart and accomplished auto mechanic, but fussy about punctuality. I didn't want to take the risk of being late, so I decided to keep the latex pants on. Then I grabbed my car keys and hurriedly closed the door behind me. I hurried down the stairwell two steps at a time and soon found myself in my car.

With the latex pants to the car repair shop

It was a neat new car, with leather seats and a special metallic anthracite paint finish. Not an off-the-shelf car, which filled me with a certain pride. Unfortunately, some careless idiot touched me while parking the other day. The result was a scratch that stretched across the entire driver's side and now disfigured my sweetheart. I stroked the roof of the car affectionately and whispered before I got in: "Time for a new sealing and leather care, darling."

When I started the ignition, I enjoyed the purr of the engine for a moment. Then I drove quickly to the auto repair shop. Luckily none of the traffic lights had been switched to red for long, and I reached the service desk just in time.

But I didn't need to hurry because there was no one to be seen. Normally, when I came to an appointment, I was personally greeted by the workshop owner, who enjoyed an excellent reputation in the field of car and vehicle electronics. This time I stood godforsaken at the counter and began drumming my fingers impatiently.

The exciting rubber scent

Although I will admit that the smell of the rubber in this lobby stimulated me immensely. My cock was already moving and pressed against the latex pants. "Pull yourself together! Now you're already wearing fetish pants. Not everyone has to see that an erection is growing in them!" I said warningly to myself. Behind the counter was a door that led to the interior of the workshop. It was only a crack open. To distract myself, I looked through the gap and saw a drawer cabinet that was stocked with all sorts of workshop accessories.

But what was that? A shapely female silhouette suddenly appeared in my field of vision. Full of curiosity, I leaned forward to get more visual impressions of the woman.

Wow - what a hot lady I discovered there! She looked young, had a bronze complexion and wore long, red dreadlocks that reached down to her round bottom. What a great chassis this sexy amazon had! Her sweet body clad in a pair of boiler suits, she posed seductively as she bent over the drawer cabinet to reach for the paper roll holder and pluck off cleaning towels. Her ample breasts stretched against the denim and animated my vivid imagination. I got hot!

Hot head cinema from the cutie in a wetlook dress

In connection with the smell of rubber from the tires, my head cinema began to jump in without me actually wanting to. Probably a natural reaction for us men when we have such a vamp in front of us. In addition, a woman who moves in a male domain and whose hand movements seemed self-confident. The redhead didn't seem to notice me, however, as she was totally absorbed in her work. "All the better for me." I thought with a smile because I wasn't in a hurry and continued to watch her attractive behavior. Her graceful movements increasingly stimulated my fantasy world.

I dreamily closed my eyes and imagined the little one doing my leather cleaning, wickedly dressed in latex hot pants and a latex bustier. A beautiful wetlook catsuit or a wetlook dress would also look gorgeous on her fantastic curves. Typical sex fantasies of men! Then she could undress in front of my eyes and present her sexy underwear. How I would like to share my latex passion and decorate her with a latex mask and put on latex gloves and latex stockings.

I would certainly not save on the latex oil and rub her sensual curves. The sweetness would be packaged so lovely. Then I imagined her doing the paint sealing on my car next. I trust her immediately, even though she is a young woman. She would have to bend down very low so that I could put latex panties with an inner dildo on her. She would gasp hoarsely as the dildo would slide up and down her tight center. What an exciting idea!

Hot Dildo Slip Fantasy

When the hot chick is working hard, I push my hard cock through the mouth of her fetish mask. So she can serve me extensively. I push hard into her mouth and then squirt my cream on her breasts. But the latex feminization of redheads would not be over yet. Finally she gets her wet orifices stuffed so that she realizes what a great guy I am who really pleases her! She would definitely not forget me again.

I was still daydreaming and looking at the irresistible girl with greedy eyes. My member swelled even more and pressed hard against the latex. After oral sex I would lay her on the hood, slip off the dildo panties, put on a glove and caress her with my strong latex fingers. She screams willingly and fidgets wildly until her cave has taken my hand up to the stop.

What passionate latex sex we would share, with many multiple orgasms. Maybe fingering is also part of women's sex fantasies, that would be great. At least before every further orgasm my sex toy set for women would be used, which would catapult the pretty one to the hottest heights. If she then begs me not to stop, she would get a latex butt plug in her bottom and a thick latex dildo in her twitching middle. After all, double sealed is better, right?

Caught in latex sex with a penis sleeve

Then she caught me cocking! Just as I was wallowing in my fantasy world and about to slip a penis sleeve over my cock and put on a ball cuff to hold the erection, the redheaded beauty looked up and noticed me. Damned! I was ashamed and blushed. Her finely curved eyebrows furrowed suspiciously as her gray-green eyes scrutinized me sternly.

She would have preferred to put me in a bondage bag as punishment. She put her gloved hands on her hips angrily. She breathed faster, which put her cleavage in the limelight. Full of spirit, she swung her Rasta mane back and exposed her enchanting face with this erotic gesture. What an irresistible declaration of war! How he would have liked to throw her on his back at that moment and bury his thick lance in her - hard and powerful.

To show this Emanze who's the boss here. She seemed to have guessed my naughty thoughts, because she reached for a wrench and, with deliberate slowness, ran it across her palm. A clear sign! She looked like a predator about to jump, incredibly attractive. What a beauty she was! I would possess her without mercy until she was raw and knew her place. Maybe she needs some good slapping on her stunning ass too! Yes, before intercourse I will put them over my knee...

Surprising twist in using the sex toy

Suddenly I felt a powerful paw on my shoulder, was grabbed and spun around. I was startled and had to grab hold of the counter, the rotation was so sweeping. Suddenly the master was standing in front of me, grinning at me laconically and winking at the young woman.

"Well you horny dude? Did you think up enough sex games with my talented intern while secretly gawking at her?" I wasn't sure if he was making fun of me or if he'd rather slap me right now, so I followed his gaze to the wrench the cute intern still held between her fingers. The master's grin grew even wider and a bit meaner. "Maybe you're lucky and she's into you and joins in?

She seems to have already chosen the right sex toy. But it could also be that she turns to your precious car and leaves a dedication on the paintwork. Leni has a weakness for expensive car brands. Wouldn't that be romantic?" I didn't dare to contradict the beefy man and almost sunk into the ground, the whole thing was so embarrassing for me. I stood there stuttering, even in my latex pants, which embarrassed me even more at that moment. Oh Man, I just couldn't control myself earlier!

Latex sensory perceptions

That was definitely due to the fine rubber smell here and the particularly exotic looking girl. Both cast a spell over me unusually intensely! Then the master laughed heartily, probably guessing my desperate thoughts. He then hooked himself under my arm like a friend.

"Boy, a lot of my clients feel like you when they discover my new intern. And just between us, I'm no different, to be honest. Just don't tell my wife!" With these words he led me in the direction of the exit with a friendly wave. Probably to take a look at my car. "You had an appointment?" He suddenly smirked at me, the professional businessman again.

mind games and explanations

In the meantime I had collected myself to some extent and explained to him the reasons for my visit. However, I couldn't help glancing furtively at the extraordinary intern who was now standing in the sales room and could be seen through the window panes of the workshop. I accidentally caught her eye as she carefully examined my legs. "Does she like my latex pants?" It crossed my mind, happily surprised.

Her sparkling eyes took on an admiring expression, very different from before. Then our eyes met. A faint blush colored her cheeks as she quickly turned back to her work. "Is Leni a latex fetishist?" It raced through my mind and my heartbeat instantly quickened. "I will visit this workshop again soon." I smiled to myself.

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